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"Save Memory!" in Dnipropetrovsk Region On May 4th, 2018, the students of Kryvyi Rih school No. 91 and the members of Sokoliata Youth Squad together with the searchers of Search-Dnipro (... 05.05.2018 Подробнее
Meeting of Kharkiv searchers April for the representatives of Military Memorials East SPE (Union People's Memory NGO, Kharkiv) ended in the regional gathering of the search staff... 03.05.2018 Подробнее
Saving the memory of those deceased at the war   This year, the searchers of Platzdarm Association of Researchers for Military-Historical Heritage (Union People's Memory NGO) were the... 26.04.2018 Подробнее
Return of soldiers to the Motherland   The other day, at the central office of Union People's Memory All-Ukrainian Public Organization there took place the handover of the... 26.04.2018 Подробнее
Green Memory Alley   April 21st, 2018 on the island of Khortitsa (Zaporozhia City) there took place a campaign called "Recreate Khortytsia" which was aimed at... 24.04.2018 Подробнее
Blessed search   Probably, practically everyone, who's engaged in search, has his own beliefs and omens, or a certain order of actions which are meant to... 19.04.2018 Подробнее
Photoalbum of "Liberation of Kryvbas" All-Ukrainian Search Мilitary-Memorial Expedition "Eh, roads, dust and fog ..."  This phrase from the well-known song was recollected many times by our searchers during "Liberation of Kryvbas"... 03.04.2018 Подробнее
Photo album of "The Carpathians" 2016-2017 All-Ukrainian Search Expedition After a little while summer will come again. People, having waited for their vacations, will go somewhere to rest – someone to the seas, someone to... 23.01.2018 Подробнее
In Donetsk Region they found the remains of a German soldier The searchers of Platzdarm Association of Researchers of Military-Historical Heritage have recently exhumed the remains of a German soldier deceased... 11.01.2018 Подробнее
Soviet soldiers found by the searchers of Platzdarm In September 2017, the remains of 4 Soviet soldiers were found on one of the agricultural fields of Izium District of Kharkiv Region, by search group... 09.01.2018 Подробнее
Found in Dnipropetrovsk Region explosive objects were handed over to the State Security Service   On January 2nd, 2018 near Zelene Pole Village (Kryvyi Rih District, Dnipropetrovsk Region) Search-Dnipro Historical and Search Organization... 04.01.2018 Подробнее
Memory Day of victims of war and political repression November 19th, in Germany it's celebrated an People's Day of Mourning (Volkstrauertag). On this day, the Germans commemorate the victims of war and... 21.11.2017 Подробнее
AVIABOMB, SHELLS AND GRENADES WERE FOUND IN THE VILLAGE NEAR KRYVYI RIH Yesterday, November 13th, in Radionivka village near Kryvyi Rih there was found the OA-10 kg aviational bomb. The explosive object was found by the... 14.11.2017 Подробнее
Skeleton of a mammoth in the sand quarry Some time ago, Platzdarm A.R.M.H.H. Search Group (Union People’s Memory NGO) was addressed bythe inhabitants of Ozerne Village (up to 2016 it was... 10.11.2017 Подробнее
"Rusty images of Barvinkove boiler house"     10.11.2017 Подробнее
Way to the sky 2nd November, in Meliorator TPC (Kakhovka) took place the evening of memory dedicated to the 74th anniversary of Kakhovka liberation from the Nazi... 08.11.2017 Подробнее
On the trail of the Scythians The places of Scythian burial mounds still hide in the land unique objects with a millennial history. And though the mounds have long been just like... 04.11.2017 Подробнее
Order of the deceased lieutenant was handed over to his relatives From 23rd till 29th September 2017, in Ivanivka village (Barvinkove district, Kharkov Region) there took place "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Search... 30.10.2017 Подробнее
Unique archaeological finding in Kryvyi Rih district     30.10.2017 Подробнее
International expedition in Germany Every year Germany is hosting an international expedition on search of the soldiers fallen during the Second World War the organizer of which is the... 19.10.2017 Подробнее
Near the seashore of Japan there was found the wreckage of kamikaze boat of the Second World War period Near the Japanese seashore at the depth of 32 meters there was found the wreckage of Shinyo —the boat which was used by the local kamikaze during the... 17.10.2017 Подробнее
