The Uber Visa Debit Card is issued by GoBank, a brand of Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. For more details, visit The higher the tier, the more rewards you’ll have access to. Une fois que vous avez déposé un passager dans l'un des aéroports concernés, vous avez plus de chances d’y obtenir une nouvelle course. Prix négociés sur le nettoyage de véhicule VTC, 4.5. So don’t worry—your status will remain intact, no matter what your plans are. Rendez-vous prioritaire et immobilisation limitée garantie, 4.3. Si vous choisissez d'activer un avantage offert par un fournisseur tiers, Uber partagera votre nom et vos coordonnées afin d’améliorer le processus d'inscription et confirmer votre statut. For all queries related to Shell Service Stations and Loyalty and Rewards, we are available: Monday to Friday: 8.00AM to 5.00PM. You can still access your Uber Eats Pro discount for any new policy you take out with us! The Uber Visa Debit Card is issued by GoBank, a brand of Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. For more details, visit 1. Users can continue to earn Qantas Points on Uber rides to and from eligible Australian airports – at a rate of between 1-3 Qantas Points per A$1 spent, depending on your Qantas Frequent Flyer status – as the Uber Rewards program complements this arrangement rather than replaces it.. Uber Rewards status levels explained. How it works. 3% on hotels and airfare 3. Pourquoi la livraison ? AXA a conçu une assurance auto dédiée aux chauffeurs partenaires Uber pour laquelle vous pouvez bénéficier de jusqu’à 20% de réduction selon votre statut. Rewards described on this page may not be available in all cities where Uber Pro is available. Uber is proud to offer a customer loyalty program that recognises outstanding drivers. Uber Rewards is a loyalty program where you can earn one point for every dollar you spend with Uber and Uber Eats. Well, sporadically in the past few weeks. Uber Pro rewards vary by location and are subject to change. Earn points. You must earn points to access the different tiers and rewards in each tier. 1% on all remaining purchases 5. Uber Rewards is a quasi-cash-back program, using points like other card-benefit programs. Neither Green Dot nor Uber are affiliated in any way with any of the merchants in this program and do not provide and are not responsible for their products and services. Uber referral codes Invites, promo codes and other ways to earn Uber rewards and discounts. In addition, Uber is partnering with Subway to offer free six-inch subs, drinks and cookies to Pro drivers. Pour permettre votre participation au programme Uber Pro, Uber traitera certaines données personnelles, comme décrit plus en détail ci-dessus, afin de déterminer votre statut. Uber Pro Reward Levels. What if I am already a Zego customer? Uber today launched the "Uber Pro" program, a beta service that rewards the company's more dedicated workers with car maitneance discounts, cash back … May 8, 2019 B. Thermidor. See Official Rules for complete details.¹. 23:29. Uber Pro the ride-hailing app's driver reward program expands to 20 more U.S. cities and soon in Mexico. What are the exact terms for Uber Pro? Uber only gives it to the lucky select drivers. Si un chauffeur a effectué moins de 500 courses, la note est basée sur la note moyenne de toutes ses course. Help Return to the landing page. Il vous permettra par exemple de bénéficier d’une priorité renforcée aux aéroports, d’un support sur-mesure et de réductions sur du soutien scolaire pour vos enfants. ¹NO PURCHASE OR UBER TRIP NECESSARY. Although you might enjoy driving for Uber, something that can make driving more fun on Uber is the inclusion of a rewards program they call "Uber Pro", especially for Driver-Partners. Inscrivez-vous. Votre taux d'annulation est basé sur les courses que vous avez acceptées puis annulées au cours des 30 derniers jours. Uber delivery partners are GUARANTEED to receive lower than in-store retail prices. Uber Pro is a program that will give you priority preference on requests from riders wishing to go on long trips. Uber Pro, the driver loyalty program that rewards high ratings and low cancellation rates with increased take-home pay and free college tuition, is coming to more cities. Vous passerez automatiquement au statut Blue. voient leurs ventes augmenter. Uber lance un nouveau programme de fidélité, Uber Pro. You’ll be able to track your progress and see what level you’ve reached so far in the rewards section of the driver app. Uber Rewards offers riders and food delivery customers rewards and elite status that comes with a wide variety of … Next. Le tiers fournisseur