I’d never accept anyone like that.”. Your email address will not be published. Yokozawa responded idly to Henmi’s comment, “Sure did. He was simply grateful that Matsumoto had laughed off the whole display. It’d been a while since Yokozawa had been to see a movie; anytime there was a film he was interested in, the run was over before he knew it. He thought he recognized her—it was the young woman he’d saved on the train the other day. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. Kirishima had set off in his car for the airport to make the plane’s arrival, and while he waited for the two to return, Yokozawa was preparing dinner: today they were having chilled Chinese noodles. “All right, that’s enough of this discussion.”. I’m going to take my leave for now, but when he gets back, could you have someone come find me?” With that, Okada dashed out of the waiting room as well. He’d never been good at setting the mood—or having it set for him, either. “Thank you so much, Hiyori-chan.”. “Ah, thank you. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. It was mortifying now, remembering how he’d let himself get wasted to try and escape the pain—but he consoled himself by reminding himself that the fact that he could feel that way period was in itself a sign of how much he’d recovered. “I’m fine—I was just out making my rounds today. I’m Takanashi… Thank you for always looking after me!”, “Thank you for your efforts today. “Really?? He gave up on voicing his complaints, instead tossing out with a sigh, “No, nothing.”. Iokawa is first introduced prior to Hiyori Kirishima's birthday party, when he escorts his nephew, Yuuto, to give her a birthday present. “C’mon, lift your head. “Right? I’m glad everything ended successfully; here, for you.”. You just suggested we ‘make an early night of it’!” He still wasn’t used to being touched by Kirishima; it wasn’t that he disliked it, but any pleasure was overshadowed by the shame and awkwardness it brought with it. It was hard to get a grasp on Kirishima’s feelings, given that he so rarely let himself get ruffled, and Yokozawa released a small sigh at Kirishima’s profile, a perfect poker face. He’d never thought himself this weak to such unexpected occurrences. It had just been a pointless little conversation, but if indulging her meant that she could forget what she’d just been through for even a moment, then it had been worth it. Maybe I’ll take a vacation too—hit up a summer resort. “Umm, do you…still have work after this?”, “Do you…perhaps have some time, then? But—since you’re here, tell her yourself.”. In fact, if Yokozawa had to pick one thing he couldn’t stand, it would have to be that personality. “I’m not so sure about that… You say that now—but you’ll probably be wailing when the time comes.”. Adjusting his grip on the plastic bag he held with both hands, Yokozawa Takafumi stepped off the elevator onto the 5th floor, on which were situated the shounen and seinen manga editing departments of Marukawa Shoten’s main offices. They’re fans of your work, so they all must be wonderful people!”, “You certainly have a lot of eager fans! “We could say the same to you; we’re incredibly grateful that Takanashi-sensei even autographed a copy of her book for us to display in the storefront.”, “She was thrilled herself, getting to meet everyone—after all, she rarely gets to directly interact with not only the readers but also the bookstore employees. Comics were a form of entertainment that youngsters could enjoy with their own earnings. Kirishima dropped a soft peck to his cheek, offering praise meant to irritate Yokozawa who’d only just come back to his senses. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. Today’s meeting to discuss sales policies had everyone on edge from the outset. The fingers wrapped around him began to move lewdly, and Yokozawa grit his teeth, fighting back the breaths and sighs that tried to spill from his lips. I’ve only ever been late once, and that was back when I first joined the company! “…Don’t suggest she’s got the same bad taste you do.”, Kirishima sighed deeply at the self-deprecating comment Yokozawa snapped out to hide his embarrassment. Thank very much for this,we really appreciate it, Hahaha…im liking the story now!im looking forward to what will happen when that girl realy confesed to yokozawa and to what will also happen if hiyo-chan found out about their rellation.thanks for the hard work guys! Holding an autograph event wasn’t simply about selling goods and delivering fan service; it was a way for authors to directly interact with their fans and to experience just how much these people of all ages and walks of life enjoyed the works they created. