Video film of International Memory Watch “the Carpathians-2016“ (“Cheremkha-2016“)

Every new location in the work of searchers is just like a blind date.

You are worried in anticipation of new emotions, discoveries, small victories. Victories over obscurity. Victories over themselves. Those and other victories were gained by searchers of “Union “People's Memory“ was reached at the international memory watch in the Carpathian mountains, at mount Kukul.

About the events happening at these lands during the First World War, there is practically no archival information. That is why every discovery during the excavation is like a line on the blank sheet in the Book of History. And we managed to write a few lines of such kind! Let them be still fuzzy and written in a lead pencil, but our archaeologists, historians and just enthusiasts are working at the moment at their final variant.

Not without victories over oneself. The weather and the Carpathians tested the searchers for strength, but the searchers proved to be stronger!

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