Saving the memory of those deceased at the war


This year, the searchers of Platzdarm Association of Researchers for Military-Historical Heritage (Union People's Memory NGO) were the first to conduct "Save Memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign.

On April 22nd, together with their trainees of Boeyets Fighter club, the searchers spared time for improving the territories of military memorials and monuments of Sloviansk District of Donetsk Region.

The children annually do a cleaning of the mass graves of the Second World War in the village of Pryshyb. From year to year, on the eve of the Victory Day Holiday, they put in order the last shelters of the deceased heroes.                       

At this place, in 2014, the remains of 228 Soviet soldiers were reburied, the names of 12 soldiers were managed to establish.

Also, this year the searchers visited one more memorable plaque installed in honor of the deceased soldiers of the current war. In this territory of Karpivka Village, in 2014, a helicopter crashed and took the lives of 3 Ukrainian servicemen, the search and exhumation of their bodies were later carried out by the searchers of Platzdarm who are the members of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission.     

The guys took away the garbage around, loosened thoroughly and leveled with the rakes the ground, planted the flower seeds near the memorable plaque.

"These people sacrificed their lives for their homeland and for us." We are obliged to save the memory of them, and we should involve the youth in such activities, so that that they understand what a human life is and doesn't make mistakes ... Saving the memory of those deceased at the war, we give the future generations an opportunity to live in peace." shares his thoughts Oleksiy Yukov, Head of Platzdarm A.R.M.H.H.  

For reference:

"Save Memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign on Restoration and Care of Military memorials and Monuments takes its start back in 2013 and is held annually from April 20th. The campaign was initiated by Union People's Memory All-Ukrainian Public Organization. More than 1.500 volunteers and searchers participate in it, as well as young people not indifferent to the history of their country. 


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