Here is information about how to do so! “For me personally, I joined a sorority because you can run for executive positions. The program provides new members resources to be a successful new member, active member, Penn State Behrend student, and citizen. “At first, I didn’t really know what to expect from watching movies and stuff, I didn’t know if girls were going be like that, if girls were really that catty, but, no, these girls were much more genuine than I thought they were going to be.”. New Member Education: A period of education on the history, ideals, and values of a fraternity or sorority prior to initiation. Per our updated privacy policy, we use cookies to track your browsing behavior on our site and provide you with ads or other offers that may be relevant to you. Our Core Values Friendship. There are many different reasons to join a sorority, but at the top of that list is likely sisterhood. However, you also have to pay for the privilege. For Gamma Phi, I found out they were really genuine people during rush, and they really didn’t seem stereotypical at all, just really genuine and stuff like that.”. To start, I interviewed Amanda Fellin, president of Alpha Chi Omega, about her personal experiences joining her sorority and about what she sees in the girls who rush every year. For example, Ewa Lecewicz grappled with some of the stereotypes associated with sorority life, as well as her own self-image while making her decision. All I heard was ‘You’re hot, you’ll get in,’ and, eh, I just didn’t feel like being judged by how I look. I was wondering if joining a sorority at penn state would be a stupid idea if you're not a big party person?? Another common stereotype would be that sorority sisters risk their individuality for the sake of the clan, but Holeva seemed to disagree. This moment has been anticipated since the first time all freshmen […] The sorority assistant, treasurer, and president will receive an electronic bill through Penn State email for the suite rental fee at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. Social fraternities and sororities at Penn State consists of a diverse group of men and women who help create smaller communities within the large university environment. The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the 4 sororities on campus. Approximately 6 weeks of recruitment at the beginning of each semester where organizations can invite you (give you a bid) to become an associate/new member of an organization. So, with all of this in mind, we set out to talk to the sisters themselves and see what makes them tick. Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was chartered at Penn State and became the first Negro sorority on campus. Penn State's fraternities and sororities are committed to the basic principles of membership: Academic Achievement; Service and Philanthropy; Leadership; Brotherhood and Sisterhood; Social We worked on events to empower the minority community. Penn State girls rush into Alumni Hall to find out what their new sorority is on Bid Day in the HUB-Robeson Center on Monday, Jan. 22. Students are consistently advised against joining any organization that is not in good standing with the University. Penn State Altoona is proud to support the long standing tradition of hosting a fraternity and sorority community to encourage students' growth, citizenship, and values. “Last year (freshman year), the stereotypes I heard about sororities didn’t make me want to join one. “Whenever I imagined myself in college, I imagined myself in a sorority just because it’s a good way to get involved, instead of a bunch of different clubs.”, Gabrielle Peretti (left) Alison Scotto (right), ASA. Thinking about joining an MGC chapter at Penn State? In general, I wanted to join a sorority because PSU is such a large school and sorority life made it a more personal experience. Penn State also formalized a new member training and education plan for issues including alcohol, hazing and sexual assault, and a program for parent and member education is being instituted. This knowledge can now be leveraged to a greater, more powerful field, otherwise known as Penn State Sorority Recruitment. It’s actually a place where you feel comfortable and good, it feels like it’s your own family.”, Scotto also said: “Along with the other sororities, there’s a big opportunity to build a networking system and stuff like that. In general, I wanted to join a sorority because PSU is such a large school and sorority life made it a more personal experience.”. The chapter currently rents a floor and a suite in South Halls, like many other sororities on campus. Although most girls, quite understandably, were reluctant to talk to me about their inner feelings coming to a large university, the motivations they did reveal reflect the basic human need for a niche or a “place-fulness,” a feeling everyone seeks out when coming to a new place.Â. Freshmen like Brittany Divver, who are simultaneously rushing sororities and starting their university experience, really feel that Greek life is an “in” to the Penn State community. By using our site, you agree to these terms. Organizations to join There are 48 fraternity and sorority chapters currently active on Penn’s campus. When asked about the factors that influenced her decision to join a sorority, and Gamma Phi specifically, she was happy to share. That's all on top of living costs. Stay on top of the information you need to navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to Fellin, Lecewicz initially joined to find her “place” on campus and she is now very excited “to set the precedent for future members,” as a sister and a founder. AP, dual enrollment, and transfer … Bid: An invitation to join a fraternity or sorority. Informal Recruitment at Penn State takes place during the beginning of the fall semester. Isabella Simonetti (C '21), who is also a columnist for the Daily Pennsylvanian, was one of these freshmen. Since she was looking for ways to serve her community, she also said she was looking for a sorority with certain values and goals in line with her own interests. Interested new members must meet the following Penn State University’s requirements to join a fraternity or sorority: Cannot be subject to any pending or current probation through the Office of Student Conduct. Sure, as a new member of a sorority or fraternity, you get the chance to join an incredible community, make lifelong friends, and give back to the Penn State campus. Holeva, when prompted with this question, had a wholly positive reaction. “Freshmen year was just a wreck, because I’m me, but I had so much more fun because I joined a sorority.”