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nicknamed "the Landlord of New York", Author of "Jurisprudence: The Philosophy and Method of the Law", "Treatise on Justice", "Philosophy of Responsibility", Formulated the matrix mechanics representation of, Author of "Weltbuch", "Chronicle of Germany", "Universal Chronicle of the World's History from the Earliest Times to the Present", "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil", "The Vanity of Arts and Sciences", Developed the concept of a "good democracy"; laid out a theoretical framework for the, Advocate of democracy before and during the, Author of "The 25th Hour", "Les inconnus de Heidelberg", "Dieu a Paris", "Le peuple des immortels", "Calligraphies sur la Neige", Inventor the technique for preserving biological tissue specimens called, Developed an optical "frequency comb synthesiser", which makes it possible, for the first time, to measure with extreme precision the number of light oscillations per second; Physics Nobel laureate, Author of "Maria Magdalene", "Judith", "Genoveva", "Herodes and Mariamne", and of the trilogy "Die Nibelungen ", Contributed significantly to the understanding of, Author of "The King's Two Bodies" and of "Kaiser Friedrich der Zweite"; Professor at, Contributed significantly to fundamental studies of condensates; completed experiments that trap and, Politician, lawyer, judge and statesman in, Rabbi, Pacifist and university chancellor, Author of "Friedrich von Gentz", "Vom Geist Amerikas", "Von Weimar nach Bonn. DR SOURADIP BHATTACHARYYA. Heidelberg University. ): Juristen: ein biographisches Lexikon; von der Antike bis zum 20. Fünfzig Jahre deutsche Republik", "Erinnerungen und Gedanken. It became a co-educational institute in 1899. It was the third university established in the Holy Roman Empire. The Student Alumni Association hosts and participates in a range of events throughout the school year. Heidelberg University was founded in 1386 and is one of the oldest in the world, while being Germany’s oldest and one of the most prestigious universities. Online orders placed after December 15 will be processed in January when we return. Eine Jugend in Deutschland", "Wir alle sind, was wir gelesen", "Wissen und Trauer. Heidelberg University is an open research university which was established in 1386. Your support enables Heidelberg to fulfill its mission, and helps us cover the costs of essentials and the new initiatives that keep us moving toward our goals of education excellence and student success. Alumni (Recent/Prominent) Ph.D. Class of 2020. Heidelberg University's U.S. presence, the Heidelberg University Association, supports Ruperto Carola's strong transatlantic academic co-operative endeavors, and student and faculty exchanges, as well as the close ties between Heidelberg and its Alumni in North America.. News: New team in New York Sixteen decades and close to 30 alumni later, the members of the Zartman-Diefenbach-Thompson Family have left their mark on Heidelberg since its founding days. Distributed twice a year to all alumni and friends, it’s a great way to keep up to date on what’s happening at Heidelberg. 1981-1990 (student); since 2003 Professor of Physics, Chemistry Nobel Laureate 2014; inventor of, Medicine: developed the mathematics of the eye and theories of vision; cardinal work on the, Academic (international law and organisations) and working for European Commission and United Nations, Co-founder and first Rector of the University of Heidelberg, 1963 Physics Nobel laureate "for the discoveries concerning nuclear shell structure", Contributed to the fundamental understanding of, 1910 Physiology or Medicine Nobel laureate "in recognition of the contributions to our knowledge of cell chemistry made through his work on proteins, including the nucleic substances", 1905 Physics Nobel laureate "for his work on cathode rays"; during the 3rd Reich one of the leading advocates of, Promoted a comprehensive sociological analysis of the structures of knowledge; author of, Cardinal research on Indian society and politics; director of the Heidelberg South Asia Institute; Chevalier dans l', 1959 Physiology or Medicine Nobel laureate "for the discovery of the mechanisms in the biological synthesis of ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid", Major contribution to Old Testament studies; author of, Authority on ancient Roman poetry; editor of, Co-founder and leader of the Baden school of, 1991 Physiology or Medicine Nobel laureate "for the discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells", Imperial Ambassador to France, Switzerland, England and Italy; director of the, Influential authority on Lutheran systematic theology and advocate of, Chairman of the German Society for Peace and Conflict Research; Member of the German, Pioneer in the application of the principles and methods of, Reformer and intellectual mastermind during, Internationally acknowledged authority in, 1967 Physiology or Medicine Nobel laureate "for the discoveries concerning the primary physiological and chemical visual processes in the eye", Leader in intellectual resistance during Nazi era; developed the, 1979 Chemistry Nobel laureate "for the development of the use of boron- and phosphorus-containing compounds, respectively, into important reagents in organic synthesis"; eponym of the, 1963 Chemistry Nobel laureate "for the discoveries in the field of the chemistry and technology of high polymers"; eponym of the, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 11:03. This list should give an impression about what Heidelberg people achieved or what they became known for. In business, Heidelberg alumni and faculty notably founded, co-founded or presided over ABB Group; Astor corporate enterprises; BASF; BDA; Daimler AG; Deutsche Bank; EADS; Krupp AG; Siemens