International expedition in Germany

Every year Germany is hosting an international expedition on search of the soldiers fallen during the Second World War the organizer of which is the Association for Search and Burial of the deceased in Eastern Europe (Verein zur Bergung Gefallener in Osteuropa (VBGO). In early October of this year, to Klessin township (Brandenburg, Germany) there came the representatives of search organizations of many countries to conduct a joint search expedition. In this expedition, our country was repeatedly represented by Union People's Memory NGO.

Since 30th September till 7th October 2017, at the agricultural fields took place the fifteenth expedition near Klessin. The searchers from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Switzerland carried out works on search of remains of soldiers deceased and missing in these lands in spring 1945. 

Unfortunately, this year the representatives from Ukraine in the face of Union People's Memory NGO were unable to participate because the Ukrainian State Migration Service had not issued biometric passports. And yet, the searchers were mentally with other members of the expedition. In homage to respect the state flag of Ukraine was hoisted with flags of other countries participating in the expedition.

In the result of hard work, for 7 days the expedition's participants were able to discover the remains of 13 soldiers, 11 of whom were Soviet soldiers. Near one of the deceased of the Red Army there was found a medal "For Courage" by which it will be possible to establish the soldier's name and perhaps find his relatives.

Obtained during the expedition new knowledge about long-termed and extremely fierce fighting in Klessin, give us valuable military-historical information, thanks to which we'll be able to approach setting historical truth about the events of 1945.  

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