d’avantages agira en tant que responsable du traitement des données personnelles qu'il reçoit d'Uber en votre nom et qu'il collecte pour vous fournir les avantages. Uber Pro is a new program that offers to pay the cost of college tuition for its top drivers or their families. Neither Green Dot nor Uber are affiliated in any way with any of the merchants in this program and do not provide and are not responsible for their products and services. Vos messages, appels et visites aux espaces d’accueil partenaires sont traités en priorité. Le fournisseur tiers sera susceptible de recueillir des données supplémentaires au cours de son processus d'inscription et vous en informera de manière indépendante. Offer is subject to change. Au cours de toute période, vous devez maintenir les critères de qualité pour conserver votre statut Gold, Platinum ou Diamond. Zego offers rewards to Uber Eats Pro drivers on Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers. * des clients dépensent plus. You unlock Diamond by earning 7,500 points for your rides and Uber Eats orders. Selon votre statut Uber Pro, vous pouvez bénéficier jusqu’à 5000€ de prêt à taux 0 en complément d'un prêt Adie grâce au partenariat avec Uber, pour une somme totale de 10 000€ maximum. Drivers are able to opt-out of the program if they do not want to participate. Uber Eats aide plus de 320 000 restaurants à entrer en contact avec des coursiers qui utilisent la plateforme Uber pour livrer leurs repas à davantage de clients. Diamond is the top level of Uber Rewards. Pour plus d'informations et pour en savoir plus sur vos droits en matière de confidentialité, veuillez consulter notre Politique de confidentialité. Réduction sur la réparation carrosserie et jante, 7. You can earn points with every completed trip to unlock exciting rewards. Drivers who achieve platinum and … If you’ve kept your Platinum or Diamond status for 2 consecutive 3-month periods you can elect in the app to have your Uber Pro status protected anytime3. Uber announced its first consumer-facing loyalty program called "Uber Rewards" that - depending on the level of membership - will reward users with … UBER SLASHES DRIVER'S PAY - Duration: 7:31. We’re investing in you by stepping up Uber Pro rewards, to help you save more, stress less, and enjoy a little more summer fun. Use the Uber Visa card and earn cashback on all your purchases, and more. "Uber Pro recognizes drivers for their commitment and quality, and we're excited to bring Fair into the program's unique set of rewards." At the moment, a lot of people are turning to Uber Pro instead of the regular Uber. Uber and Uber Eats sites and applications operations, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates. Uber Pro offers rewards to qualified drivers. Check your email for details. You will earn 1 point for every trip completed for: UberX, UberPOOL, Express Pool, UberXL, UberSelect, UberWAV, UberBlack, and UberSUV Each trip, along with any Uber Eats trip, will count as an Uber Trip for Uber Pro. To earn Cash Back with an Uber Visa Debit Card, card application and opt-in is required. Uber drivers who maintain high ratings and low cancellation rates can earn rewards like increased take-home pay and free college tuition through Uber’s new rewards program, Uber Pro. The Uber Pro Rewards Program is a great incentive for drivers. Pour accéder au statut Gold, Platinum ou Diamond, vous devez remplir les critères de qualité suivants : ¹Moyenne des notes sur les 500 dernières courses. 3. At the moment, four levels exist on Uber Pro: Partner, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Uber and Lyft simultaneously announced new rewards programs this week, with both set to roll out in the coming weeks. Uber Pro is a driver-partner program that recognises your commitment and effort with rewards designed to help you reach your goals - on and off the road. When you drive for Uber for a while, you might start to wonder how you can make even more from the experience. With Uber Pro, you can get access to rewards such as roadside assistance, up to 25% off car maintenance,² and more. So-called “Uber Pro driver partners” can earn credits toward a car, which along with other incentives, puts more money in drivers’ pockets. I haven't drive for a week, and this morning received a notification that I got extra points for my outstanding service! Zego offers rewards to Uber Eats Pro drivers on Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers, so you can save money on your cover. You could take the family on a magical vacation to Orlando, where you can relax by the pool before experiencing all of the city’s world-famous theme