AG; and Thyssen AG. Columbus, Ohio Technician IT Restaurant Support at The Wendy's Company Information Technology and Services Education Heidelberg University 2008 — 2009 none, Computer Information Systems, 3.2 Experience The Wendy's Company April 2013 - Present Apex Systems May 2012 - April 2013 Warner Cable Inc July 2011 - June 2012 Teleperformance July 2010 - July 2011 Meijer July … Member of the Council of Regency of Greece; Author of "Der Sonnengeist", "Aeon, der Weltgesuchte", "Aeon vor Syrakus", "Der Himmlische Zecher", "Der Held der Erde, Aeon Zwischen den Frauen", Author of "A History of the United States of America"; "Geschichte des englischen Reichs in Asien", "Versuch einer Geschichte der armenischen Literatur", "Die Volker des südlichen Russland", "Geschichte des englisch-chinesischen Kriegs ", Produced a general theoretical system for the analysis of society that came to be called, Author of "Greenland Lawsuits", "Selections from the Devil's Papers", "The Invisible Lodge", "Life of the Cheerful Schoolmaster Maria Wutz", "Biographical Recreations under the Brainpan of a Giantess", Executive, supervisor, and diplomat for the, Acted as regent of Serbia twice and served as, Author of "The Education of a Value Investor", manager of the Aquamarine Fund, Leading interdisciplinary theologian in Germany in the 1970s and 1980s; particularly known for his works on. Thesis title: Rethinking Inter-Community Relations and Production of Space: A Study of Serampore's Society. "Gerhard Anschütz", in Michael Stolleis (ed. Distributed twice a year to all alumni and friends, it’s a great way to keep up to date on what’s happening at Heidelberg. The first alumnus who represents this year’s honored Legacy Family was a member of the first graduating class of Heidelberg College back in 1854. British Census, 1851, occupation enumerated as "M.D. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alumni of the University of Heidelberg: Pages in category "Heidelberg University alumni" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 835 total. It is the place where many careers, friendships and journeys began. Its successes in both rounds of the Excellence Initiative, a competition to promote top-level research, and in international rankings prove Heidelberg’s excellent reputation and leading role in the scientific community. Notable Alumni. Alumni in the field of arts include classical composer Robert Schumann, philosophers Ludwig Feuerbach and Edmund Montgomery, poet Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff and writers Christian Friedrich Hebbel, Gottfried Keller, Irene Frisch, Heinrich Hoffmann, Sir Muhammad Iqbal, José Rizal, W. Somerset Maugham, Jean Paul, and Literature Nobel Laureate Carl Spitteler. Heidelberg University, officially the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, (German: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg; Latin: Universitas Ruperto Carola Heidelbergensis) is a public research university in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Join Andy Carter ’04 and his wife, Laura, as they teach you how to paint a fun Heidelberg-themed wood pallet. Kimberly Crowl. Access the online alumni directory, request a transcript or replacement diploma, and find out more ways to get involved with your alma mater. © 2020 Heidelberg University All Rights Reserved. Jahrhunderts, 55. Pauly, Walter (2001). Alumni and faculty of the university include many founders and pioneers of academic disciplines, and a large number of internationally acclaimed philosophers, poets, jurisprudents, theologians, natural and social scientists. Present faculty include Medicine Nobel Laureates Bert Sakmann (1991) and Harald zur Hausen (2008), Chemistry Nobel Laureate Stefan Hell (2014), 7 Leibniz Laureates, former Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany Paul Kirchhof, and Rüdiger Wolfrum, the former President of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. Heidelberg University Heidelberg Alumni International Phone: +49 6221 54-19044 Fax: +49 6221 54-19049 research@alumni.uni-heidelberg.de. Main Events. Alexander Swanson. The Heidelberg Bulletin chronicles the Heidelberg journey for everyone. Zur Domestizierung des sicherheits- und europapolitischen Prozesses der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Baden-Baden: Nomos- Verlag, 2006. Thank you in advance for your patience. Heidelberg University’s U.S. presence, the Heidelberg University Association, supports the University’s strong transatlantic academic co-operative endeavors, and student and faculty exchanges, as well as the close ties between Heidelberg and its Alumni in North America. Heidelberg is the third university established in the Holy Roman Empire. In his previous assignment, he was the Commander, Multi-National Force – Iraq, a coalition of over thirty countries, from 01 July 2004 until 10 February 2007. 6 (1964), S. 374–375. The alumni and development staff is here to help you get engaged, learn more about Heidelberg or give a gift. Highlights Of Heidelberg University 56 Nobel Laureates, at least 18 Leibniz Laureates, and two "Oscar" winners have been associated with Heidelberg University. As a 'Berg alumna/us, you can create your own personal profile to submit class notes, register for events, view the online directory and so much more. Nine Nobel Laureates received the award during their tenure at Heidelberg.[1]. Current happenings, campus changes, updates on classmates and all alumni, and important news are delivered to everyone in the ‘Berg family. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,076, its setting is city, and the campus size is 115 acres. John Cook is a professor in the Accounting department at Heidelberg University - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. Heidelberg University Association.