Happy International Volunteer's Day!

Dear friends, colleagues! Today, the whole world is celebrating the International Volunteer's Day established by the UN in 1985.

It happened that this holiday had recently become our professional day. Searchers-volunteers – it is in this status that our close-knit team has been working on the periods of the First and Second World Wars for a long time. The war in the East of Ukraine has made us take another look at our voluntary work, having added to it vital professionalism, patience and stamina, ability to work in the most dangerous conditions.

For two years there, in the East of our country in "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission, I made sure once again that I was surrounded by faithful, devoted and decent people. Risking your lives, at times, undermining your own health, you without any material interest, take up search of those who went missing, those who are still being waited for at home, though for the last time …

With many of you we have been aquainted since time immemorial. Fate sent us different kinds of challenges, trials. However, in my opinion, it is voluntary work in the ATO zone that became the main indicator of cohesion and friendliness of our staff.

This day, I wish you with all my heart strong health, strength of spirit, and the peaceful sky over your head! I am proud that despite all the difficulties and hardships, we were able to stay people. Honor, dignity, faith, courage and unselfishness are the main features that unite our searchers-volunteers.

I am sure that together we will cope with any kind of challenges. We still have a massive amount of work. New challenges, new roads and trials are waiting for us. God grant that none of you went the distance, gave up. Because it is thankfully to the volunteers that search work continues to exist both in the ATO zone and here in peaceful life!

Good luck, patience and let guardian angel protect you and your families!

Yaroslav Zhylkin,

Head of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission,

Head of NGO "Union "People's Memory"


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