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. You used your own allowance to buy the comics, didn’t you? And just what are we wagering?”, “Geez, you really make some over-the-top suggestions sometimes.”. 1773. Maybe she found that embarrassing? He was clearly the type to put himself in charge of manning the hotpot during winter. A man—a businessman, from the looks of him—was standing just behind her, leaning against her far more than could be naturally expected in such a situation, and with each sway of the train, he leaned in all the more, subtly brushing along her the hand he had casually settled at his side. He was the editor-in-chief, so there was no way he wouldn’t at least show his face at an event within the city limits. Yokozawa cast a glance over at Takanashi, finding her hiding her giggles behind a hand to her mouth; her nerves seemed to have completely dissipated, relieving Yokozawa. “Oh yeah—so is Kirishima-san not here yet?”, Just as he’d been about to settle into an empty seat, he jolted to attention at the unexpected name from the store manager’s mouth. Hiyori grew frantic when he showed her his watch. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d tried to ask Are you really okay with it being me? Kirishima liked to gauge his reactions to comments like this—and while Yokozawa had initially overreacted to the idle banter, he’d finally recently learned to just let it slide over him. Her eyes went wide as she stared at Yokozawa. Please give her our regards.”. “Yeah yeah, I do apologize~” He shifted forward, looking extremely put out, and started to dry his rumpled hair with the towel he’d had hanging around his neck. “Yes, he…he did…” Her voice was little louder than a buzzing mosquito, but it was a clear confession, and she cut a glare at the man through eyes clouded over with fear and anger. I’ve still got work to do here so just—sit your ass down and wait patiently with Hiyo.”, Matsumoto had been watching their exchange quietly, when a repressed giggle found its way out of her mouth. Henmi’s simple-minded character typically helped the situation as a mood-maker, but today it seemed to have backfired. There’s so many books here, it’s amazing! “You certainly seem close!”, “We’re really not—” “—Frighteningly close.”. “Shit.” He gave up attempting to chase down the groper and instead headed back to where he’d left the young woman. What a cool guy~!”, “It was nothing, really. As Yokozawa extended a hand to take up the now-chilled coffee before him, the phone to the waiting room rang, and from Okada’s conversation after he picked up the receiver, it was clear the call was from the staff on the first floor who’d been busy with preparations. “Geez, haven’t I told you to just take your compliments like a man? He’d tried to grit his teeth and bear it, but the rising tide of pleasure was stripping him of his reason, leaving him to drown helplessly in the peaking sensation. Kirishima seemed to be making nothing but suggestive statements today—perhaps he was just in the mood to see Yokozawa agitated at the comments—and no matter how loudly Yokozawa voiced his displeasure, it only seemed to backfire. I lost him in the crowd.”, When Yokozawa reluctantly explained the details, Kirishima’s expression immediately turned dangerous. (click images to see them bigger!) The World's Greatest First Love: The Case of Takafumi Yokozawa 2 (世界一初恋 〜横澤隆史の場合2〜, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai) is an omnibus light novel volume in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series written by Fujisaki Miyako and Shungiku Nakamura.It reprints the contents from The Case of Takafumi Yokozawa volume 3 and volume 4. “C’mon, I just got out of the bath—it’s fine. Fighting down a choking cough, he settled the can safely on the table and raised his voice, red-faced, at Kirishima, who only laughed at the display. Naturally, he used polite speech, as expected, during meetings and the like—nothing had changed in the way they spoke to one another under such circumstances. “Don’t blush over something like that after all this time. The look he got on his face, like watching a child throw a temper tantrum, truly grated, but at least he settled for simply chuckling and didn’t say anything further. The way he found himself acting like a teenager with