Skeleton of a mammoth in the sand quarry

Some time ago, Platzdarm A.R.M.H.H. Search Group (Union People’s Memory NGO) was addressed bythe inhabitants of Ozerne Village (up to 2016 it was called Illichivka) of Liman district of Donetsk Region who had the information that in the nearby sand pit there might be human bone remains.

According to witnesses, in the north-western part of the quarry's dumps were literally "bestrewn" with bones. Since we knew that in 2014 at the given territory there were armed hostilities, it was decided to check this location.

On November 3rd, 2017, the group made a trip to the aforementioned territory, where during the reconnaissance, were found a lot of small-fragmented bone remains which on closer inspection turned out to be animal bones. Their general look, as well as the fact of high mineralization, suggested the prehistoric character of found objects, which eventually was confirmed by one of the findings, which turned out to be none other than a rather large fragment of the lower jaw of the mammoth.

Apparently, when developing the quarry, by the excavators there was disturbed a layer containing paleontological material, which was later discovered at this dump. All found prehistoric artifacts were safely packed and soon they will replenish funds and, possibly, the exposition of Sloviansk Local History Museum. Platzdarm hopes that later these findings will help researchers supplement the picture of the ancient past of our region. 

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