Results of "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Search Military-Memorial Expedition

From 23rd till 29th September 2017 in Ivanivka village (Barvinkove district of Kharkiv Region) took place "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Search Military-Memorial Expedition.

The expedition was participated in by more than ten organizations from all over Ukraine, which are the members of the NGO Union People's Memory (Obelisk OYSO, Search-Dnipro HSO, Platzdarm A.R.M.H.H., Memorial NGO, Military Memorials East SPE, Search-West HSO.

It should be noted that the expedition was aimed not only at finding unknown burial sites of soldiers, but first of all, the implementation of an complex approach to examimning the territories where took place the hostilities of the Second World War - a thorough study and marking on the map all discovered artifacts, earth engineering constructions and burial sites.

The works were carried out using methodics of archaeology, criminalistics and geophysics. 

In the result of the expedition there were discovered a good deal of artifacts of the Second world War, handed over to the representatives of the State Emergency Service in Kharkiv Region more than 30 explosive objects, found the remains of 43 soldiers. Near the remains the searchers found 4 personal identification tags, by which it is possible to establish the names of the deceased. Not less valuable finding was the Order of the Red Banner. The name of its owner was also established and currently his family is being searched for.

The expedition was held with the support of the State Service of Ukraine for Veterans of War and the ATO participants, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, local authorities and self-government.

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