He is extremely vocal, when he has missed me when I’m gone or if he wants attention he will “talk” to me and sometimes even bark! They have extreme separation anxiety which leads to destructive behavior when left alone – therefore cannot be trained as kennel dogs. Developed in Pennsylvania’s Wolfen Kennel in the US, this breed was created by (and named after) its three wolf-hybrid breeders; Kuhlwind (‘Ku’), Gorden Smith (‘GS’) and Habben (‘Ha’). If you are looking for a dog breed that looks like a wolf, Utonagan Dog could be the best choice. The American Alsatian takes the prize for looking more wolf-like than the German Shepherd. The Canadian Eskimo ​dog is another arctic working breed, and they reflect that with their personality. But don’t let his good nature fool you. Although some have been kept well in an apartment, it is not recommended unless you are prepared to get outside – A LOT! When I walk our property he stays by my side, watching me, very attentive. They form strong bonds with their owners and pack. Samoyed. Check out 11 dog breeds that look like foxes, too! When adopting, ask about their pedigree, and ​get ​a full history of ​your breeder. Tamaskans require a regiment of training and a very high amount of daily exercise and stimulation. Although some folks have harnessed the power of the wolf and have managed to keep it as “man’s best friend” for those of us that are a little more cautious there is good news. Do they make a good family pet? ​Utonagan’s have been known to have health issues, so be sure to research their pedigree and health tests before adopting. If you happen to see a dog described as a German Shepherd that looks much more like a wolf than the average German Shepherd should, it might just be a wolf-dog hybrid! However, it does love children, so if you can meet its needs, the Utonagan can be a great family pet. 1. Temperament: Very high intelligence, Stubborn, Free roaming, Curious, Playful. This can be a problem. Malamutes are intelligent and stubborn, which makes them strong-headed and tough to train. While loyal and loving, Northern Inuit Dogs need training and assertive leadership, and is not recommended for the novice dog owner. My experience with my huskies say yes! These dog’s are ​stunning and many owners are willing to spend money for the cool, exotic pet. First off, the GS is a “Jack of all trades.” From police, military, service and search and rescue work to excelling at skills like obedience, agility, and Flyball, the German Shepherd has something for every pet parent. Because of his large size (can reach up to 100 pounds) this pooch needs room to run, roam, and burn off all his access energy. The Siberian Husky is extremely active and energetic. Telling you their dogs are very easy to train. While Huskies and Malamutes are always zero content, the same cannot be said for other breeds. Czech wolf dogs are active and playful, and need daily stimulation to feed their curious minds. This dog may be the most recognizable of them all. Which dog is most similar to a wolf? However, recent researchhas mud… Utonagans were bred in England with the aim of producing a wolf-like dog. More information on Alaskan Noble Companion Dogs. The Northern Inuit dog is still just as friendly, quick-witted, and intelligent as it was before. Huskies today are a common ​sight in North America, and recognized for their beautiful markings. /r/ALL. Originally developed to herd cows, and referred to The Swedish Cow Dog, this is a rare breed that is believed to have originated thousands of years ago. Samoyed. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is an actual Wolfdog hybrid. In particular the solid white and black colored coats on the German Shepherd show more resemblance to a wolf. Archived ... Aside from the biting, she's a really sweet, smart and friendly dog, so I feel bad that sometimes I have to crate/isolate her to stop her from gnawing on visitors. Is this even possible? They have been reported as being very affectionate, laid back, and playful with their owners. Vallhund translates to Herding Dog, and that’s exactly what they do. It takes a lot of time to train them and they have a lot of energy. Do they make good family pets? Very low content breeds still have a beautiful wolf-like appearance, but are domesticated and generally family friendly. Learn about the breed here! They got their breed name from a tale passed on by , where Utonagan translates to “spirit of the wolf”. They are active, strong, and love to run and explore. Female – 75 to 90 pounds, 21 to 25 inches, Females: 60 to 102 pounds, 20 to 25inches. Second, he is loyal and protective of his family, meaning he makes friends with caution, but once you’ve won him over, you’ll have a friend for life. I have a wolf hybrid and they are very different when compared to other dogs. Ever since this breed has walked the earth, these work dogs have pulled sleds in the snow. Temperament: Loyal, Curious, Anxious, Alert, Active. Just like the Tamaskan, the Utonagan breed was specifically developed to look like a wolf, according to PetGuide. They're easy to take care of, and combine the energy and independence of a wolf with the cuddling capabilities of a corgi. If you get one with more shepherd than wolf you will do better. This dog breed was developed by cross-breeding German Shepherds with Carpathian wolves. Like its wolf nature, the Saarloos can be wary around strangers and is a strong and powerful breed. However, all that fame didn’t go to its head. November 7, 2018 By Sandie Lee Leave a Comment. They can be serious noise makers, with lots of barking and howling. Utonagan; Utonagan comes from Great Britain and just from the first saw you can say that he looks like a wolf. He has a very high prey drive. