Volunteer of "Black Tulip" was awarded with an order for courage

Волонтер «Черного Тюльпана» награжден орденом «За мужество»

On 23rd February, in the building of Kiev City State Administration, Vitaliy Klitschko, mayor of Kiev handed awards to today's heroes of the country.

By Decrees of the President of Ukraine for civil courage, selflessl standing for constitutional principles of democracy, human rights and freedoms, active public and volunteer activity today there are awarded more than 30 residents of Kiev, among whom there was Sergey Belokon', a volunteer of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission. He was awarded with the Order for Courage.

"Today, in our hall there are present those who by their daily labor, kind deeds change Kiev and Ukraine, as well as people who are an example of fortitude and a struggle for the decent future of our country. And I am pleased to hand state awards to these outstanding residents of Kiev. I wish you, dear, success in good deeds, strength and health, and most importantly - peace and faith in the decent future of Ukraine!", Vitaliy Klitschko.


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