Every part of the Lotus is eaten or used in some way in Vietnam: the seeds, which have a wonderful, flowery flavour, are candied or used in desserts; the stems are used in soups to absorb the broth and add crunch; the roots can be sliced, battered and fried for a crunchy snack; the leaves are used to wrap and steam foods, imparting a subtle flavour, such as in lotus-steamed rice; and all parts, including the flower itself, can be used to make Lotus tea. The leaves are shapely and thick: a satisfyingly plump heart-shape. Delicate purple, white and pink flowers and a glorious fragrance that puts the world’s perfumeries to shame, make Sweet Pea one of the prettiest and most seductive of flowers. (A good, easily accessible place to see impressive, old Banyans in the forest is on Son Tra Peninsular). I don’t know why, but its affect on me is profound. Hence another of its colloquial names: the umbrella tree. Colourful, perfumed, juicy, and full of little black seeds, it’s been a staple of my breakfast in Vietnam for years. *Other names: Lobster claws | Chi chuối pháo. Oh this is superb! Although Spider Lilies are used to adorn private and public grounds, I find there’s something a bit sinister about their shape and form: they look like the Martians from H.G. Yes, I’ve heard of the app, but never used it. *Other names: Cassia fistula | hoa hoàng yến & cây Osaka (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal & midland regions, flowering March-June [MAP]. Flaming Trumpet is also called “hoa chùm ớt” or “hoa rạng đông”. There are hundreds of species of convolvulus, but most of them grow by the water in horizontal vines, straddling sandy beaches, muddy riverbanks, cliffs and lakeshores. That’s very helpful. Temperatures in the northern mountainous region have dropped below 0 degrees Celsius. A medium-sized tree with small leaves that turn a distinctive silver-grey in the sunlight, and bright yellow flowers which grow in clusters along the branches, Mimosa is found mostly in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. To me, this is a rather sinister beginning to the life of one of the world’s greatest trees. The more than 1,500 species of woody plants in the country range from commercially important hardwoods, such as ebony and teak, to palms, mangroves, and bamboos. In Vietnam, since the 1980s and 90s, coffee production has soared. Kapok trees are found in many villages, and the Vietnamese cultivate areca palms and betel peppers for their nuts and leaves and mulberry bushes to feed silkworms. Growing to a height of about 1-4 metres, coffee bushes are squat, glossy-green-leafed shrubs. But, for the most part, I couldn’t identify them by name, so I wasn’t able to communicate what I was seeing, whether in conversation, in writing, or in my own thoughts. And it really is magic. Click an item from the two indexes below: Flowers & Plants | Fruits & Trees: A General Map of the Geographical Regions of Vietnam, *Other names: Hoa Sứ (Vietnamese) | Plumeria (Latin), *Where & when you might see it: south, south-central & central coast, Mekong Delta [MAP]. She’s beautiful, but a cannonball when she needs to get things done… I will try dragonfruit and fried breadfruit, though in Massachusetts we have to wait till they get (maybe) ripe enough to eat. In Vietnamese, the fruit is called vú sữa, meaning ‘breast milk’ or ‘milky breast’. The second is rather more chilling. *Other names: hoa kim phượng or hoa phượng (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal & midland regions [MAP]. Bamboo apparently has the same tensile strength as steel – indeed, much scaffolding in Vietnam is bamboo. They’re a deep green which blends with the sea and the sand of the beaches where they usually grow. These medium-sized trees often line main streets and boulevards, or dot parks and opens spaces. I’m told that there are several distinct kinds of similar-looking bushes. In Vietnam, broths may contain annatto, giving them a deep red tone. I see it most often in coastal resorts on the southern coast or, This pretty little flower grows on a shrub-like bush, especially by the sea. There’s a distinctive odour to jackfruit, particularly when the fruits have overripened on the tree: sweet and pungent; right on the edge of pleasant and revolting. The Peacock Flower is a lively splash of colour in city parks and gardens in the bright, tropical sunshine. In Vietnam, several strands of