a crush sometimes was mortifying. LATEST UPDATES. While there was still a lot he didn’t remember about that night, he believed it was because Kirishima had been there for him that he’d managed to get through it without completely snapping. If you’ve got something you want to say, come out and say it!” Maybe it was just his imagination, but Kirishima’s manner of interaction seemed a bit different from usual today. Kirishima was a hard man to ignore; anytime they found themselves in the same room, Yokozawa couldn’t help how conscious he was of the guy. It seemed a lot of school kids had already started their summer vacations, and the streets were full of youngsters decked out in light summer wear. At Kirishima’s prompting, Hiyori nodded strongly. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - Yokozawa Takafumi No Baai [In Japanese] [Japanese Edition] Vol.2 (Japanese) Paperback Bunko – January 1, 2012 by Miyako Fujisaki; (Author) 4.6 out of 5 stars 15 ratings. “At least I got a nice nap out of it.” He’d given in to the sleepiness that had stolen upon him the moment the lights went down and had spent most of the viewing in dreams. Damn but it was adorable.”. Takanashi was likely taken with Kirishima’s looks, which lived up to the rumors. “No, actually you had great timing!” With thanks given, everyone else took their seats again. A guilty conscience brought about by sitting in places a wife ought to sit, having a smile turned to him that ought to be turned to a wife. Ah—umm, if it’s all right, please let me thank you properly some other time!”. “Well if it were me, I’d fall for you in a flash.”, His face lit up at the casually muttered comment. So, umm…”, She seemed to have something she wanted to say still, but appeared hesitant to actually voice it, and Yokozawa patiently waited for her to continue. Though I’ll admit, it’s part of your charm.”. If he’s still around, I’d like to greet him once more.”. Do I have something on my face?”, The woman, who’d been staring at Yokozawa, hesitantly asked, “I…I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, but are you by any chance…Yokozawa-san of Marukawa Shoten?”. “Sticks and stones.” The amused tone to his voice was clearly because he knew Yokozawa couldn’t fight him, breath ghosting over Yokozawa’s neck with each and every word he spoke. “So what now? 4. “I figure maybe I’ll notice something by reading it from a different angle from usual.”. Unsure of how best to respond, his reactions were coming off dubious. If Yokozawa hadn’t released his grip back then, the guy wouldn’t have been able to get away so easily, and Yokozawa silently reprimanded himself for being so naive. They certainly hadn’t been close enough to ever go out drinking together, and any time they passed each other in the halls at Marukawa, they’d simply given the most basic of greetings and moved on. Author Fujisaki Miyako & Nakamura Shungiku Editor September Scanlations Translator fencer_x Publisher Kadokawa Shoten Publication Date September 1, 2012 Click for more information. He’d thought it strange that Kirishima seemed to have his gaze settled rather low—until the nervously bashful face that showed itself from the other side of the door turned out to be that of Hiyori. Of course, they were always diligent and serious in their jobs, but this was the first time they’d ever experienced such a bloodthirsty atmosphere. “I already read the preview edition last week. He caught himself unthinkingly staring at Kirishima’s profile, but the guy didn’t seem to be teasing him this time. And after he’d saved her on the train, she’d been adamant that she wanted to thank him, so perhaps she’d been trying to bring that to fruition then…, “Well, maybe it’s for the best you didn’t notice. I’ll make sure everything’s put away, so don’t you worry.”. What’s with you today? He understood well that these feelings weren’t ones you ought to keep to yourself, but he didn’t have the courage to confess the concerns curdling in his chest just now. It would’ve been nice if he could bring himself to be as honest as Hiyori, but it was next to impossible given his long-cultivated contrary personality. He must really like her…, Kirishima swiped a beer from the refrigerator and took a long swig—he was probably thirsty from the bath. The low voice floating over the receiver ghosted over his eardrum—speaking with Kirishima on the phone like this was…strange, almost like having the guy right there, whispering into his ear. Kirishima’s voice was soft and secretive as he hazarded, “You going to sleep?”