MPC "Kakhovka" celebrated the second anniversary of Debaltsevo's tragedy

Yesterday, in Kakhovka town there took place an event marking the second anniversary of the tragic battle for Debaltsevo. Its organizers were the searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory" – "Kakhovka" military-patriotic club. Many of searchers are the volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission.

The session hall of the State Council of the city gathered a lot of people. There were attended local public organizations of ATO participants – "Belaya strela" and "Skif", and also many urban residents, including the children of "Kakhovka" -"Sokol" junior military-patriotic club.

It was not without the presence of the representatives of local authorities. At the microphone had speeches Oleg Kozhemyakin, First Deputy mayor of Kakhovka, Viktor Zubkov, Head of the Youth and Sports Department, Vladimir Fedchenko, Deputy mayor on activity of Rada executive bodies.

The participants of "Black Tulip" showed a documentary film about the way of carrying out the works on search of victims. After that they acquainted everybody with all the exhibits brought from the ATO zone and told their stories.

The most valuable artifact was a Ukrainian flag. It belonged to one of the soldiers who had deceased in Debaltsevo. The searchers found it burnt in APC. It is right near the soldier that this flag was – miraculously, it was not too much damaged.

The soldiers who took part in the battles near Debaltsevo shared their stories and memories.

In conclusion, the participants of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission presented letters of appreciation to two volunteers of Kakhovka town who provided assistance in the repair of the work vehicle.

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