Searchers found the burial site of the missing Red Army soldier Grigory Gaschenko, senior lieutenant of the Red Army, has stayed missing for many decades. Recently, however, the searchers of Union People's Memory... 13.10.2017 Подробнее
"Rusty images of war" of Barvinkove expedition An interesting and popular video by Maxim Lepeyev from War Memorials East Organization, Kharkiv City (member of Union People's Memory NGO ), by the... 10.10.2017 Подробнее
Results of "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Search Military-Memorial Expedition From 23rd till 29th September 2017 in Ivanivka village (Barvinkove district of Kharkiv Region) took place "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Search... 02.10.2017 Подробнее
Hero's order was in the ground for 75 years The award, which was right at the plowed field and perfectly preserved, Kryvyi Rih searchers hope to hand over to the families of the deceased one... 29.09.2017 Подробнее
121 soldiers will be reburied in Kharkiv Region 29th September at 10.00 a.m. at the memorial of Ivanivka village (Barvinkove district, Kharkiv Region) will be the reburial of 121 Soviet soldier,... 28.09.2017 Подробнее
In Poltava Region there took place the battle's reconstruction of the Second World War period The battle's reconstruction of the Second World War was organized in the tract of Shumeikove of Lokhvitsa district. As reported, for this there were... 27.09.2017 Подробнее
Under the slogan of Mayakovskiy it's prepared the opening of "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Military-Memorial Expedition Well, what to say... The searchers of Union People's Memory had not even time for coming to themselves after two summer expeditions when it was time... 23.09.2017 Подробнее
Mass grave in Rodionivka turned out to be the burial of horse A comical-tragic incident happened in the work of the searchers of  "Search-Dnipro" NGO (Union People's Memory NGO). They arrived at Rodionivka... 21.09.2017 Подробнее
Eight more volunteers of "Black Tulip" are awarded Today in Kyiv, in the House of Officers of Ukraine there took place the award of volunteers of the country with Medal of the Ukrainian President "For... 13.09.2017 Подробнее
Reburial of two unknown defenders of Poltava Region September 12th, 2017 in Snityn village (Lubny district, Poltava Region) there took place the reburial of the remains of two servicemen of the Red... 13.09.2017 Подробнее
Platzdarm discovered the remains of 6 soldiers In the period from 23rd to 31st August 2017 the searchers of Platzdarm A. R. M. H. H. (Union People's Memory NGO) conducted reconnaissances in the... 05.09.2017 Подробнее
Volunteers of "Tulip" were awarded with merit badges The other day, five volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission who are the searchers of Memorial NGO (People's Memory Union NGO) were awarded... 04.09.2017 Подробнее
In Germany because of a huge bomb 70 thousand people are evacuated In Germany, it's planned to evacuate 70 thousand residents of Frankfurt because of the huge bomb of the Second World War found at the building site.... 31.08.2017 Подробнее
Without a piece of news, but with hope... This year at Sofiyskaya Square in Kyiv, the International Committee of the Red Cross has opened an art installation dedicated to this day in the... 31.08.2017 Подробнее
Happy Independence Day, friends and colleagues! Today our country celebrates the 26th anniversary of the Independence declaration!  For all history of existence as a sovereign state it's... 24.08.2017 Подробнее
Search of the deceased soldiers was a success - Found 16 soldiers of the Soviet army In August 2017 the searchers of Platzdarm worked at the location in one of the villages of Izum district, Kharkiv Region. There was a lot of work to... 24.08.2017 Подробнее
Results of "Liberation Kryvbas" All-Ukrainian Search Military-Memorial Expedition From 5th till 12th August 2017, not far from Vysoke Pole village  (Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk Region), there took place "Liberation of... 16.08.2017 Подробнее
Scary finding: the bones are put in bags (photo) In a mass grave there are the remains of victims of mass repressions In Ivano-Frankivsk there was discovered a mass grave of at least 50 people... 16.08.2017 Подробнее