parks. Sign In Email or mobile number. Platinum benefits include favorite route boost, priority pickups at select airports, as well as the benefits earned at Blue and Gold member levels. ²Offer of higher Cash Back amount for gas is valid 7/15/2019 – 9/15/2019 and only for those who received it directly from Uber. How It Works. Offer is subject to change. You unlock Platinum by earning 2,500 points for your rides and Uber Eats orders. Zego has partnered with Uber Eats to offer you discounts on your food delivery insurance. We’ve partnered with Fair to help make driving with Uber easier. Uber Boost Sometimes Uber offers a boost promotion, with this promo you can earn higher fares, especially in featured areas during busy hours. Uber will also begin displaying your level to passengers after you’re matched with them. Lorsque vous débloquez le statut Diamond, vous pouvez le maintenir pour une période de 3 mois de votre choix. See terms and conditions. Avec Uber Pro, vous avez la possibilité d’avoir accès à de nouveaux avantages à mesure que vous atteignez un statut supérieur. Cela signifie que, par défaut, vous avez le statut Blue. Uber driver partners are GUARANTEED to receive lower than in-store retail prices. (b) If Uber reasonably believes a change to any part of the Program will have a detrimental impact on you or Program Members, Uber will provide you with 14 days’ notice of … Uber wants to reward drivers who offer a high-quality experience and are dedicated to their driving duties. Additional terms apply.¹. Sign up 3.1 Jusqu’à 20% de réduction en fonction de votre note sur l’application, 3.2 Avantages supplémentaires lors de vos courses avec Uber, 3.3 Avantages supplémentaires même en dehors des courses avec Uber. See terms and conditions for complete details. It is the only place you can compare prices, schedule, approve and pay at a network of 20,000 trusted shops. Learn More. Uber Pro Levels. Chaque course rapporte 1 point (pour les courses Uber Pool, les points sont attribués par trajet). This program has a number of levels, so you will likely want to increase from the basic Uber Pro … ³Le taux d'acceptation correspond au pourcentage de courses qu'un chauffeur a acceptées par rapport au nombre d'offres reçues, calculé sur une base mobile de trente (30) jours. *Offre soumise à conditions à consulter sur le site du partenaire, dans la limite des fonds disponibles. We’re excited to introduce you to Uber Eats Pro, a new rewards program built to help you reach your goals—on and off the road. Pour regagner votre statut et vos avantages, votre note doit revenir à 4,8 ou plus, votre taux d'annulation doit revenir à 8 % ou moins, et votre taux d'acceptation doit revenir à 85 % ou plus. Steven Cantrell 2,169 views. Uber is expanding a new rewards program for drivers. Find out how much Cash Back on gas you could get with this summer reward from 7/15-9/15²: Want to take time away without worrying about your Uber Pro status? how's the eye? *Uber n’est ni une entreprise d’assurance, ni un distributeur d’assurance. There will be four levels of Uber drivers and three reward levels including: Partner, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Winners from across the country will be chosen at random and you can plan your vacation for any time of year–not just during summer. Platinum benefits include favorite route boost, priority pickups at select airports, as well as the benefits earned at Blue and Gold member levels. Find out how much you could save with Fair. You unlock Platinum by earning 2,500 points for your rides and Uber Eats orders. With so many parts of the world trialling Uber Pro, you should check with Uber to see what kind of rewards is available for your particular location. The program, released on November 1, 2018, gives drivers multiple perks that include drivers receiving cash back on fuel purchases by using an Uber Visa Debit Card and discounted car maintenance costs at approved shops. Uber Pro rewards will include improved support and more to help you reach your goals - … Get phone number 0800 731 8888 Shell Service Stations: Please select option 4 Loyalty and Rewards: Please select option 2 But this is the first time that one of the big rideshare services has gotten in on the trend. Uber is rolling out Uber Pro, a new program aiming to reward good drivers with perks and rewards for being loyal to the company. Lorsque vous avez accumulé suffisamment de points pour accéder au statut supérieur, vous pouvez bénéficier de vos nouveaux avantages immédiatement et vous pourrez aussi les conserver jusqu'à la fin de la période de 3 mois suivante.

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