Near Kiev, there were reburied the remains of 21 soldiers

Unfortunately, one could not identify Kiev's defenders, but now heroes found eternal peace.

Today is 75 years since the time when the German fascist invader has invaded our native land, bringing sorrow, suffering and death. At the anniversary of those terrible events by tradition in the village of Borschev there took place a solemn burial of soldiers who died in 1941 year defending the capital of Ukraine from the enemy. The remains of 21 heroes were discovered by the searchers of All-Ukrainian public organizations such as "Stop War" and "Union "People's Memory" and Association of youth search "Obelisk". Assistance in search works was provided by military students of the Academy of USS. 

Despite the unbearable heat, the event was attended by about four hundred people:  leadership of USS, military students of the Academy USS, veterans, schoolchildren, representatives of search organizations, local authorities, local citizens, and journalists. 

In short, the area in front of the memorial "Baryshevsky boiler house" where took place the reburial was to the full, and police representatives even had to block Kharkov highway. 

After the official speech of the head of SSU officials and heads of the search organizations there began a memorial service for fallen soldiers after which their remains were interred. 

    - Today we accompanied to the last journey the soldiers who deceased 75 years ago. During search operations the tragic circumstances of the death of four of them we were able to restore. Then, in 1941, the year the defenders of Kiev were surrounded. The enemy literally smoked out the soldiers by mortar fire from Baryshevsky region forests. It is obvious that just a few would be able to survive in this massacre. Those ones who were seriously injured were finished off at the place by the Nazis. Such a destiny had these four guys: a German has finished off each of them by a shot to the head and after that  they were just dropped into the pit and buried. This is one more fact of the Nazi atrocities in our land.  We should not forget the history of those terrible years, moreover, we should  do our best for restoring the circumstances of death of each soldier, - said the Head of  All-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" Yaroslav Zhilkin.


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