Donald Trump. He now says that it is not acting acclaim but having his six children around him which makes hi. She decided to abort her first pregnancy without telling the actor but the second time, she wanted to keep the baby and confronted De Niro. Scorsese and DeNiro became good friends and understood each other. The hotel's response was simple: it increased security in case his death attracted more gatecrashers. Full music credits for Helena Springs: 136 performances. I didn't even know him. Rumer Willis shows off her trim figure in backless... CHATEAU MARMONT: THE HOLLYWOOD PARTY PALACE, Britney Spears' ex-husband attends pro-Trump riots at Capitol, Ex-boyfriend murders woman in front of her family and their child, Thousands of Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol Building In DC, Video shows police treating woman shot during protests at U.S. Capitol, Trump supporter shot while trying to breach House floor, Pro-Trump mob gets tear gassed inside US Capitol, Scarborough fumes at cops who 'opened f***ing door' for rioters, James Corden slams Trump as a 'lunatic' who 'hijacked' America, AP photographer viciously attacked by Trump mob, Shapps warns Covid vaccines might not work on South African strain, Zara Holland flees Barbados after £4k fine for breaking Covid laws, Trump to supporters: 'I'll march with you to the Capitol'. Get all the lyrics to songs by Helena Springs and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. Twitter bans Trump PERMANENTLY: President's account is taken down for good because of the 'risk of further... 'That picture will follow me to the end': Barbara Windsor's prophecy comes true as iconic Carry On image... Police arrest man, 47, on suspicion of 'Islamist terrorism' offences in Surrey. This asshole kept following me. Their daughter by then had turned 10. On July 1, 1982, Springs welcomed her baby girl Nina into the world, and The Intern actor provided her with $50,000 for the little one's care and set up her room. Roles performed: backing vocals, vocals, writer, songwriter, featured. Helena Springs is an actress, known for My Brother's Wedding (1983), Moordspel (1987) and Bette Midler: No Frills (1983). In Los Angeles, the meeting ground was Belushi was ensconced in a bungalow for the ultimate wild partying privacy and De Niro in a suite in the hotel’s main building where he carried on his own partying with several women, alcohol and cocaine. It is bad. Shannon - Give Me The Music (Medley Let The Music Play & Give Me Tonight) (Club Mix) - … Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, The truth is, Bobby treated people badly if he decided they weren’t up to snuff. Helena is the illegitimate daughter of Fame Douglas and his former mistress Maria, a world class soprano opera singer. Now a new book reveals De Niro's appetite for the drug-fuelled partying which was to kill his friend John Belushi, and how he wanted his lover to abort his daughter, Nina. Do you trust your child to do their OWN Covid tests? He was, it seemed, an actor at the height of his powers: an Oscar for his part in the Godfather, acclaim for Taxi Driver; New York, New York; and Raging Bull. De Niro had been with him the previous evening and cried when he was told of the death, Method acting: In his meticulous preparation for the film Taxi Driver filmed in 1976, De Niro got his New York City hack license and spent weekends driving a cab. On realizing that it was De Niro, she agreed to go out with him and the pair ended up spending the night together. I need Helena Springs-I need the night mp3 Randy Crawford - Happy feet mp3 Gladys Knight- Thief in paradise mp3 Jimmy Ruffin -Easy just to say 12 inch remix mp3 AL Jarreau- I need somebody mp3 Victoria Wilson James - Angel calling mp3 Geoffrey Williams - It's not a love thing remix mp3 Please help, this is what i really want. He was jealous and possessive. EXCLUSIVE: A royal oversight! Helena Springs is an American Singer. Family: De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower at the opening night of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, which he founded. But that's not the half of it. De Niro sought his own sources of praise and attention, making friends with film director Martin Scorsese to work on the film 'Mean Streets', in the early 1970s after seeing him around his New York neighborhood for years. The book, De Niro: A Life by author Shawn Levy, which was released on October 28, 2014, revealed a lot of secrets about the actor's life and how the 1980s wasn't the best time for him. Film producer Jonathan Taplin recalled, "He picked these incredibly strong girls, top chicks.". By the 1980s it was known as the place to do drugs with discretion in Hollywood. De Niro telephoned Belushi on the night of March 4th, 1982, to join him and actor pal Harry Dean Stanton at On the Rox, an infamous nightclub on the Sunset Strip where the best musicians drifted