Dear friends!

Today, we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from Nazi invaders. On 6x November, 1943 from the capital of our Motherland there were expelled the invaders. The liberation of Kiev was worth more than 30 thousand lives of soldiers and officers.

First of all, from a pure heart, we express immense gratitude to the people who passed all the circles of the protracted, horrific, hellish war. Those who were able to come back home alive and those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Victory over evil. Separate gratitude to our elderly heroes who need so much our support and care. Low bow and eternal memory to veterans who did not live until on this memorable day!

It will be unfair if this day I do not mention my friends, colleagues, like-minded people with whom for more than five years we have taken up active search work on the events of the First and Second World Wars and the Great Patriotic War. The year before last we were banded together by a one more, not less important mission, that is, search and evacuation of the deceased and missing in the ATO zone. We went through a lot and lived through a lot. Such tests and checks by fate are not forgotten.

I will say frankly: having been there, on the battlefields of the current war, you involuntarily cast your thoughts back on the events of bygone years. You know, after everything that was seen in the east of our country, black-and-white photos of past wars become digitized, become colored. You just like transfer there, to those days. From this you are even more overflown with the realization that you should really do your best for every deceased person to be perpetuated in our memory, in our history.

I sincerely want to wish everyone of us pure and peaceful sky over our heads, peace and wisdom. We still have a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, not all the soldiers have come home – hundreds of thousands of them still lie unknown in the Ukrainian land. No matter how they decreased either during the First World War, the Great Patriotic War or in the course of the events in Donbass.

Eternal memory to all those who are no longer with us!

Happy holiday, dear Ukrainians!

Yaroslav Zhylkin,

Chairman of NGO "Union "People's Memory"


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