Meeting of Kharkiv searchers

April for the representatives of Military Memorials East SPE (Union People's Memory NGO, Kharkiv) ended in the regional gathering of the search staff.

In the head office of East, for summarizing the results of the past year and discussing the plans for the upcoming season, there gathered the searchers of the organization.

The most active members were noted with certificates of appreciation by Victor Serhiyovych Starchenko, Head of the detachment . Individualy, Сommander of searchers congratulated Vitaliy  Kovaliov who took the first place in the open competition of Union People's Memory in "Best finding" nomination. Victor Serhiyovych solemnly handed the searchers a certificate and a cash prize.

In addition to organizational issues, Kharkiv residents also discussed "family" affaires. They remembered Viacheslav Antonovych Suponin , their comrade and patriarch of search movement, , who deceased in March this year. They honored his memory with a minute of silence ...

"Our task is not only search and perpetuation of the soldiers' memory. We shouldn't forget about those who devoted their lives to the search activity... ", commented Viktor Starchenko.

In the near future, the searchers decided to install a commemorative plaque at Kharkiv school No. 19, where Mr. Suponin had studied.


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