Near the seashore of Japan there was found the wreckage of kamikaze boat of the Second World War period

Near the Japanese seashore at the depth of 32 meters there was found the wreckage of Shinyo —the boat which was used by the local kamikaze during the Second World War. It’s reported by The Daily Mail. 

The boats were stuffed with explosives. Suicide sailors used these boats for standing out to the sea to blow up the enemy's ships.

The boat's parts were found by Hiroyuki Arakawa, a 79-year-old Head of a diving company. He found the engine, the length of which is about a meter, and the remnants of explosives.

As the newspaper notes, since that moment when in this area were flooded Shinyo boats from the local military base №59, passed more than 70 years. At the base there were placed 53 single and five double-seat motor boats capable to move up to 250 kilograms of explosives and two torpedoes.

Shinyos are usually made of plywood. During the Second World War there were made about 6.2 thousand such boats which develop speed up to 30 hubs. Being made of not durable material the boats often failed in object.     

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