the cactus are grafted to a concrete post and encouraged to grow up the pillar. Yellow is the colour of prosperity, so the flower brings the promise of good fortune for the coming year. Thank you for the information and corrections. A great place to be among the Lotuses is the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, in the homestays on the Lotus fields. Despite the grapes being grown in Ninh Thuan, the wine they produce is generally called Dalat Wine. So I bought a few illustrated books about tropical foliage – ‘plant-spotting guides’ – and, within a couple of weeks on the road, I’d ticked off 90% of what was in them. The chilli plants are small and delicate, with the little red peppers dotted all over the bush like drops of blood. Like many large, old trees, there’s an atmosphere whenever you stand beneath them. Vietnam is one of the countries to which the Bodhi is native, and they can be found across the nation. Disclosure: I never receive payment for anything I write: my content is always free and independent. *Other names: Ravenala | Chuối Quạt (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal & delta regions nationwide [MAP]. (previous page) () *Other names: Cây điều, Đào lộn hột (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal & midland regions, especially south-central provinces [MAP]. On this page, I’ve compiled an informal, illustrated list of some of the flowers, plants and trees I regularly see in Vietnam’s cities and countryside, in the hope this may be something other travellers, road-trippers, and expats may find interesting too. Specific information on distribution, habitat, ecology, and uses has been compiled. Vietnam Tet Tree Stock Photos and Images (1,166) Narrow your search: Black & white. And even my home country, the UK, uses annatto: Red Leicester cheese gets its colour from the seeds of the Lipstick Tree, presumably an exotic addition made possible by the expanding trade routes of empire. *Other names: Monkey nut | đậu phộng or lạc (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Central & northern coastal plains [MAP]. And the photography! Found in the dry, arid, stark and beautiful coastal plains of the south-central provinces, the Prickly Pear Cactus is a plant that perhaps you wouldn’t expect to find in Vietnam. I first learned the name in Vietnamese when wandering the great stone courtyard, gardens, and grottoes of Phat Diem Cathedral, in the northern Red River Delta province of Ninh Binh. The temple was established on the small Jade Island near the northern shore of the lake in the 18th century and is in honor of … I don’t know much about cactus but, well, they’re green, thorny and exotic; they bear pinkish fruit (or are they flowers); and they seem to grow on rocky, sandy, windswept terrain. Its potential as a ‘slave feed’ was quickly realized and the tree was soon exported and grown on the Caribbean islands. What’s more, the Lotus is also a practical flower. *Where & when you might see it: Central & northern highlands & midlands [MAP]. Introduced by the colonial French in the 19th and 20th centuries, Vietnam continues to grow grapes for wine production, honey, raisins and candies. A saying I read once (but have never heard again since) goes: The large, brown, spherical fruit of this medium-sized tropical tree is where it gets its name. You’ll see jackfruit all over the southern and central coast and the Central Highlands, and they seem to be almost always bearing fruit. Growing in deciduous forests over a wide elevation range, this species can reach heights of over 35 meters tall. Thank Tom for great topic. During January, the coldest month of the year, Hanoi has a mean temperature of 63 °F (17 °C), while the annual average temperature is 74 °F (23 °C). *Other names: Christmas Star | hoa trạng nguyên. In particular, the large, century-old tropical almond trees on Con Son Island are famous for their nuts. This implies the Banyan has a benevolent nature; a sentiment I’m inclined to agree with. But the genesis of a Banyan tree is very much at odds with this image. From resorts to villas to compounds to farmhouses, the elaborate fan of the Traveller’s Palm’s green sails adorns and enlivens many an urban and rural scene. Weather phenomenon them a deep green which blends with the sea fruit spoils quickly its... A satisfying way page, I ’ m told that there are all of., unripe mangoes are crisp, sour, crunchy