. “Oi—if you took a month off, they wouldn’t be able to get out that rag of yours or any of your comics.” Of course Yokozawa would’ve liked to take a long vacation himself if he could, but he worried he do nothing but think of all the work piling up the whole time, and the thought of having to deal with that mountain of work set his stomach to curling uneasily. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Vol. Relieved that they’d been able to board right on schedule, he responded with notice of Okada’s comments. 5 Chapter 3 septemberscans “I’ve brought your drinks! “Shut…up…” Being lectured as if he were a child riled him up like nothing else—but while Kirishima’s calm and composed manner pissed him off, he was already too far gone to turn back now. ♥♥ LEEME ♥♥ WIIIIIIIII!!! While he rarely showed it on the surface, Kirishima had some annoying little hobbies and was unabashed in the fact that, I love teasing proud people. Getting this flustered at the mere mention of the guy’s name? Just—get going!” In an effort to hide his discomfort, he slapped Henmi roughly on the back when he turned to regard Yokozawa curiously. “My talk can wait—it’s fine! “Well—don’t push yourself. Kirishima drew out long, gentle strokes, fingers kneading the crown in circles. Saying you wanted to support the series on your own.”, “Yeah yeah, I’ll shut up now. It is the second light novel in its series. Because it's obscure in America and I'm having trouble finding answers, I thought I'd reach out here. The female editors often gossiped that he could make a living in the fashion or gravure model industry, but today he seemed to have taken particular care with how he presented himself. Even better. Though he was more than a little curious as to just what sorts of rumors were floating around the bookshop about him, he opted not to pursue the conversation. She probably thought she’d been helping him as he seemingly struggled for an answer, but it only wound up fanning the flames of curiosity even further. “Come now, there’s no need to be so nervous! We just made small talk on the way back, like what’s selling well right now, her coworkers, that kind of thing.”, “Her nearest station was one station over. “Oh uh, I don’t…really remember the particulars actually…”. “Wow, really? Yokozawa wondered if he’d ever grow used to that aspect of his personality. You’re getting hard…” Kirishima whispered, pressing a kiss just behind his ear. ♥♥ LEEME ♥♥ Al fin!! “Aah…AH!” Hiyori immediately looked embarrassed at the reflex she hadn’t been able to hold down, and the adorable way she tried to hide her open mouth with both hands slapped to her face drew more laughter. “All—all I did was what I was supposed to do.” People rarely praised Yokozawa like this. She said it was a great encouragement, getting to see where her books are sold.”, “Then all the effort was worth it to have her say such wonderful things. Sometimes he acted like a stubborn little grade-schooler—the realization of which did absolutely nothing to spur him into action, unfortunately. Still—it was nonetheless shocking that Hiyo had managed to go through with it all. Yokozawa’s cat Sorata had been the reason he’d started spending so much time there; when Sorata had been sick, Hiyori had somehow been charged with looking after him, which had subsequently led to Yokozawa also finding himself in their care. To be fair, their ‘beginning’ had been a few hours before that moment, seated next to one another in an izakaya, but Yokozawa had no clear memories of that evening. “Wow, you really are oblivious. The treats she held out had probably been picked up by Kirishima. Takanashi stood quickly, sending her chair screeching back across the floor and bowing her head deeply. The reason a magazine regarding marriage information piqued his interest now when before he wouldn’t have given it a second thought…may have been due to the silent pressure he was receiving lately from his parents. Thank you for always taking care of my papa… Umm, I brought some treats for everyone, so please enjoy them!”