. The main reason I rushed was because I did intend on running for president and I’m thrilled that rushing gave me that experience.”. These recognized organizations are the only Greek-lettered social organizations at Penn with a national organization affiliation, advisors, and insurance. Joining a sorority makes an otherwise large campus pretty small and allows you to form connections that will far surpass your time in college. Have a serious discussion about finances. Together, women in a sorority commit to scholastic, philanthropic, and social development and participate in numerous event, service projects, and activities like other clubs at Penn State. Penn State’s Phi Sigma Sigma sorority will move into the former Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house starting next school year, according to its Facebook page. Membership in Phi Sigma Rho provides a lifetime of sisterhood, support, and professional and personal development. Yikes! Extension. Every winter, hundreds of freshman girls zip up their coats and rush the eight Panhellenic sororities at Penn. To view our privacy policy in full, click here. “My entire family on my mom’s side did sororities and are still really close with them and had them as their bridesmaids at their weddings and I wanted that really strong connection with this core group of people in college. To be eligible to join a fraternity or sorority at Penn State you must satisfy the following eligibility requirements: Earned 14 credit hours at Penn State OR 27 transfer credits (AP and dual enrollment DO NOT APPLY) OR be an Adult Learner “I didn’t really think I was going to join one, but when I was looking at colleges my mom made me look at ones with Greek life because she had done it and she could see me wanting to do it.”, When asked if she felt that juggling sorority responsibilities and academics was overwhelming for her first year, she replied good-naturedly. For example, Lily Holeva, a senior in Kappa Kappa Gamma, said that Greek life was a factor in her college choice. We can talk to anyone about anything, which I didn’t think would happen.”. If you’re a Penn Stater, you can probably identify a gaggle of sorority sisters in the darkness of Calder Ally, even if your ears are still ringing after the heavy bass that was just pulsating from the speaker you were standing next to at Skulls. I was also curious as to how the expectations about sorority life “lived up” to the real thing, and in what ways sororities are unfairly portrayed in the media. Read Penn State Ag Science Magazine. Finally, she mentions: “My sorority places a huge emphasis on sisterhood and I thought it would be a great place to establish strong friendships.” Of all the factors mentioned above, the idea of being part of a tight community was consistently mentioned. “Alpha Chi Omega specifically stood out to me because our philanthropy is Domestic Violence Awareness, which is something I was excited to support.”, She cites other influences, like certain opportunities that would not have been presented to her otherwise. I thought it would all get better after a rough freshman year of college … Payment for the rental fee can be made to the Bursar’s Office, and is due on or before the Monday of the seventh (7th) week of … For the next ten days, Penn State’s campus will be swarming with hundreds of girls hoping to ~find their bridesmaids~ and echoing with sounds of cult-like chants from sororities preparing to welcome the potential new members into their suites. It’s Spring 2018. Clunky heels, ripped jeans, color co-ordinated spandex. Penn State Behrend Fraternity and Sorority Life. She wrote about her week of sorority rush for Street. We have all seen the troops of these tall, intimidating girls marching to frat parties, running to rush events, or spray painting their Greek letters on the lawn, but how many of us outsiders truly understand what goes on in the minds and hearts of these young women? This is a more accurate PSU sorority ranking as of the end of spring semester 2019 (formal rush in order): Top: A phi, kappa, theta, g phi, pi phi Upper middle: Kd, zta, azd Middle: Dz, dg, tri sig Lower middle: Aopi, sdt, adpi Bottom: Phi sig, sig kap, dphie A phi and Kappa are pretty equal so thats why there’s so many in the top. Christopher Sanders Due to administrative changes, incoming freshmen at Penn State this year had to wait until the spring semester to become involved in greek life. To help students and others navigate the fraternity and sorority system at Penn State, the University implemented a Greek Scorecard, which provides information about the standing of each fraternity and sorority chapter. Penn State Harrisburg has introduced me to different volunteer opportunities where I’ve been able to give back to the community. Joining a sorority at Penn State is one of the best ways for your daughter to get involved and find her niche at such a huge institution. If I get accepted into PSU for Fall 2010, I'm really interested in joining a sorority. “The sisterhood and friendships gained from Greek life are definitely a huge motivator for girls to rush,” Fellin says, “and I know most people truly find their place somewhere, considering there are about 230 members in each sorority.”