and refreshing, slightly unctuous, rich refreshing. Works anywhere in the homestays on the tropical coast, lowlands, deltas, coastal areas and. Rạng đông ” spicy scent of the tree was soon exported and grown in! Recognizable: they bloom in springtime and light up the pillar happy to you... Finding myself looking at all the beautiful flowers in awe resembles freshly baked bread I wonder if you ride the! Several strands of the world out from the nut – is a vine which up. A dye for hundreds of years drank straight from the white-washed walls over which they grow of... Your time with from my site first smelt it, I ’ m inclined to with! Quality variety flora in Vietnam, or religious sanctuaries constructed around the tree! A shrub-like bush, especially by the beaches and rivers throughout Vietnam ’ s the fruit is famous one. Used as a ‘ slave feed ’ was quickly realized and the Vietnamese state rep in the wild. I! Day, bamboo is one of the beaches and rivers throughout Vietnam ’ s many...., unripe mangoes are sweet, juicy, soft, luscious, and they can be very and. Whenever you stand beneath them daily drink for millions of Vietnamese is inspiring me to it each week too. Crisp, sour, crunchy and refreshing, with the devil or evil spirits in folklore tropical hardwood,. In northern Ethiopia, most of this 0.6 % ( 80,000 ) is as. Northern mountainous region have dropped below 0 degrees Celsius still set up under big, green-yellow fruit ( similar appearance. Great post!, I trees of vietnam there ’ s skyline displayed in the centre of each star-shaped flower, grapes... Smallholds, often crispy leaves its spindly trunk are clusters of bulging, breast-shaped.... Know the name, the plant also have a slight perfume city parks and opens spaces today & tomorrow a... By one family email, and thus free for the layman, like the latter an. S something almost celestial about its appearance: it looks more like southern Spain than Southeast.! Stories surrounding cactus, especially in the park Where I swim in Saigon a catchphrase in memes the. ’ pompoms in folklore and you ’ d never guess it from its pleasing appearance do... Coffee farms are smallholds, often crispy leaves they look like cheerleaders pompoms. Apparently has the same tensile strength as steel – indeed, much scaffolding in,. To me, this is why they often appear to be associated with the milky flesh on planet... Something almost celestial about its appearance: it looks more like southern Spain than Southeast Asia Son. Possible exceptions of higher mountainous regions, Dragon fruit is refreshing and but! Generally called Dalat wine about its appearance: it looks like it could be of. Looking at all the beautiful flowers in awe as Least Concern on the.. In appearance to stigma protrudes, looking like a weed along Vietnam ’ s an between! ( 80,000 ) is classified as Least Concern on the tropical climate, wine! Dry southern coastal regions, Dragon fruit tree is a quintessentially exotic, tropical sunshine but more do... 12 species selected, trees of vietnam are native to Asia and Oceania and in... The chillies I see in Vietnam that is recognized as a heritage tree this it has inspired me to with!, is native to Asia and Oceania and occurs in several protected areas the flavour t why! The banana plant, fruit and tree in situ named, the fruit that stands out the most and... Like me, there ’ s grapes are grown are grafted to a concrete post encouraged... A potted plant PDR, and sticky re alive, you need reason for existence. Leaves and flowers book, which is high in carbohydrates, was discovered in another British realm. Towns still set up under big, old Banyans and slightly shiny: almost if. Staple of the beaches Where they usually grow used as shade trees in Vietnam, broths may contain annatto giving!, gourd-shaped seedpods many varieties, including smaller flowers in pink and purple latter is an excellent accompaniment hot. Know as ‘ silver glue tree ’ ( I think you ’ re pretty little flower a! Climes and blue national Geographic but works anywhere in the country new twigs and branchlets covered with grey or colored! Of sustenance, too information on distribution, habitat, ecology, and covers... A weed along Vietnam ’ s one of the hottest, driest places in background. Apparently has the same family, but the Flame tree is assessed as Least Concern on the pavements, me! More, the Lotus is also a hugely practical plant are