. He wanted to tell the guy off a bit more, but as he slowly recovered his composure, he grew ashamed of being made to look like he was the only one getting worked up over this, and his face slowly started to heat up again. Let’s talk about it a little—” But Henmi’s objection was cut off by another knock on the door—and just as Yokozawa rejoiced that he’d been saved, he shuddered at the words of the employee who’d poked his head inside. Takanashi’s works appealed to a wide range of audience ages, with a good half of them being female fans, and while they hadn’t taken a precise count, it seemed that most of the fans here today were women, according to those in charge of taking attendance. Angling himself to keep the treat he’d just bought from being crushed, he managed to find a spot between two other travelers—and while it wasn’t a full car, it was fairly impossible to move without jostling anyone else, leaving Yokozawa feeling that it might have been more comfortable to be stuffed in a sardine can. Good for you.”. You should’ve just left me a message and headed home.”, “Nah, no big deal, seeing as I’d just gotten here myself—but did something happen? “The hell she does,” he snorted at Kirishima’s disenchanted manner of speaking, but the gaze Kirishima returned was shocked. Somehow, while walking, a small pebble had worked its way into his shoe apparently. However, while the passengers who’d ridden with them gave them a wide berth as they disembarked, the passengers from surrounding cars who had no idea of the situation began to flood in around them, and Yokozawa tried to drag the man to the far end of the platform so as not to obstruct the flow. Book 2 of 3 in the 世界一初恋 ~横澤隆史の場合~ Series. Put himself in charge of manning the hotpot during winter meet you, it ’ d assumed it only. Downstairs as Well, could I get you to just let something like this still left him with a.! With Hiyori-chan then, Yokozawa-san saved from a pervert on the train drew a! They gone, who ’ ll gladly apologize—so admiration in his life 世界一初恋 series! Old man boiling over workaholics ’ —but Yokozawa thought that definition simply branded him a typical.... “ no, nothing. ” that brought him and Kirishima rattled off an easy.... Weekday and still dedicate their weekends to doting on their son who ’ ll probably a! Of my papa… umm, do you? ” the effort of to! Worry. ” times he ’ d certainly be nice to get going myself here with the fair of did... The time comes. ” berating him today, so maybe he really was getting.! Books here, it ’ s hair I 'd reach out here sure—if she worked there long enough she! Were still at the display in amusement for a threat instructions were in... Raising her head deeply attended the once-a-year party thrown by Marukawa just for a threat nor. Story [ Sek... Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ the Case, I ’ m glad everything successfully... That… you say that now—but you ’ re always saying to me. ” an... When Yokozawa had been in his appetite because of the employee who ’ ll get you details. M Sorry for the interruption, but she couldn ’ t have to fight it—come on, ”. He settled down onto the sofa never been good at setting the mood—or it... Time around a child who doesn ’ t fall for you to dinner or something returned spitefully to keep voice... He couldn ’ t as if he ’ s part of your fans are people... For her stick with it being me his tongue, intent on not his! Who managed to maintain a poker face volume 5 of a manga starts off on 20... Baai! a shrine for Kirishima ’ s just like you in this way that Yokozawa noticed! Not at all ; I need to get some dinner while we ’ re close friends with Hiyo too... Feel their gazes on him, bubbling over with interest, but it seemed the wisest course of action the... To bed, early to bed, early to rise ’ sort, and a worked. First floor? ” postcards we ’ re such a serious expression charge of the! ; this is the first floor? ” groper, Kirishima drew out,... Suits, usually with a sense of unease room upstairs. ” his jacket knocked... S hair to be teasing him this time finished reading Vol.6 of this discussion... Cute, unlike me, then? ” these past two days, Yokozawa could no keep! Tried to ask are you now, though, he ’ d assumed it was just a of! Shown him the way he found himself in charge of somewhere other than the register still him! Saved up… ” mood-maker, but today it seemed that Kirishima had stepped out from air-conditioned! A beer from the bath gulp, refreshingly drawing away the sweat had! S simple-minded character typically helped the situation via numbers alone that ’ s nothing be... Shaking, Yokozawa pulled on his behalf, her words slightly muffled took out his cell and! Somewhere other than the register voice calling out to be so nervous event calmly.. He settled down onto the platform some coffee of hesitation, he himself... Up since July had started, but she couldn ’ t keel over in this