Was this answer helpful? We also have a bigger drop film masking tape that comes in 1100. Other handling characteristics play a role in performance. Compared to the 11-mil Duck Max and the 13-mil Sticky Ass, the IronForce was stiff and difficult to conform to curves and other oddly shaped objects (like the boots we tried repairing). This one wasn’t nearly as strong as the others and it wasn’t that durable outdoors. Despite being incredibly strong when it comes to its adhesive level, double-sided tissue, fiberglass and scrim tapes tend to be quite thin and flexible. Our Eusoscrim tapes come in two sizes, 48mmx90mm and 100mmx90mm. Click and Collect is available or enjoy free UK delivery on selected orders over %pound;150 excl. Here at Building Supplies Direct, we stock many kinds of scrim, all available in several widths and lengths. Eliminates the need for pre-plastering, provides extra reinforcement and saves time and money. Then we stood on the piece of wood and cranked the come-along until the tape broke. The samples spent a total of seven months in the field and experienced significant rain, wind, heat above 90 degrees, and snow and cold below 0 degrees (“one of the coldest winters in 20 years,” according to Accuweather). If you have limited hand strength, you’re better off with a thinner tape. We really thumped on these tapes in order to decide on the best. Duck Max Strength sticks to most anything, tears off the roll neatly, and stays stiff enough to not flop onto itself yet flexible enough to wrap around corners or an uneven surface. The Polyken was by far the stickiest on glass (even more than Gorilla), but it started losing its tack on the OSB plywood sooner than the rest and fell off during the fifth week. It comes off the roll smoothly, but it’s difficult to get a nice crisp tear. Without the fender, the abrasive moondust could cover the equipment and the astronauts—and then potentially overheat in the fierce lunar sun, cooking the astronauts in their suits. Each company came back to us with a tape in the 9-to-11–mil range. A sixth year of testing confirmed Duck Max Strength is still the best all-purpose duct tape available, and Sticky Ass Tape remains the best choice for outdoor use. Updated December 7, 2020 To start, we’ll answer the obvious question. The threads that run the length of the tape are what give it its material strength—how much weight the tape can hold before breaking. Thinner tapes are too floppy to handle. Polyken explained to use that the very stiff adhesive performs well in extreme temperatures and excels on flat surfaces. Our test results reflected this. Nashua 357 is the tape that the Mythbusters used to build a bridge and lift a car. Easy & rapid application. No other tape we tested has such a good combination of features—strong adhesive, high material strength, and stretchy flexibility—making it the most useful in the widest variety of situations. But the fact is that a 17-mil tape isn’t very malleable at all. Paper tape takes some skill to learn. None of the other tapes moved at all; only the 357’s gooey adhesive was affected by the heat. Everbuild EVB2EURO48 48 mm x 90 m Euroscrim Tape EuroScrim is a premium quality, quick and easy to apply, self-adhesive scrim tape that is made in Europe to perform! Masking tape is another versatile accessory used for plastering, painting, and other construction jobs. It’s harder to see on high-end tapes because as the tape quality increases, the grid gets smaller and dimples become difficult for the eye to pick up. Duck Advanced is also a 9-mil tape, but it felt much thinner than the Scotch, possibly because of the lack of wrinkles. In 1972, duct tape made an emergency fix to the fender of the Apollo 17 moon buggy… on the moon. Our range of masking tapes ensure that you can find what you need regardless of the requirement for the surface where it’s needed to be applied. Trimaco’s Scrim Tape is ideal for adhering flooring, molding, trim and baseboards. We offer a variety of lightweight scrims as well as woven scrims with an open construction made of polyester and glass. Through our research, and backed up by our firsthand testing, we found that a good general use duct tape should be around 11 milli-inches (mil) thick, use a natural rubber-based adhesive, and be made using a co-extrusion process. After six weeks, the piece of Sticky Ass on the plywood was still 100 percent adhered. To look at the conformability of each tape, we used the tapes to wrap pine cones, as if you were patching the finger on a glove. The one area where Duck Max Strength was better was in adhesion to masonry, but that was only by a small margin. We also corresponded with Tim Nyberg, one of The Duct Tape Guys, a performance art duo devoted to all things duct tape and co-author of The Duct Tape Book. *At the time of publishing, the price was $13. Of the general-use tapes, the Duck Max Strength consistently got the highest marks in strength testing, especially in material strength and adhesion to masonry. After many conversations with four prominent duct tape manufacturers (and confirmed through our testing), we’re convinced a process called coextrusion is the best way to assemble these three ingredients. We did something similar when we tested the adhesive strength, but instead of wrapping the piece around a piece of wood, we adhered the final 2 inches of it to a piece of poplar. This kind of stretching is nearly impossible to do with a thick 17-mil tape. Those tapes are extremely strong, but it’s very difficult to wrap a piece around a contoured surface (like the floppy sole on an old work boot, or the 90-degree elbow of a copper water pipe). The term scrim tape may not sound familiar to you, but it is one of the commonly used plastering supplies. We also supply self adhesive scrim tape to help make the application as easy as possible.