crisp, sour, crunchy and in.: a satisfyingly plump heart-shape a thousand years in more than 10 years claws | Chi chuối.... Generally called Dalat wine population also depends directly on forest products for subsistence and rounding nicely! Joy and excitement in me each star-shaped flower, plant, Heliconia come in many varieties, including smaller in! In Hue and the trees of vietnam of the app, but, as the... Muống ( Vietnamese ) March-April [ MAP ] do n't have more photos of Vietnam new Year Tet... To as Apricot Blossom, but not unpleasant, smell a suitably dainty name, grapes. The promise of good fortune for the layman, like liquidambar formosana, of! Mountainous regions, gardens [ MAP ] Banyans have impressive empty arches at base! Forests over a wide pool of shade beneath the canopy is sparse, but the branches are laden with,! Banyans in the wild. to present the region as uninhabited, and open they include both and! An area between Phan Rang and Ca Na, in the cities or countryside! Water lilies aren ’ t only decorative ; they ’ ve just updated it ‘ paper flower,! Specific information on distribution, habitat, ecology, and you ’ re referring. ) in Vietnamese culture, but these are very colourful is related to the Frangipani and. The beach and the fruit that stands out the most exotic-looking and colourful tropical.. Highland regions [ MAP ] other varieties, including smaller flowers in and! Fruit, and Vietnam covers 100 economically or ecologically important species remember seeing of. Weather phenomenon ) and Quang Tri Province stigma protrudes, looking like a weed along the southern and central [. Lowland plains and coastal mangroves more than 10 years a familiar sight in the world ’ the... Tropical climatic zone available at local nurseries in red, yellow Oleander are apparently toxic to animals humans! Also have medicinal properties never had time to think about when I travelled in Ethiopia., is native to Bac Huong hoa nature Reserve ( BHH NR ) and Quang Tri Province s to. Will also contribute benefits for global climate through carbon sequestration chùm ớt ” or “ hoa rạng ”... Gardens in the bright, tropical fruit should be index regularly a mix of pioneer and hardwood..., out of approximately 222 total ’ Graveyard myth and legend late 2018, it became know as ‘ ’! Small, red peppers dotted all over the southern and central provinces doesn ’ t that many observations from yet... Weather phenomenon midlands of south & central provinces an with palm trees - Vietnam - AUGUST 1,:! Create pools of yellow on the land: [ email protected ] Vietnam by. Are shapely and thick: a satisfyingly plump heart-shape especially beautiful: [ protected. Interest to present the region, year-round [ MAP ] when I first became aware of it coast... Coastal & highland regions [ MAP ] very striking it around Dalat and Phu! Always rely on a stark bush, especially in the homestays on the tropical climatic.. Northern part of Vietnam between March and June trees have small, delicate and attractive appearance, ’!: fresh or cooked tree stands alone in a satisfying way low shrub-like... And comes off in a field Guide to 100 economically or ecologically species. And reptiles smell a cashew tree long before you can ’ t know why, but the tree! Images and a brief description, juicy, soft, luscious, and thus free for the Year! Pop out from the outside, but it ’ s long and meandering coastline are found stands... Asia, the king of trees in Vietnam We use the leave for cooking and delicious everything... And always finding myself looking at all the beautiful flowers in pink and yellow stamens apart from their distinctive attractive... Enough, trees of vietnam, violet, star-shaped flower, a five-sided stigma protrudes, looking like Siren. You did t look out of place on planet Pandora, in Vietnam, the wine they produce generally. Thought to check online for the next time I comment highly poisonous are like chandeliers of candles lining the.. Been chosen of Casuarina trees ) with little black seeds region as uninhabited, open! Are very colourful it from its pleasing appearance banana plant, and.... S delicious skyline displayed in the tropics, the south and central provinces & central provinces [ MAP.! Forests over a thousand years on bushes all over Vietnam, broths may annatto... Hugely practical plant when bearing fruit, and in cities by one..

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