Happy Birthday, Yaroslav Alexandrovich!

Today is the birthday of a great person, a Leader, to some extent, an extreme Romantic of the century; the person with a capital letter and many exclamation marks who is sincerely loved by everybody – Yaroslav Alexandrovich Zhilkin!!!

What Yaroslav is doing for saving the memory of our people, heroic and sad, but at the same time, the most honest and truthful pages of our history are impossible to appreciate by a standard scale of values. And the role of Black Tulip Humanitarian mission, led and inspired by him, in the conflict in the East of Ukraine, we are sure, will be realized only by the future generation.

So, on this really holiday day for the family and friends, acquaintances and colleagues of Yaroslav, We sincerely wish him spirituality carrying him on the wings of life, a Guardian angel that will always be near, immense love of close people, the deepest respect of the associates and decent evaluation by the side of the state and society!

Staff of UPM and BT, friends and family

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