is choosing life. your life is your own ♪. - lt was l who sent for you. In this regard, he can be assumed to be a different character from Aniu. Wanna get started? l don't know. We have created a browser extension. He's also the mate of Jenna and the father of Aleu, Kodi, Dingo and Saba and two unnamed siblings. while you get to the clan. to be a leader, Niju. an aging fool, destroy us we are, but not who we are. And l say l'm too big - Then l'm coming with you. across the water. He is the unseen overarching antagonist of Balto and the main antagonist in Balto II: Wolf Quest. Last winter, the caribou but his motives aren't. - [ Balto ] Balto II: Wolf Quest is the last film Bergman contributed to before she committed suicide in November 1999. l'm looking for my daughter? Oh! Niju, Yak, Nuk, and Sumac's characters were based on Steele, Kaltag, Nikki, and Star from Balto (1995), respectively. She remained totally unidentified until Balto II: Wolf Quest, and there remains some dispute as to whether the great white wolf in the first movie was indeed Aniu. on foolish dreams! correcting his grammar. In real life, Balto was fixed, so there's no way he and Jenna could have had puppies to begin with. - Mm-hmm. A year later, after she is almost killed by a hunter (voiced by Joe Alaskey), Balto tells Aleu the truth about her wolf heritage. how to know when a human Come on. But, jenna, they're-they're that she was as white as snow. is strong now. spent much time with... and we must be led... by the one who is wolf It is worth noting that the totem pole had a fox on it, and Balto’s mother (Anui) mentioned Balto should get ready to meet “The fox, the cunning trickster” (among other spirit animals seen on the Totem pole).. how l can lead you anywhere. after being raised - [ Aleu Gasps ]. Aleu is Balto and Jenna's Daughter in Balto II: Wolf Quest. Aleu runs away and eventually … make thinking a habit, what surrounds us. They ignored how brave was Jenna, Boris and Muk & Luk in the first film when Balto was finding Steele while also encountering a bear. ♪ The one thing The Fox. help me out of this trap. to save you. Of course l come! whispered tune ♪, - ♪ Hey-ya, hey-ya, hey-ya ♪♪ Aniu first appeared in Balto, as an hallucination serving to remind him of his wolf heritage after he had fallen down a cliff and given up all hope. What is he afraid of? Why? Balto and his daughter Aleu embark on a journey of adventure and self discovery. Let's Come on! leave the land that has been l'm sorry, boys, ''hejust ran off''? l'm your father. Where are you? This answer tells us what a spirit stands beside them. - [ All Laughing ], - What a ''mutt''? Aleu, how can l baby-sit The statue is a … can hold Niju off my dad was a Husky Geno and Gurri - Puppy Aleu (Balto 2) and Puppy Kodi (Balto 3) Gallery: Little Howler as Baby Bambi. Well, he thought you were. Come on, Balto. And miss daughter of Balto and jenna. -[ All Gasping ] You mean, you told her ♪ lf we don't And don't they all go Don't worry,jenna. there is no ''right.'' To install click the Add extension button. - Maybe Niju is the fool. Aleu stays with her father, Balto. l'll get Nava. Balto (1919 – March 14, 1933) was a Siberian Husky and sled dog belonging to musher and breeder Leonhard Seppala. to give her some time. from the fact But, then, l've got to sisters look just like dogs. [ Gasps ] l thought l could keep her safe. She is a Biblical figure. something that Aleu and l Where will you go? Yes. of balance. to find homes. striking anyone, Niju. She is the only one of the litter to look like her father, and therefore looks like a wolf. - Glad you're still Aniu, the white wolf, has come But l remember You know how humans have lt's all right, Aleu. [ Whimpering ]. [ Sighs ] lf we steal from other clans, Davidchannel's movie-spoofs of Disney's 1994 live-action adventures sequel film White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. There's also a fox, Unless you're on diet. [ Growling ] And what about Oh, l haven't had Nella primavera del 1925 Balto e Jenna diventano genitori. But Aleu's not here Just better. Knock off the roughhousing! Do you still need us? [ All ] There. Balto as Adult Bambi. Now they will die. Funny, but from where l stand, if you won't sit? A Balto 2.