I found a ladder to the east of town, followed it down and ended up in the mine. Enter the mine and go left. Check underneath the bench to find this card. To find the Black Mangrove Flora of America cigarette card, make your way over to Emerald Station in the center of New Hanover. To collect it, head to Annesburg and at the edge of town, look for a mine. Enter the mine … You also get to see a picture frame of all three brothers and hear the complete conversation from a best friend (from Mexico) of a … Longleaf Pine. Flora of the North Card #7 (Longleaf Pine): The seventh Flora of the North Cigarette Card depicts the Longleaf Pine and can be found in Annesburg. It … The final Cigarette Card in this set can be found in Annesburg. The card is located inside the Annesburg mine in the west of Annesburg. Anyone else been down there? Best to do so, is through a door which is unguarded (From the north, in the center of the building - see building picture). Head to the south west section of the mine to find the card on a box. The three brothers also worked inside the Annesburg Mine and left a riddle (puzzle hints) of where the sketched map to the location of the gold is found (Reed Cottage with red roof and green doors). Annesburg Mine Riddle. Collect all 12 Cards of the Gems of Beauty Cigarette Cards collection in Red Dead Redemption 2 with this guide. There is a … The guards will react hostile so you have to sneak in. Now that you’ve collected all 12 of the Vistas of American Cigarette Cards, head back over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for even … The Isabelle Standish cigarette card is in a mine in Annesburg. Gems of Beauty card 5 – Maud Engel. Head west of town to locate the mine and go inside. First collector mission.Red Dead Redemption 2https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA03041_00 The Longleaf Pine cigarette card is tucked away inside a mine shaft in Annesburg, north of Van Horn Trading Post. Inside the long building in the center, where the coal is transported. Head inside the main and go to the south chamber, look on the table to find the card. The card is located at Annesburg Town. Nine of Wands. To collect it, travel to Annesburg, then make your way over to the town mine. The Longleaf Pine cigarette card is found in the mine in Annesburg. Wandered around for a bit, found two lock boxes with nothing in them and a cigarette card. There are 144 individual Cigarette Cards for you to find throughout the world, ... Longleaf Pine – At the bottom of the mine to the west of Annesburg, at the top of the ladder; But the oddest thing was a riddle carved on some boards behind another ladder. Gems of Beauty Card #4 (Isabelle Standish): The fourth Gems of Beauty Cigarette Card depicts Isabelle Standish and can be found in Annesburg. Make your way to the western edge of the town and follow the minecart tracks to find the card resting on a barrel.