through and played in the company of boozing movie stars and celebrities. She gave birth to a baby girl on July 1, 1982, named Nina. With the 2020 election approaching see the Trump family tree. Helena Springs was a session singer who worked with Bob Dylan and his band. Getting no answer, Harry Dean and De Niro checked out Belushi’s bungalow and found him loaded on heroin and cocaine in the company of Cathy Smith, a woman who drifted through the music business and lives of musicians. One night, De Niro was stood up by an actress he had invited to a Thanksgiving dinner party thrown by Shelley Winters for her starving theatrical waifs. He had a lingering affair with actress, model Carole Mallory, who was to become Norman Mailer’s long-time lover. He played no part in the counter-culture, did not drop acid and never protested the war. He followed beautiful women down the street in his car until they stopped and took his phone number. De Niro was too obvious with his frustration with the actress cringing at her line readings. Shockingly, the results revealed that Nina wasn't his daughter after all. They would always be in tears the next morning and he would buy them some perfume’. Springs divulged, "I'd go fast, he'd go fast. Happy with each other's company, they decided to pursue a non-exclusive relationship during which Springs became pregnant, twice. Helena Spring is a South African Independent Film Producer with 30+ Award-Winning films to her credit. Published: 16:55 GMT, 28 October 2014 | Updated: 02:00 GMT, 29 October 2014. Springs, who was now married to someone else, was demanding child support from the actor. His property empire around southern Manhattan has made him worth an estimated $350 million, Red carpet: Robert De Niro on the red carpet at 2013's Oscars with his wife Grace Hightower. After many affairs and romances, the actor married actress Grace Hightower in 1997 and despite separations, the couple have been able to keep the marriage together. When he couldn’t reach him through the hotel switchboard in the morning, the hotel manager told him, ‘There is a problem. So I stopped and he said, 'Can we have lunch?'. But behind the scenes of the film he tried to seduce Cybill Shepard, then turned on her when she rebuffed him, while treating Jodie Foster, the 13-year-old he saw as a great acting talent, like 'a queen'. Then, when you have the good moments, you forget about the ones that weren’t good.”,,,, Shocked by the news, he reacted "on what she described as a series of ugly and intimidating conversations and encounters aimed at getting her to terminate the pregnancy.". Partying in private: A rare picture of De Niro enjoying himself in public as he toasts his Oscar for the Godfather Part II. For your comfort, every apartment and townhome is equipped with spacious living areas, fully-equipped kitchens, generous storage space, and washer/dryer connections! However, the young De Niro concentrated on learning how to act while following women around for his pleasure. Gonzo comedian: John Belushi, pictured center appearing on Saturday Night Live in March 1980, established himself as one of the finniest and most outrageous comics of the early 1980s. De Niro no longer contributed to Nina's upbringing after 1992. ‘We didn’t act on it… De Niro asked me out. They fell into a non-exclusive relationship over the next few year and Springs became pregnant twice. So I stopped and he said, 'Can we have lunch?'". Although Springs contented that the actor owed Nina money since he had told her that he was her father and had taken the responsibility of a father, The Wizard of Lies actor refused to contribute any more to the upbringing of the child. That marriage fell apart in 1988. De Niro had grown up in the bohemian New York scene in Greenwich Village, his mother, Virginia Admiral - and known by that name after her brief two-year marriage to Robert De Niro, Sr, was 'an independent businesswoman' who also framed pictures and made jewelry. Don't let it happen to you': It was the most... Zara Holland's boyfriend Elliott Love is branded 'reckless' as he AVOIDS prison and gets a £3,000 fine for... BT announces free unlimited mobile data for families with no internet access amid calls for tech firms to do... Meet the Covid-19 heroes: These are just some of the men and women who have kept us safe during the pandemic... Seven-month-old boy is rushed to hospital 'struggling to breathe' after catching Covid from his parents. The first pregnancy, she aborted without telling the actor. ‘It was horrendous to watch. "He drew the line at providing her with his medical history or a blood sample, fearing that she didn't merely want to be able to fill in the gaps in the baby's medical records, as she said, but rather that she was after more money," wrote Levy. 