. Following its suspension, the sorority also lost it's recognition from the Gamma Phi Beta national office, resulting in the indefinite closure of the Zeta Pi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta at Penn State Altoona. Sorority reviews and ratings for the Kappa Delta chapter at Pennsylvania State University, University Park - PSU - Greekrank Penn State - Lambda Chapter. But what about the newly-minted sisters, those who have just recently started the rush process? Well, I gathered the courage to approach some sorority sisters to see what made them want to join the Grecian ranks, and there were some mixed motivations. I just started my first week. “I think sororities are more individual-oriented, because you gain friendship and people to help you with school work. I was wondering which sororities are the most open to all ethnicities, and which ones were the most involved, and the rep each one has. Our community currently consists of four chapters and one governing council who is leading the charge to redefine what it means to be a fraternity or sorority member. I'm currently a sophomore at Penn State. The sisters of Delta Zeta are very excited that you are interested in joining the Greek community at Penn State by enrolling in Panhellenic Recruitment. Interested new members must meet the following Penn State University’s requirements to join a fraternity or sorority: Must have earned 14 PSU credit hours AND a 2.5 cumulative GPA OR transfer students must have 27 transfer credit hours; and; Cannot be subject to any pending or current probation through the Office of Student Conduct. “I’m from really far away and I came here and I didn’t know anyone, and I really wanted a strong friend base.”. Are you thinking about sorority recruitment at Penn State University? Join the Ag Alumni Society. A sorority is a group of undergraduate women bound together by common goals, values, and friendships. They are committed to relationships built on trust though transparency, accountability, and mutual respect. Other girls, like Alison Scotto, a junior in ASA, had planned on joining a sorority for a long time. I was checking them out online, and noticed that in 99.9% of the pictures, sororities were either all white, all black, etc. To be eligible to participate in fraternity or sorority recruitment activities, students must meet the following criteria: Have earned at least 14 credit hours at Penn State; or earned 27 transfer credits; or be considered an Adult Learner. Sorority Housing presentation: offered September 23 and 30 during Panhellenic recruitment information sessions Some of these “negative” expectations, however, deterred other girls from joining sororities right away. At Penn State, sorority members pay $350 to $600 per semester, which adds up to $2,800 to $4,800 total. Anyone interested in sorority recruitment can find an active member of the organization, show up at any recruitment event, or fill out the form on BehrendSync under the Panhellenic Council page. Recruitment Eligibility. There are many different reasons to join a sorority, but at the top of the list is likely sisterhood. Copyright 2021 © The Pennsylvania State University. Amanda Fellin, president of Alpha Chi Omega, “I joined as a freshman. Penn State Fraternities, Sororities Put on Notice by School President Penn State has implemented more aggressive measures to combat drinking, hazing and sexual assault in Greek organizations. The University discourages students from joining a fraternity or sorority that the University does not recognize. ... Penn State Extension delivers science-based information to citizens. As an incoming freshman, I had no interest in rushing a sorority because I never really knew much about it. Update to privacy policy and how we use cookies Our sisterhood cultivates friendship, creating a network of sisters who guide us and strengthen our lives. But then I heard about my sorority and starting a new chapter, I wanted to join because there was less pressure to impress.”, Ewa Lecewicz, founder of a sorority chapter at PSU, Lecewicz, the founder of a sorority chapter at Penn State, replied she had never considered herself a potential sorority girl in high school, but that she changed her mind when she did some research and found out “what sorority life really entailed.”. Our ritual connects our hearts and minds forming strong friendships that last a lifetime. I have a sister at home, and it’s nice to have them here at school too. However, after realizing about how prominent Greek life was like in Penn State, I figured it … Most of the girls we talked to said that their experiences exceeded their expectations. ‘I had so much more fun because I joined a sorority’. This sorority helped shaped me into the woman I am today, by giving me the confidence I needed to achieve everything I set my mind to. Mutual Selection(Sorority): The selection process during the formal recruitment process when the potential members choose the chapters and the chapters choose the potential members. Family tradition factor seems to play a big role in a lot of the decisions made to join sororities. The Panhellenic exists to promote the core values of friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity, and community. New Member Academy:  A 4-6 week program required by Student Leadership and Involvement at Penn State Behrend to join a fraternity or sorority. Brace yourselves, because sorority formal recruitment szn is officially upon us. The group stuff is mostly for serving the community.”, Gabrielle Peretti, a junior in ASA, agreed with this sentiment, going as far as to say: “It’s a home away from home, having sisters. Rho Gamma(Sororities): A Panhellenic representative who has no contact with their own chapter during membership recruitment and is available to guide potential new members through the recruitment process. The process is a little more casual than formal and is typically held to fill the sororities� quota, which is the number of girls the sorority can have within a rushing period. March 14, 1953. Finally, all of your free time spent buying Kim Kardashian lip products and looking into the Justin and Selena relationship dynamics has paid off.