In Germany because of a huge bomb 70 thousand people are evacuated

In Germany, it's planned to evacuate 70 thousand residents of Frankfurt because of the huge bomb of the Second World War found at the building site. This is reported by Frankfurter allgemeine zeitung.

In the report it was noted that at the building site of Westend University City from Goethe University there had been discovered a 1.8 bomb tonne type HC-4000 of the Second World War period. On Sunday, August 3rd, the bomb is planned to be defused, in connection with which it is necessary to evacuate a large number of residents who might be endangered. In particular, it will be necessary to move the patients and staff of two hospitals to a safe place.                    

Earlier in Frankfurt, such a large-scale evacuation has not been carried out, since previously found bombs contained about 150 kg of explosives, which is much less than in this situation (about one and a half tons of explosives).   

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