'Black women are used to being courted by handsome, famous, rich white guys. Springs, 22 at the time, was a backing singer for Bob Dylan, Bette Midler and Elton John. I didn't even know him. Springs was now Helena Lisandrello and wanted the star of 'Raging Bull' and 'Godfather' to pay child support for his daughter, now ten years old. The court ordered tests to confirm that De Niro was the father of the child to which the actor agreed. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The couple were photographed in Paris but De Niro's pursuit of women had been going on for many years and they were to divorce in, Court battle: Ten years after giving birth, Helena - by then married - went to court in Los Angeles to secure more maintenance from De Niro. When it opened its doors in 1929, the Chateau Marmont promised apartments with 'quiet and privacy'. ‘There was an enormous amount of chemistry between De Niro and me’, Cybill stated. Helena Springs Apartments in Augusta, Georgia Our inviting community here at Helena Springs Apartments offers charming one and two bedroom apartments and townhomes for you to call home! Pupils swab themselves while a nurse watches on - as... Covid marshal is sacked for chasing down an innocent man, 'aggressively' searching him and threatening him... Rishi Sunak examining plans for a £3billion scheme to help a MILLION small business owners including... Now police ban SNOWBALLS! Almost ALL civil servants want to be allowed to continue working from home after the lockdown ends with... 'I held my dying mum's hand as we both fought for life. Helena Springs's former partners: Helena Springs dated Robert De Niro Helena Springs had an affair with Bob Dylan. View Helena Springs's Family Tree and History, Ancestry and Genealogy. His death shocked the public but hardly surprised those who knew what was happening behind the mock-French exterior. DeNiro always played edgy movie roles, obsessively studying the character he would play until he became the character – from the Vietnam Vet Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, the madman Max Cady in Cape Fear, boxing champ Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, Michael, the leader of the three ex-war vets in The Deer Hunter, gangster Al Capone in The Untouchables. 'I'd go fast, he'd go fast. In Rome, he immersed himself right back into his movie role and his life rolled on. If the hotel was not sufficiently discreet, the cottages and bungalows in its grounds were on offer. Belushi suggested De Niro come back after On the Rox had closed. Talking to Us Weekly back in 2019, he said, “I love my children, just being with them,” Talking about the challenges, he added, “It’s not easy. The 77-year-old might be a lot of things, but he is a doting father to all his six kids whom he shared with his ex-partners. He loves being a dad. Robert De Niro, Sr. was an artist and regarded as a peer of - although not as successful as - Abstract Expressionist artists like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline. The acclaimed actor won an Oscar for his exceptional acting in The Godfather, Raging Bull, and Silver Linings Playbook, as per Biography. Join Facebook to connect with Helena Nina and others you may know. Greta Garbo spent weeks locked in seclusion in its rooms, Errol Flynn brought each of his wives to it and Led Zeppelin rode their motorcycles in the lobby. But two years later, struck by the Depression, it became a hotel - and started offering only one of those qualities: privacy. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Meghan Markle officially misses her chance to become a Brit after Megxit... Marks & Spencer's Percy Pigs are among the first victims of Brexit red tape and tariffs. It’s really bad’. He further added that not only would the actor fight with them, but "they would always be in tears the next morning and he would buy them some perfume." Nina Lisandrello, Actress: Beauty and the Beast. He never talked to her again,’ Shelley stated. A hotel, apartment buildings and the Tribeca Film Festival are among his property and business empire. Is lockdown 3 working? In August 1992, De Niro received a letter from Marvin Mitchelson, celebrity lawyers to the stars in Hollywood . Rising to the challenge! So they don't say no to whatever the man wants,' she said. Tragically, his method acting was what John Belushi was inspired by when he took a fatal drug overdose. The actor finally submitted to that blood test which showed him not to be the biological father. Springs stated that the actor gave her $50,000 to help with the baby's care and even help her set up the baby's room but that was it. De Niro started on-off affair with Helena Springs when he followed her car down a Los Angeles boulevard and asked her out to dinner, the book says. Nina Lisandrello is an actress and director, known for Beauty and the Beast (2012), The Bleeding House (2011) and The Best and the Brightest (2010). But he treated Jodie Foster, only 13 at the time, like a queen. Belushi that night was imitating De Niro’s ‘famed technique of immersing himself completely in his roles’. This hotel guest left his laptop open with the camera on while he went out of his hotel room. It was a great compliment. On the other hand, she loved her mother dearly and followed in her foot… He swallowed the director up in his need for constant attention and need to talk about his character for ten hours non-stop. DeNiro started to cry. Robert De Niro once said, "There's nothing more ironic or contradictory than life itself," and it's true. 