Return of soldiers to the Motherland


The other day, at the central office of Union People's Memory All-Ukrainian Public Organization there took place the handover of the remains of two Soviet soldiers who deceased during the Second World War.  

German Aleksandrovich Borchanikov (born in 1920, born in Kizel, Kizel District, Molotov Region (now Perm Region)) was found during the construction works near one of the residential houses in the village of Fursy (Bila Tserkva District, Kyiv Region).

Fursenko Nikolay Ivanovych, Chairman of the village, reported the found human remains to the searchers of Union. The searchers came immediately to find out whom they belong to.

It was not necessary to think for a long time. Near the remains of the deceased there was discovered a personal identification tag, in this case, it was a bakelite capsule (medallion)). Besides, near the deceased one there were spurs, pencil's fragments and pocket mirror, as well as shell's fragment, which, most likely, caused the soldier's death.         

Everything found near the remains indicated that it was a Soviet soldier. Later, the searchers' assumption was confirmed.

The identity of the deceased was established thanks to the personal identification tag, the insert of which was managed to read by experts.This turned out to be the Red Army soldier named Herman Alexandrovich. During the research work it was also established that he died in the village of Fursy on July 23rd, 1941, when the enemy attack was repulsed.  

Andrey Liashchenko, coordinator on relations with the CIS and Baltic countries of Leningrad Regional Department of the Russian Public Search Movement, came to the country to take away the soldier's remains. It is not for the first time he crosses the border for a noble cause. For many years he has transported the remains of soldiers from the country to the country in order to return the deceased to their native land.

And this time Andrey саmе not empty-handed. He brought with him to Ukraine the remains of the other fighter.

Kreichman Petro Mykolayevych (born in 1919, born in the village of Miastkivka, Kryzhopil District of Vinnytsia Region) was discovered during the search works in the village of Apraksin (Kirov District of Leningrad Region). Near him there was a personal identification tag with a note (presumably, written by the hand of the soldier himself), with the help of which his identity was established. Also, near the remains of the deceased there were several Soviet coins and a folding knife.


The relatives of the soldiers have not been found yet, but their search will continue. At the moment, the local administration of both settlements (in Russia and Ukraine) made a decision on reburial their countrymen with all military honors.                  


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