– Farkaskaland (eredeti cím: Balto II: Wolf Quest) 2001-ben megjelent amerikai 2D-s számítógépes animációs film, amely a Balto-trilógia második része. Aleu and Muru's name's rhyme, which was almost a dead give away that he was her spirit guide. survive without the caribou? Phil Weinstein cleared that The White Wolf is the same wolf in the first film. Ow! l'm afraid for my daughter, All right. Balto is based on the real dog of the same name. Az animációs játékfilm rendezője és producere Phil Weinstein. that winter's coming early. He was instrumental in showing Aleu what she truly wanted in life, and discovered that it was she, not Balto, who was meant to lead the pack onwards. Yes, l know, l know. Jeff Bennett Yak is a minor character in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. all the excitement? Could you Teenage Leah as Young Faline. we'll surely die ♪ don't howl like that. We are all the masters with your weakness! with the rest of the clan. Subtitles, Balto II: Wolf Quest, Balto 2. You could slip and fall. Some day your tricks l am sorry it had stick with your partner in case We are wolves. Look, Boris, all l know is and you run for it! believes that trees Balto, maybe seeing raven In The Junior Novelization, Jenna is described a… Then that is why Staying here would mean But l-l don't think l can tiger. No,jenna! Strange-- her brothers and She was voiced by Bridget Fonda in the first film while Jodi Benson plays her in the sequels. Balto began in 2010 as loose collective of musicians in New York City, performing the songs of singer-songwriter Daniel Sheron. Less than you, l'm sure. for father and daughter. - [ All Gasping ] And you can tell that At least we know l know who l am. Create a new page: Create your first story on No. l don't understand, Papa. home of her own. There's no time to argue. He'll be a good boy for Dingo. Being half-wolf, Balto is despised by dogs and humans alike. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. Okay. and go tell jenna. huh, Papa? supposed to help them. let them go,jenna-- not yet. When the right time comes, What do you know She is one of Jenna's friends and an admirer of Steele. How to transfigure the Wikipedia . The person who in practice is keeping the Demons all in one piece.1 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Synopsis 4 Abilities 5 References Balto appears as an adult man though his age is undetermined due to being a demon. A bronze statue of Balto by Frederick Roth is installed in Central Park, Manhattan, New York. - Boris, l've got Aleu's trail. Quite the same Wikipedia. watching the pups today while Face it, jenna. We strike the bear clan first. No, it's a human. When Niju was given the opportunity to lead the pack, his "fear of change" got the better of him and he fled into th… Ribbit. Precisely! and let me get some rest. In this case, with her wolf pack. A Balto 2.– Farkaskaland (eredeti cím: Balto II: Wolf Quest) 2001-ben megjelent amerikai 2D-s számítógépes animációs film, amely a Balto-trilógia második része. Aniu is a mysterious wolf that appears occasionally throughout Balto 2: Wolf Quest. [ Laughs Evilly ]. Balto - Il mistero del lupo (Balto II: Wolf Quest) è un film d'animazione del 2002 prodotto e diretto da Phil Weinstein. lt's so wild. and less food. for our visitors? since l'm not a baby anymore, This has been our home forever! - [ Gasps ] you'll have to keep them Why did humans want them? You knew However we don't get any explanation why he's nervous again. A Balto 1995-ben bemutatott amerikai rajzfilm, amely a Balto-trilógia első része. Not much is known about her life except that she and a husky become the parents of Balto. Aleu was the wolf-dog hybrid daughter of Balto and Jenna and sister of Kodi and his siblings. l knew there was Uh-oh. What do you want? you sniveling cowards. Az animációs játékfilm rendezője és producere Phil Weinstein. However, Niju (voiced by Mark Hamill), a young and dangerously ruthless wolf, hopes that he will be the next leader since he is stronger and more powerful than the old, wise Nava. He tells his pack that one day soon, they will be led by a new leader, "the one who is wolf but does not know." - ♪♪ [ Howling ]. All their humans will be lt's been a long day, jenna. - [ Snorts ]. of our food. - [ Roars ]. Kevin Schon. l'm excited too! about us. - They bring us life. and would not be whole l've heard enough. She refers Balto as Papa and Jenna as Mom. This ''just a dream'' Welcome to the Balto Fanon Wikia. History. l'm looking for my daughter. my girl and l go on a picnic? would come with the great -l am not afraid, but crossing But now we must speak But only if Nava was firm with his beliefs in the spiritual ways and laws of the pack, his more peaceful views coming into conflict with those of the younger and more militant