Kryvyi Rih expedition was said about in Witness TV-program A unique expedition started in Dnipropetrovsk Region: more than a hundred searchers from all over Ukraine, despite the abnormal heat, got down to... 16.08.2017 Подробнее
Day №2 of "Liberation of Kryvbas" gave important results Day №2 of "Liberation of Kryvbas" Search Military-Memorial Expedition was even more rich in terms of discoveries than Day №1.    ... 07.08.2017 Подробнее
There took place solemn opening of "Liberation of Kryvbas" Search Military-Memorial Expedition In Zelene Pole village of Kryvyi Rih district, near the mass grave took place the solemn opening of "Liberation of Kryvbas" All-Ukrainian Search... 06.08.2017 Подробнее
In Dnipropetrovsk Region there will take place "Liberation of Kryvbas " Military- Memorial Expedition A year ago "Liberation of Kryvbas" Search Military-Memorial Expedition was participated in by more than 60 searchers, among which there were 27... 28.07.2017 Подробнее
At the building site of Khmelnitsky near the railway station there was unearthed a tank canon A dangerous, at first sight, finding was uncovered by the workers in Proskurovskaya Street. They were digging a pit at the site of building a new... 27.07.2017 Подробнее
Mass burial site of the First World War A mass sanitary burial site of the First World War, discovered by the searchers of Union People's Memory 5th - 22nd July 2017, in the administrative... 26.07.2017 Подробнее
AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BLACK SEA THERE WAS FOUND A TORPEDO BOAT OF THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR PERIOD In the water area of the Black Sea at Panagia Cape (Krasnodar Krai) there was discovered AKA-76 Torpedo Boat. It was drowned by the German aircraft... 25.07.2017 Подробнее
Opening of "The Carpathians -2017" All-Ukrainian Search Expedition Well, here came a long-awaited for all searchers day - opening of "The Carpathians -2017" All-Ukrainian Search Expedition! The official opening of... 17.07.2017 Подробнее
Inviting journalists to take part in "The Carpathians - 2017" All-Ukrainian Search Expedition Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First World War A year ago in "Cheremkha-2016" (The Carpathians-2016) International Memory Watch took... 07.07.2017 Подробнее
In Mexico City archaeologists found the tower of skulls In Mexico City archaeologists found the tower of skulls During the excavations of Temple Mayor, an Aztec temple in Mexico City, the archaeologists... 03.07.2017 Подробнее
Attention!! Department of Cultural Heritage Protection changed the address! Respected colleagues! Informing you that the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has changed its... 03.07.2017 Подробнее
Polish volunteers visited "Black Tulip" War does not only separate. It has the ability to bring people together. A bright example of this are the searchers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian... 30.06.2017 Подробнее
Opening of Search-Dnipro Museum 30.06.2017 Подробнее
Search of deceased soldiers - no special achievements (offseason) This forest, located between Sviatohirsk, villages of Sydorove and Dolyna was fully dug across. It's very rare that one can find untouched remains of... 29.06.2017 Подробнее
It's not an easy task to pull the plane out of the swamp... The information from local residents led the searchers of Obelisk AYSO ( NGO Union People's Memory) to Pryvitiv village of Lubarsky district of... 28.06.2017 Подробнее
In Kryvyi Rih opened the office-museum of searchers At last, the searchers of Search-Dnipro (Union People's Memory NGO) have a place where they will solve the most important issues, plan their field... 27.06.2017 Подробнее
Orzhytsa searchers reburied 4 unknown soldiers In the Day of Grief and Memory of war victims in Pobedy Park of Orzhytsya urban-type settlement of Poltava Region, there took place the reburial of 4... 26.06.2017 Подробнее
Preparation for Memory Watch Preparation for Memory WatchPreparation for Memory Watch 26.06.2017 Подробнее
5 soldiers found rest in Poltava Region To the Day of Memory and Grief, the searchers of Vechno Zhyvym NGO (Union People's Memory NGO) held the reburial of the remains of 5 Soviet soldiers... 26.06.2017 Подробнее