'It was mental abuse,' Springs said, and went ahead with her plans to carry the baby. ‘He picked these incredibly strong girls, top chicks,’ film producer Jonathan Taplin remembered. The same can be said for the actor's life as well. Their relationship was torrid and not exclusive – and ended in acrimony when she became pregnant. But it wasn't the last word from Helena. Taplin said that none of the actor's relationships lasted long because he was more committed to his work along with his ‘thin skin and quick temper’. UK records most covid deaths in a day since epidemic started: Fatality count DOUBLES in a week to 1,325 with... Covid cases will be 'MISSED' at UK border: Scientists warn of rise in infections over government allowing... Health chief warns London faces 'biggest threat' of pandemic so far as the NHS struggles to cope sparking a... Nurse catches Covid three weeks AFTER getting vaccine as expert warns it takes time for immunity to build up. When Cybill Shepard came to New York to prepare for acting in Taxi Driver, De Niro agreed to work with her for several days at the St. Regis Hotel hoping to improve her acting skills. Springs did not pursue De Niro's help further because of her own low self-esteem. © 2019 Creative Expansions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But the affairs came with big drama. The singer was just 22 then. There he was to become involved in a scene which ended in the tragedy of John Belushi’s death from drugs. This was how he met Helena Springs, a singer, by following her down San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles in his convertible. He had suffered a fatal overdose when injecting a 'speedball' of heroin and cocaine. Partying like the 1980s is off the agenda; family life - despite the bitter dispute over Nina - is on it. tips, and inspiration to move through challenges in every aspect of their lives. At work: Robert De Niro Sr. with the German-born American abstract expressionist artist Josef Albers who was greatly influential with his study of color theory and his teachings from the Bauhaus, the notable school of art, architecture and design in Weimar,  Germany. At the same time, he has become exceptionally wealthy even by Hollywood’s standards: he has amassed a real estate empire around southern Manhattan, with his net worth estimated to be some $310 million in 2014. Sometimes it’s fun and you love your kids, and sometimes you want to kill them! Bisexual, he separated from De Niro's mother but was close to his son. The Daily Mail reported that De Niro grew up in Greenwich Village in the 1960s which was a very artistic and cultural period of change. It discloses the torrid relationship which led to De Niro becoming a father for the third time with Helena Springs, a young singer whom he met by following her in his car down a boulevard in Los Angeles and demanding her phone number. A seemingly unlikely pair, the gonzo comedian and De Niro were spending time together in a cocaine-fueled haze in the early 1980s in New York and Los Angeles. But they also both loved cocaine. Springs did not ask for De Niro's help because of her low self-esteem issues. Helena Springs's former partners: Helena Springs dated Robert De Niro Helena Springs had an affair with Bob Dylan. Life is pretty unexpected. The prize reflects his closeness to his father. Seemingly distant from her father and his work, when he was murdered Helena was devastated, but hardly affected. I care deeply about all of them.’. De Niro used it to play while he left his wife at home, Tragic ending: On March 5 1982 John Belushi's body was taken out of the Chateau Marmont. 'There were always girls, starting from the time that he’d left his mother’s house', writes Levy. But in the early 1980s Robert De Niro was also at war with demons which threatened to consume him: cocaine, and womanizing. ‘He treated Cybill like a pile of dogs***’. Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. She is famous for Sang backup for Bob Dylan and had some solo club hits. "Black women are used to being courted by handsome, famous, rich white guys. Actresses he met in classes, in productions in clubs, showbiz bars and they were always gorgeous. Unlike other stars, he was discreet his enjoyment of drink and drugs, making sure that partying was dne in private with trusted friends, Show of togetherness: Robert De Niro photographed with his wife Diahnne Abbott in 1982, the year he was cheating on her with Helena Springs. The book – De Niro: A Life, by author Shawn Levy, is published by Crown Archetype on 28 October. ‘I like my kids to be all around. Helena Springs Family. Even though he was doing great in his career, he was fighting personal battles with addiction and "womanizing". This a*****e kept following me. It should be noted that this was it. They both loved the late nightlife, Marlon Brando movies - and cocaine. She was a backup singer for Bob Dylan, Bette Midler, and Elton John at the time when De Niro followed her down the Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles in his convertible. Family: De Niro's father, Robert snr, was an abstract expressionist painter who counted Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko among his friends. Helena Spring Films. In fact, reveals Levy, it was part of a pattern. De Niro was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury after Belushi’s death but was on location in Italy and gave his testimony over the telephone. But that didn't stop the Raging Bull actor from pursuing women in his car until they gave him their phone number. His taste for partying was unchanged but he liked to do it in private and was rumoured to be involved with Bette Midler and Nicaraguan film and television actress Barbara Carrera while still married to actress Diahnne Abbott who preferred partying publicly in clubs. Seventy one in August, De Niro said he is happy when Grace is happy and his six children are close, children he sired and adopted. De Niro made another late visit to the bungalow, ‘let himself in, helped himself to a little bit of the cocaine displayed on a table, and left again’. Nina De Niro. He was crying. In 1939, Columbia Pictures' founder Harry Cohn offered pithy advice to his stars: 'If you must get into trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont.'. Family link: Robert De Niro and his current wife, Grace Hightower, pictured in front of one of his father's works as he announced the Robert De Niro Sr. Prize for mid-career American artists. He refused any further help but continued to be a presence in the baby's life every now and then. Helena Springs - Be soft with me tonight - Duration: 3:40. spacepootv Recommended for you. The comments below have been moderated in advance. It also details his cocaine-fuelled partying in the 1980s. Helena Springs's daughter is Nina De Niro. Hundreds of cancer operations are cancelled in London as hospitals are inundated with Covid patients. Únete a Facebook para conectar con Nina Helena y otras personas que quizá conozcas. She became pregnant and he ‘threatened and intimidated’ her in bid to convince her to abort their child. The contentious relationship with Springs was not the end of his womanizing – or his anger towards those women with whom he came into conflict. Robin Williams was appearing at the Comedy Store, the daddy of all the comedy stages, and he was looking for De Niro and Belushi for late night playtime. She later worked with the Pet Shop Boys and appeared as a backing vocalist on some of their early hits such as "West End Girls". He is a father to six kids whom he shares with his ex-partners. Finally he put his hands in a prayer position and said, 'Pull over'. He refused any further help but continued to be a presence in the baby's life every now and then. But he was also a ferocious partygoer, spending time with De Niro as they shared a love of cocaine, West coast scene: Belushi fitted in at the Chateau Marmont, where anything went and celebrities were regularly partying with vast quantities of drugs. But there was a shock outcome when the court ordered tests which showed that he was not in fact the father, De Niro’s date floated in by the time they were having dessert and casually said: ‘Oh, hi Bobby…’. Pop's most ruthless lothario hid one marriage - and a daughter - for 15 years. born 1982, age 36 (approx.) Film director Peter Bogdanovich, who fell in love with Cybill, claimed that De Niro developed a loathing for Shepherd after she rejected him. Trivia. 'He drew the line at providing her with his medical history or a blood sample, fearing that she didn't merely want to be able to fill in the gaps in the baby's medical records, as she said, but rather that she was after more money,' writes Levy. ‘He went into the bedroom and pounded the headboard with his fist. Help us build our profile of Helena Springs! Contribute. Enter the cleaning lady. It had long been an issue. On July 1, 1982, Springs welcomed her baby girl Nina into the world, and The Intern actor provided her with $50,000 for the little one's care and set up her room. Fabiosa reported Springs saying, "It was mental abuse," but she kept the baby anyway. View the profiles of people named Helena Nina. Belushi was simply following his friend’s method: the comedian wanted to play a punk rock musician in a new movie and needed to know what heroin, favored by punk rockers, was all about. He felt jealousy if he thought one of his girlfriends was getting too much attention from another man. They met for dinner, spent the night together and began a non-exclusive affair, Defining role: 1976 saw De Niro play Travis Bickle, the Vietnam veteran turned taxi driver. Despite growing up in Greenwich VIllage in a hotbed of artistic and cultural change, the 1960s of flower power and Vietnam passed Bobby De Niro Jr by. I'd slow down, he'd slow down. He was rehearsing the scene when he overdosed. Years later I said, ‘Can you believe I turned him down?’