In Donetsk Region they found the remains of a German soldier

The searchers of Platzdarm Association of Researchers of Military-Historical Heritage have recently exhumed the remains of a German soldier deceased during the Second World War.

About accidentally found human remains the searchers were told by the man who was looking for the turn in the forest, near the village of Bohorodychne (Sloviansk District, Donetsk Region).

The searchers immediately went to the location to check the information.

It was confirmed. On the edge of the forest there were partly dug up remains. But it doesn't look like the intervention of the marauders. The searchers assume that some bones were pulled apart by forest animals.

Belonging of the deceased soldier to the German army was pointed out with the following things found near him: aluminum trouser buttons and plastic service coat buttons, cartridges to the MP 38/40 pistol-machine gun.

The main and defining finding was, of course, the dog-tag by which the searchers would be able to identify the deceased. And at the moment his remains will be placed in temporary storage.




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