Results of "Liberation Kryvbas" All-Ukrainian Search Military-Memorial Expedition

From 5th till 12th August 2017, not far from Vysoke Pole village  (Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk Region), there took place "Liberation of Kryvbas" All-Ukrainian Search Military-Memorial expedition.

Under the leadership of Union People's Memory NGO and with the support of the Ukrainian State Service for War Veterans and ATO Participants, the expedition was participated in by more than 90 people, including search squads, UPM NGO (Kakhovka MPC, Search-Dnipro HSO, Obelisk AYSO, Orzhytsya NGO, Vechno Zhyvym NGO, Obelisk NGO) and youth squads (Sokol MPC of Kakhovka town and pupils of  Kryvyi Rih schools No. 90 and No. 91).

For the time of expedition the participants have completely examined 6 fields at the outskirt of Zelene Pole village, found the remains of 5 Soviet soldiers and 10 soldiers of the Wehrmacht (6 of them had personal identification tags), discovered more than 100 explosive objects which are handed over to Kryvyi Rih State Security Service. 

Also there were discovered lots of interesting findings of the Second World War period, many of which are truly unique, found for the first time for many years.

One should note that the given expedition was focused on not just unknown burial sites of the soldiers, but also the implementation of an complex approach to the study of the areas where took place the armed hostilities of the Second World War – detailed studying and marking on the map all discovered artifacts, earth engineering constructions and burial sites.     

The works were carried out using techniques of criminology and geophysics forming the basis of the future industry of general archaeology under the title "Archaeology of wars".  Also usage of a mini-excavator, which greatly simplifies the earth works, became new for searchers.  

It may safely be said that the expedition was successful. The searchers have coped with all planned work, showing pretty good results, and in addition, determined the scope of work for the following expeditions at the given territory. 

Union People's Memory NGO expresses huge gratitude to the Ukrainian State Service for War Veterans and ATO Participants, local authorities and personally to Vladimir Sergeyevich, Deputy of Kryvyi Rih District Council, for his support and assistance in conducting "Liberation of Kryvbas" search military memorial expedition!!!

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