. Helena Springs's children: Helena Springs's daughter is Nina De Niro. Robert De Niro begged his lover Helena Springs to abort her baby when the couple's affair turned sour, a new book discloses. It was all over the media that De Niro had been with Belushi earlier in the evening but he wasn’t the only one. He found De Niro in his hotel room but occupied with women so Robin visited Belushi alone, ‘He, too was creeped out by Smith and by the depressing and even sinister vibe in the room’ but hung out for a while before leaving. Giants give rousing tribute to Robin Williams as his son... Red hot! Elon Musk. He didn't see his child for three years until he received a letter from Marvin Mitchelson, a celebrity lawyer, in 1992. The role of Vito Corleone, the Godfather's father, was to prove a breakthrough and establish him, aged 29, as one of acting's biggest talents, Marriage: De Niro was married to Diahnne Abbott from 1976 until 1988 but throughout the marriage he was involved with other women - as well as partying with Martin Scorsese and John Belushi in California, Backing singer: Helena Springs performed in support of a series of big names, including Elton John, but De Niro met her when he pursed her car down a boulevard in Los Angeles and asked for her phone number. 156 likes. None of the relationships lasted very long because he was so committed to his work ethic – along with his ‘thin skin and quick temper’. 3:40. Early success: De Niro films a scene in New York for The Godfather Part II. Boris tries to SCARE us into lockdown: Whitty launches new government Stay at Home drive backed up by... 'William told Diana: Mummy, Martin Bashir isn't a good person': Princess Diana's lover Hasnat Khan breaks... JOHN HUMPHRYS: Dawn of the data zombies (and, yes, they do terrify me). So they don't say no to whatever the man wants," she said and added, "The truth is, Bobby, treated people badly if he decided they weren’t up to snuff.". is committed to supporting women to live fully, giving them tools, De Niro wouldn’t see the baby for three years. with Unknown. Helena contended he owed the child money because he had told Nina he was her father. When she realized who this man was, she agreed to go to dinner which led to spending the night together. I'd slow down, he'd slow down. In 1986 she signed a solo deal with Arista records and released the singles "I want you" & "Paper Money". The truth is, Bobby treated people badly if he decided they weren’t up to snuff.’. That would be the last time De Niro would see his friend alive. While she does replace his towels and change his sheets, she also does a bit of snooping around. Instead he learned how to be an actor and at the same time, pursued - and caught - woman after woman. ‘He’d fight with them all the time. Releases include: New Love (Helena Springs), Got to … Speed boost for vaccine drive after NHS says patients no longer need to be monitored for 15 minutes after... Britain approves Moderna's Covid vaccine but won't get any doses until MARCH at the earliest. It should be noted that this was it. Finally, he put his hands in a prayer position and said, 'Pull over.' It was in Bungalow Three that John Belushi died from a 'speedball' - a combination of heroin and cocaine which injected into his arm. In late 1981, pregnant again, she now wanted this baby and when she told De Niro, that set him off 'on what she described as a series of ugly and intimidating conversations and encounters aimed at getting her to terminate the pregnancy'. Springs refused the abortion and her daughter, Nina, was born in 1982. Both he and De Niro were partying with cocaine and De Niro was living between New York and Hollywood, keeping his wife, Diahnne Abbott in a house in Brentwood while he stayed at the Chateau Marmont - the fabled hotel on Sunset Boulevard, populated by celebrities and where anything went. A romance was sparked between the actor and Sally Kirkland when they were studying at the Actors Studio together in New York. Ver los perfiles de las personas que se llaman Nina Helena. In New York, De Niro visited Belushi at his downtown apartment where the pair partied. That's exactly how he met Helena Springs.

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