At the building site of Khmelnitsky near the railway station there was unearthed a tank canon

A dangerous, at first sight, finding was uncovered by the workers in Proskurovskaya Street. They were digging a pit at the site of building a new shopping and office center of the railway station. The builders immediately called pyrotechnics to the place. As it turned out, under the ground, they found not a tank, but only a canon. It was under a layer of earth and brick pieces. “The pyrotechnics found that under the ground there was only a part of the barrel of the tank. It was a cannon from the KV-2 Soviet tank. Our workers examined the territory, no ammunition load was found. This means that for people this cannon was not dangerous”, tells Alexandr Gulko, Head of Agitation-and-Propaganda Work Department of the Field Directorate of the State Emergency Service in Khmelnytsky Region.    

Protection Monuments Department has already issued the act on the finding and plans to submit it to one of the historical museums of the city. The version on the cannon origin was published on Facebook page by historian and ethnographer Igor Zapadenko. 

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