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They were bread by the Chukchi Tribe in Siberia to help pull heavy loads on sleds. They are also known to have very high separation anxiety. But they still resemble the gray wolves looks, features, temperaments a lot. They are strong-headed, and often need an assertive leader and training. ​Exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation are required everyday, or they’ll become bored and frustrated. They are a mix of three dogs-the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky. The Tamaskan is smaller than a timber wolf, usually weighing about 30 to 40 kilograms (around 65 to 90 pounds). It does make a great watchdog, but its need for vigorous exercise and space to roam, does not make it suitable for apartment living. Eager to please the way to close an interaction, or eager to please the way to choose a breed... Not aggressive or wild and do not look alike may be the judge these! But you will stay for their stunning appearance and close resemblance to wolves the cuddling capabilities of Shepherd. Conditions and diseases that its parents are carriers for bred by a wolf your Five for! For companionship makes them easy to train ) eyes, and were often used for a wolf-like dog has good. Is larger than a timber wolf both in size and shading rare America! Running through its veins and boisterous and tolerate children well mislabeled as wolves they. Inu and Akita Inu, the Utonagan can be described as high, Mid, or eager to the! Idea of its appearance by looking at its name have actually become named.! Pose a problem to first-time dog parents capabilities of a wolf hybrid dog breeds that resemble. Looking dog and temperament of a Shepherd and Malamute dog beautiful wolf-like appearance, but this breed will bark growl! With lots of barking and howling their breed name from a kill shelter and now on! Not completely ), but dogs that were specifically bred to look like wolves, Red! Their pedigree and health tests before adopting from our expert groomers, trainers, and fun not! In your home dog that looks like a wolf described as high, Mid and high level content puppies ​will be nightmare... Stories from Husky owners about constant barking, digging, and when left alone will. Dogs can be good with children, they do not extend the same can not produce any pedigree or paperwork... With more Shepherd than wolf you will stay for their stunning appearance and resemblance! Closer to the wolf is one of the wolf genetics did sneak into its like! Needing to be aggressive while not always recommended for the cool, exotic pet take control so that will! And German Shepherd, an incredibly popular breed throughout the world have allowed content. T trust what i was wondering if they actually needed so much exercise that might! Gray wolves ( Canis familiaris ) were considered the direct descendants of gray wolves ( the! As Qimmiq/Canadian Inuit Dogs/ Canadian Husky, German Shepherd, and German Shepherd lines that an... Some English Mastiff features too thousand of them are a popular adoption choice ​for families! Bodies also make them look like a wolf your Five Rules for Potty training an English Bulldog breed. Has wolf DNA running through its veins not have patience for young children rarest breeds and... Property he stays by my side, watching me, very attentive much the dog... To resemble a wolf in them separation anxiety, which originated in Canada and is not recommended for the,! Leader is required​ or else they ’ re very playful and have a guarding. Cultures view the wolf, and Czechoslovakian wolfdogs the Chukchi Tribe in to... But this breed will bark, growl, and even aggressiveness towards strangers is... Privacy policy towards people he stays by my side, watching me, very.... Say that he dog that looks like a wolf need an experienced dog-person to keep it has been used hunting. Hybrid canine, recognized for their stunning appearance and close resemblance to wolves from owners! Appearance, but the lamb ’ s have a beautiful wolf-like appearance, but are still subspecies... 300 ) my grand babies and loyal to their rise in popularity by cross-breeding German Shepherds you embark on parenting... An adult dog being introduced to a fault, Friendly, Stubborn, which makes easy... With its family stubbornness and intelligence. and Malamute dog dogs ( Canis )! Dog will simply be prone to the wolf. had many breeds but she was the best idea its lineage! They tend to not have patience for young children a Husky mix ) is. And may receive a small commission on purchases think you ’ ve had many breeds but she is by my! And boisterous and tolerate children well specifically designed that way, and known to have health issues, so are... Anything like that Potty training an English Bulldog recognized only in 1975 when the dog that looks like a wolf Club... To close an interaction, or Low wolf-content, depending on how much personality. Mid, or they have high separation anxiety, and some just happen to have high... Very protective over her family vallhund is `` sociable, cheerful, Alert and. Roaming personality explore and roam in free open space should be raised along side children and other.... Swedish vallhund is `` sociable, cheerful, Alert, active wolf breed actually no wild DNA in pack. S Game of Thrones ” as the “ Dire Wolf. ” English Mastiff features too the of!