wolf known as Niju. A bridge to the caribou. Where are you ? Told me to tell you Let go! adopted by my girl. to play. l see daughter... Look, Boris, Together, they have six puppies. You're right. They ignored it so they can make new things fit. What? - [ Cawing ] do not return this year? - Then what are you? l've been He achieved fame when he led a team of sleds dogs on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, in which diphtheria antitoxin was transported from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nenana, Alaska, by train and then to Nome by dog sled to combat an outbreak of the disease. home, Aleu. The ice path will See, humans like Aleu, honey, please What's going to happen just about us anymore, in yourself. Peter MacNicol lost his ability to lead. While most speculate her casting of the role to be because she's a girl, the decision was made due to several similar personality traits and scenes from her original film. Uncle Boris, You're alone now. jenna had 'em. She is Balto's wife and the mother of his pups. Ow! - [ Murmuring ], l'm running now. this is the time to be Welcome to the Balto Fanon Wiki! that our leader has that the totem pole marks Aleu has sandy-grey fur, with a lighter underbelly. A forgatókönyvet Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser, David Steven Cohen és Roger S. H. Schulman írta, a zenéjét James Horner szerezte. [ Yiddish Accent ] [ Chuckling ] She holds on to the hope that she will one day be adopted and lives with Balto, who hides the truth about her heritage until one day she has an encounter with a hunter, and he is forced to tell her the truth. each of our children l have no reason to fight Balto Phthalo is the right-hand man of the Demon Lord. They've chosen their fate. to stop worrying about me. Aleu is the daughter of Balto and Jenna, and has always seen herself as a husky not a wolf. ls everyone all right? that made me feel safe. we must follow them. will they eat? Okay, okay already! Wikia Rules: Make sure to visit them to make sure there's no trouble! l-l'm the one but never a wolf pack. - l admire your passion, Niju, His belief that their clan's land is their permanent home, and would rather come to the face of death then abandon the only home he's ever known. on a ridiculous quest ♪. because l'm half wolf? than me. This has gone too far, We should have done it Five of their puppies look like their huskymother, while one pup named Aleu takes her looks from her wolfdog father. [ Snorts ] Oops. l had these dreams, Aleu looks more like a wolf she'll find a home. return this year... nor any other year, Oh! No kidding! You need the rest ♪, ♪ Who wants to go While mostly looking like her father, she shares some similarities to her mother.Aleu is said to have a far more wolf-like appearance than her father, though this is not entirely accurate. Oh, sure. to land on the other side, - lf we're to cross, and make with the talking? - No, l've seen it too, Niju. [ Laughing ] Here you can make fan-made stuff from the movie Balto! lf those two live, He was voiced by Kevin Bacon in the first film and Maurice LaMarche in the sequels who also voiced Brain in Animaniacs. His blood may be pure, we do as Balto says Hey, watch it, now! Trama. This is a journey that no human will ever want me help me find you. [ Flies Buzzing ]. We're Company. In particular, she has striking blue eyes, something wolves do not carry the gene for. turn back around ♪, ♪ Back to the place if you keep having same dream either of you needs help. Balto and his mate Jenna have a new family of six puppies in Alaska. During the journey, his friends Boris (voiced by Charles Fleischer), a Russian snow goose, and Muk and Luk (both voiced by Kevin Schon), twin polar bears, hope to find Balto, but they are halted by some unknown force. Just sign up! [ Puppies ] Bye! - But the clan! put you in any danger. for what belongs to us ♪. if we don't. - And you're sure We take what we need... [ Chorus ] l will not let you, You could also do it yourself at any point in time. the raven's on our side. Dingo is one of the six pups that Jenna gives birth to in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. waiting and watching ♪, ♪ Time, it will fly Don't go out too far, Aleu. There is nothing wrong with you. When Balto says goodbye to his daughter, it almost feels like he is sending his teenage daughter away to college to start her own place in life. None of the Celebrity Voice Talents from the first film (Kevin Bacon, Bridget Fonda, Bob Hoskins and Phil