Search of deceased soldiers - no special achievements (offseason)

This forest, located between Sviatohirsk, villages of Sydorove and Dolyna was fully dug across. It's very rare that one can find untouched remains of the Soviet soldiers or the Wehrmacht soldiers, but one can often find bones on the surface or in the dug-up trenches. Simple digging the trenches and clearing away the parapets that's what we were engaged in. You understand yourself- this work is hard and monotonous. Some dug deep pits, in addition to spent cartridges and different stuff gave no result. And in two places there were found the remains of deceased soldiers.  These are separate bones by which it's impossible to put together the skeleton of a person. Large (measuring) bones were, but in a fragmented state. They were put in special bags and will be buried.

During the work there was visually and by means of a metal detector discovered unexploded ordnance (UXO). These are the Soviet grenades RG 42, F1, mortar mines of 52 and 82 mm, and a German grenade from the grenade launcher. The information on them was given to the sappers of the State Emergency Service.




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