On guard for life

24 November 2016, the Association of Young Search Organizations "Obelisk" (NGO "Union "People's Memory") together with ''Korchaginets'' search group (which is in the staff of the Ukrainian Fund for Search "Pam'yat") handed over to the representatives of the State Emergency Service of Kiev Region explosive objects found during the search works.

For 2016, by the searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory" there have made more than 30 field trips about the territory of Kiev Region. For all the time, there have been found the remains of the deceased soldiers who were honorably reburied at the memorials and mass graves. It was not without explosive objects. By the searchers, with the help of GPS-navigators, there were fixed several whereabouts of ammunition. For the year such places were found a lot.

Besides our volunteers, the works at the territory of Kiev Region were conducted by ''Korchaginets'' search team. The whole past year, the works were carried out separately, but on a cold November day, the searchers of two organizations decided to join forces.

For handing over to the employees of the State Emergency Service there was prepared ammunition of the Second World War found in the course of the year: anti-tank and mortar mines, artillery shells, hand grenades and other ammunition. In total, on this day, the specialists of the State Emergency Service were handed over more than 40 units.

The activity of a searcher is not only interesting and socially in high demand. One should not forget that each of the expeditions and reconnaissances can be fraught with danger. The probability of coming across explosive objects is always high. Since two World Wars, the earth still keeps not only the remains of the deceased but also hundreds of thousands of ammunition's fragments of different categories. One should always be alert to avoid an accident. The searchers of AYSO "Obelisk" and SSG ''Korchaginets'' coped with its task on 100%, having showed the ability to work in a team and showing professionalism.

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