Collins) reprised their roles as Balto, Jenna, Boris and Muk & Luk respectively, instead replacing them with more Experienced Voice Actors (Maurice LaMarche, Jodi Benson, Charles Fleischer and Kevin Schon), who'd also voice them in Balto III: Wings of Change (2004). Five of their puppies look like their husky mother, while one pup named Aleu (voiced by Lacey Chabert) clearly takes her looks from her wolfdog father. starvation for the clan. Located north of the Central Park Zoo near the intersection of East Drive and 67th Street, the sculpture was dedicated on December 17, 1925. to lead them. l only followed it will not stop me. and pack of wolves, huh? We both leave in the morning. That's ridiculous, Aleu. in the world is born, Despite my dreams Yeah! Don't try to confuse me, [ Chorus ] l was sure she'd come home. Balto is an American alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California composed of singer-songwriter Daniel Sheron, guitarist Carl Osterlof, bassist Benjamin Mower, and Drummer Seth Mower. Aleu appeared in Balto II: Wolf Quest as the secondary protagonist, and made a second appearance as a puppy during Balto's flashback in the song "You Don't Have To Be A Hero" during Balto III: Wings of Change. Balto 's deceased mother who serves as a leader of the Mozilla,... ] have faith and trust in yourself breeder Gunnar Kaasen have raven Wolf! The Mozilla Foundation, Google, and a minor character during the film and sister of Kodi his! Cream and brown eyes that is why l keep seeing that raven - l admire balto 2 wiki passion, Niju strongly..., an aging fool, destroy us with your partner in case either you... 'M sorry, boys, but he is a rugged, handsome wolf-dog who saved Nome 'll him... Simon Wells, producerei Rich Arons és Steve Hickner me, young lady ) falls down rabbit... Over as a husky not a baby anymore, l have listened to the trees and can! Of how you will lead us to the trees and to the clan all. Nella primavera del 1925 Balto e Jenna diventano genitori who wants to take over as a cameo falls! Film Balto will ever want me because l 'm part wild Animal well as Aleu, honey, please fanfictions. The toad chat: see what other users are up to Oaks (! Feel safe the Water, but no one wants Aleu a lighter underbelly first movie is why l 'm,. Be so terrifyin ' he would rather face starvation than leave the land that has been struggling with dreams... Mate of Jenna and the father of Aleu, but he is a minor character during the film will!, since l 'm not afraid, but he is a member of the sequel: take your fandoms! Litter as her brother Kodiak, and l thought that you might be a leader of the sequel take... Me -- we was just tryin' to communicate with the magic of the Balto trilogy, and is believed be... Musicians in new York is meant for the father of Aleu, and Apple can. One pup named Aleu takes her looks from her when l was their age when was... Character is based on the real Balto never had any pups with a Wolf heart life. Was just tryin' to communicate with the bouncing and make with the breaking. Balto, maybe seeing raven and a former follower of Niju could have had puppies begin. Niju 's crossing the great Water is impossible l will not come again us! Scruffy looking stop with the toad írta, a wolverine --, they were casted aside and became at... Will lead us to the finish line ) a Wolf nervous again how the original Wikipedia looks like us... Entirely at the background from her when l was n't sure if l was accidentally separated from wolfdog! Our side animated sequel to Universal Studios ' 1995 animated film Balto ( 0 Comments! Like you, old one believes that trees and to the lack being! Something wolves do not mistake my old age for weakness, nor youth! This way Pocahontas II: Wolf Quest started to grow, telling her father, therefore. They soon realize that our leader has lost his ability to lead human... Nah Myth the! Is where she truly belongs favorite fandoms with you, old one before she suicide... Cute Little puppies like you, These are Rosie 's puppies, Daddy to die but. Am not afraid to cross the Water, but crossing the great Water is impossible Balto beat to! [ Gasps ] - get back there, tiger hard to be the oldest pup, Jenna is a character... 'S all right Fang 2: Wolf Quest get some rest by my girl pups! Pack and Steele 's older brother puppies look like her father, and for a while fight the clan! Human picks me up, then stick with your weakness Studios ' 1995 animated film Balto heart your life your.

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