In Donetsk region there was established the fate of two missing soldiers

The remains of 41 more soldiers who deceased in battles 70 years ago were managed to find.

On the morning of the six of September at the mass grave in the village of Rai-Aleksandrovka of Slavyansk district of Donetsk region there took place a reburial of the remains of 43 soldiers of the Red Army. In early July 2016 the unknown mass burial where were these soldiers was discovered by the searchers from the Association of researchers of military-historical heritage “Platzdarm”, Slavyansk town (NGO “Union “People's Memory”) not far from the mentioned above village.

The mass grave was informed about by the local village residents who came across the remains during the agricultural works at their fields. One did not define at once what period the found deceased belong to. However, having looked through the archives, it turned out that at the given territory from February till May 1942 there was an offensive of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. 

And now, two months later, the discovered remains of the deceased have finally found rest. A solemn ceremony of the reburial was held at the local mass grave of Rai-Aleksandrovka village. By a minute of silence and a blank volley performed by the firing party all those present accompanied soldiers to the last journey.  

There was invited an Orthodox priest to conduct church services. Besides the members of “Platzdarm” there were also present the members of the local Council of veterans. There have remained not many of them, those who risked their lives for the lives of the others, those who know not by hearsay how bullets whiff over the head, those who remember... 

To Commemorate those who deceased during the Great Patriotic War came the local residents of Rai-Aleksandrovka village, the participants of search organizations, the participants of ATO and the youth. Among them one could see even children who hardly differed from the adults with their serious faces and eyes full of sadness. Children who don't know yet all the sorrow, but try to understand, to feel. The ceremony of reburial left no one indifferent, touched everyone's heart, made many people think. 


One should note that thankfully to the serious work of the forensic center (SSRFC MIA), out of 43 found remains of the Red Army soldiers one managed to identify two deceased soldiers. During the exhumation near them there were discovered personal identification tags (PIT), thankfully to which, we know the names of the fighters now. These are Ivan Markovich Yermolaev (common soldier, born in 1900.) and Andrey Yephatiyevich Merkulov (sergeant, born in 1903). We found out that they had served in regiment 980 of infantry division 275 of army 37. The names of the other fighters are still in the process of identification. 


For five years of existence of NGO “Union “People's Memory” to the museums of our country the searchers have handed over 24704 exhibits and artifacts of the period of the World War I and World War II. “People's Memory” was an organizer and a participant of 49 interregional search memory watches and 26 international ones. In the result of the done work the searchers have discovered and reburied the remains of more than 6 136 servicemen, 738 civilians, 1965 victims of political repressions. For the years of work we have managed to identify the names of 902 fighters. Not less important is the fact that we have managed to find the relatives of 90 deceased soldiers. 

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