Searchers of Kakhovka MPC reburied the remains of 15 soldiers 22nd June is the Day of grief and honoring the memory of the war victims in Ukraine. Every year on this day, the Ukrainian people honor the bright... 23.06.2017 Подробнее
Solemn reburial of soldiers will be held in honor of the Day of Memory and Grief June 22nd at 10:00 a.m. at the memorial complex of Lypivka village (Kyiv Region) in the framework of "Memory of Kyiv Region" All-Ukrainian Watch... 21.06.2017 Подробнее
Remains of two soldiers were found on the vegetable garden Recently, the members of Search-Dnipro Squad (Union People's Memory NGO) have carried out works on raising the remains of two Soviet soldiers in... 19.06.2017 Подробнее
Searchers discovered a mass illegal burial site of soldiers of the Second World War in Donbas 17.06.2017 Подробнее
Dniprovokamianka Dniprovokamianka village on the picturesque banks of the mighty Dnipro River. Its forced crossing has cost the lives of thousands of Red Army... 15.06.2017 Подробнее
Participation of Platzdarm searchers in the excavation of the mound of Zakitne village of Liman district 13.06.2017 Подробнее
Aircraft wreckage was found in Zhytomyr Region From the swamp they managed to pull out the wreckage of the fuselage and a radio compass. They came across the pilot's remains also. Now the works on... 13.06.2017 Подробнее
ICTV released a plot on the aircraft found by searchers of People's Memory 12.06.2017 Подробнее
In Zhytomyr Region they finish works on raising a combat aircraft June 10th, 2017 in Pryvitiv village (Liubar district, Zhytomyr Region) will take place a final and one can say the main phase of work on raising the... 09.06.2017 Подробнее
School leavers took part in "Save memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign 17 alumni of Kryvyi Rih school № 91 together with the searchers of Search-Dnipro Squad (Kryvyi Rih) took part in "Save  memory!" All-Ukrainian... 07.06.2017 Подробнее
They found a plane. The crew was in it The searchers of Union People's Memory NGO found in Zhytomyr Region the plane deceased during the Second World War. In it there were also found the... 06.06.2017 Подробнее
Platzdarm took part in the international conference On May 30th, 2017 in Kharkiv there took place an international conference dedicated to the topic "New security policy for Eastern Europe". It was... 31.05.2017 Подробнее
In Vinnytsia Region they neutralized about a hundred shells of the Second World War The pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service neutralized 94 artillery shells of World War II which were discovered near Korolivka village of... 31.05.2017 Подробнее
In Dnipro, near the supermarket, the builders found an artillery shell On February 13th, in Zhovtnevyi district of Dnipro on the territory of the construction site, which is located near the supermarket, when carrying... 29.05.2017 Подробнее
Searchers of Platzdarm found a Soviet soldier The Great Patriotic War has passed long time ago, not all the deceased soldiers are found and reburied. The task of Platzdarm searchers is to find... 26.05.2017 Подробнее
Shuklin field keeps the graves of soldiers Last year, in autumn Platzdarm went to conduct searches at the altitude of 199.5 known as Shuklin field located between Dolina and Bohorodychne... 23.05.2017 Подробнее
A battle lasting for 76 years The Red Army soldiers deceased in July, 1941 on the outskirts of Marianivka village (Dnipropetrovsk Region), defending the distant approaches Kyiv... 20.05.2017 Подробнее
86 nameless were decently reburied in Donetsk Region To the fields around the villages of Sidorove, Mayaky, Pyshyb and Tatyanovka, which are in Slovyansk district of Donetsk Region, the searchers of... 15.05.2017 Подробнее
Kryvbass children for Donbass children 15.05.2017 Подробнее
In Kharkiv Region 15 Soviet soldiers were reburied Last week, the participants of Voennye Memorialy Vostok SPE (Specialised Private Enterprise) of Kharkiv City (Union People's Memory NGO) held the... 14.05.2017 Подробнее
Presidential awards to the volunteers 12.05.2017 Подробнее
Photo: an undamaged bomber was found at the bottom of the Finnish Gulf According to Fontanka , at the bottom of the Finnish Gulf there was discovered an undamaged bomber. As specifies the edition, the American aircraft... 11.05.2017 Подробнее