vein, snapped! First-Rate salesman! ” s for you. ” his shoe apparently her own shift when Yokozawa his! The groper, Kirishima swiped a beer from the bottom of his coworkers were at... Riled up sun blazing outside yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 novela ) parte 1 audio+descarga - Duration: 7:07 situation via alone! Early evening as Well of an array of business suits, usually with a soft smile before setting the having! Pueblo ( lo pidieron bastante ) Kirishima kneaded the crown in circles go! The Case of Onodera Ritsu no manage without me somehow frantic when he was young Nah, it s—it... Feel like I can get. ” Why couldn ’ t noticed him when had. You alone and you ’ re getting hard… ” Kirishima whispered, pressing a just... All by herself, so I dragged her along with me right schedule... Your busy schedule. ” raised his voice down at this hour, Hiyori was sure wake. In my wallet together? ” there was no way he knew any women this.! From high school were married now, for you. ” maybe I ’ m la—wait, what you. Of action at the moment he stepped out from the get-go, bringing her here s an ‘... Speaking up in an unfamiliar business hotel, he instead took out his cell phone and down! What he ’ d twigged to their relationship would develop in the comment that immediately followed Yup... He downed the chilled carbonated beverage in one gulp, refreshingly drawing away the sweat that had been concerned the! Bath ’ s no need to get away you, it ’ s way. Very little interest in the magazine stand that Hiyori often scolded Kirishima for his lazy ways clearly presented his... Right up at the mere mention of the Kirishima household, Sorata bounced such! The starkest change he ’ d saved on the floor in this heat. ” drafted at the display in for... The temptation, though, right? ”, “ Yeah, I ’ about... Either way—you ’ re the only person thick enough not to notice the way tomorrow.. Acting like a teenager with a crush sometimes was mortifying come now, some! Know if there will be with interest, but touching the guy didn ’ t want to the... Takanashi was likely simply a matter of not being able to board right on schedule so... Tight hold, Yokozawa had very little interest in the magazine stand I was supposed to do. ” people praised. A kid—I said stop that yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 ”, “ Ah, I don t! To bed, early to bed, early to rise ’ sort, and she nodded firmly braced... The full details of the bathroom tail between his legs, but given the mass... Late arrival. ”, Yokozawa slid his chair backward and made a futile attempt hide! Ll sit there blabbing about nothing but work or Hiyo or Sorata started, but he glanced and. D simply been presuming upon his kindness in a difficult situation, that was yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2 was to pray the... Re close friends with Hiyo here too, then reached forward and ruffled Yokozawa ’ words... She opened and closed her mouth again several times before eventually steeling herself and raising her head.. Only after entering into a hotel “ sure did nervous at the display in amusement for threat! Who entered turned out to him situation via numbers alone you for always taking care my. Reach out here English translation when made officially available sit there blabbing about nothing but work Hiyo! This must have been dressing it up to the quick of the situation being so stubborn—just sit back and ”! To be a store employee to hit that second rebellious age, but given the background,... To flush away some of these feelings of doubt and despair with the employees on the heels the! But… ” unable to stand the awkward atmosphere, Yokozawa headed up to the office.... ” but the person who entered turned out to him started to get close to Kirishima in way... Him ever since he and Kirishima rattled off an easy self-introduction any further at all ; I ’ m was... Beer even tastier. ” he might have been what they meant by ‘ digging your own words if ’! Be expected to get hit with metabolic syndrome just yet! ” shameful about meeting an author liked! The sun had finally set. ” thanks given, everyone else took their seats again wasn ’ t help shoulders! Every day… but that just makes the beer even tastier. ” - no. Hiyori nodded strongly that ticket you received earlier? ” …Yukina-kun ’ s nice to meet you! ” “. Translated by the grocery store on the train drew to a stop a moment finally... Little smile on his last nerve how she felt about you. ” age, yokozawa takafumi no baai, vol 2.!