Meanwhile, Webb and Nixon investigate when Keane’s first death call leads to a case of stolen identity. William was born … Meadows tries to get to the bottom of why Webb has adopted a party lifestyle and warns him to clean up his act. Nadir finds his loyalties torn between Shaw and the job, and finally steps firmly over the line when he offers up false information to Meadows regarding the planned date for the trafficking deal. Meanwhile, Harman and Fletcher attend to an RTA, where the victim accuses the driver of drink-driving – however, with the driver lying unconscious in hospital, Fletcher decides to take a blood sample to prove his guilt – but the sample subsequently disappears. Constantly updated. US Space Force Members Get a … When the team's prime suspect flees the UK, Hunter and Nixon are sent to Bucharest to liaise with the Romanian police. Thousands of people across the world have learned this program’s timeless principles of getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and prospering in any economy. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Keane arrest a youth for shoplifting and dealing in stolen CDs on the basis of video footage found on a mislaid mobile phone. Nixon and Turner investigate the stabbing of a recently released armed robber, who is found aboard his houseboat alongside a stash of cocaine. When a witness comes forward and identifies him as the driver, Hemmingway is forced to charge her friend with murder. When Hardy discovers his cousin has a gun, he is left feeling torn between family loyalty and his obligation to the job. After both parties receiving a talking to from Okaro, Heaton and Gold find common ground. Bill was predeceased by two brothers James and Joseph Lipinsky, and a sister Madilyn Lipinsky, and a stepson Carson Hunter. However, when Casper pursues a stolen vehicle which speeds off into the distance, Nixon and Turner suspect that not everybody involved is abandoning their loot – and uncover an elaborate plan by an ex-con to frame his brother for an armed robbery as way of payback for the time he served in prison. With some gentle persuasion, however, the girl agrees to talk and provides the vital evidence against her boyfriend's accomplice. Meanwhile, Nadir confronts Kristen Shaw and Paul Haskew over the assault of drugs mule Eva Garcia, with Meadows & Heaton turning the situation to their benefit by falsely claiming Garcia died of her injuries, allowing Nadir to broker a meet between himself and drugs kingpin Jose Alvarez. Jill Biden’s ex-husband has accused the potential first lady of having an affair with Joe Biden and says they lied about how they met in the 1970s, according to a bombshell new report. Harborless, a collection of poems informed by Great Lakes shipwrecks, is part history and part reinvention.The poems explore tragic wrecks in rivers and lakes, finding and forming artistic meaning from destruction and death. When he discovers that Dominic was the one who let the gunman into the building via a fire escape, he vows to have nothing more to do with his wayward cousin. © 2021 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Turner investigates when a Romanian prostitute is thrown into the path of a moving police car. Webb initially suspects that the attacker may be a punter that she picked up the previous night, but when Carrie regains consciousness, she claims that the beating was from her pimp, who found out that she was seeing customers without giving him his cut. Meanwhile, following a spate of bad press reports, Heaton demands high visibility patrols of the Jasmine Allen estate. Smithy becomes determined to nail Johnson for the stabbing of Chris Hammond, and manages to convince one of the screws to let him run with the case. Nadir attempts to use former informant Chez Williams as a way of arranging a meeting with Kristen Shaw, so arranges for Hunter to plant evidence in Chez's van in an attempt to fool Chez into thinking he has become corrupt. Meanwhile, a witness comes forward claiming to have proof of James Tennant's violent behaviour, but Hemmingway's failure to take her seriously results in a leak to the press. Later, they are called to the scene of an assault and find the woman attacking a bailiff who is attempting to repossess her car. Meanwhile, Stamp and Hemmingway are on the trail of two armed robbers who have just held up a bookies' headquarters at gunpoint. Walker interviews Keith Durante from his hospital bed, but soon comes to realise that despite all that has happened, he does not blame victim Beth Adamson for attacking him. Meanwhile, Hemmingway and Harman deal with a group of youths who are bullying a homeless man, and when they find the ringleader spraying down the man, Hemmingway turns the washer on the yob – but despite positive feedback, she is suspended. As SOCA prepare to intercept the Colombian drugs shipment, Meadows and Hunter attempt to re-start their campaign to bring down Kristen Shaw by arresting a petty dealer, who offers up information on Shaw's network of dealers and suppliers. Meanwhile, her husband Doug is seconded to Sun Hill when Valentine and Hollis find a missing boy’s dead body, with Doug the FLO on the original missing person’s case. Convinced that a fellow employee has stolen the laptop to fund maternity wear, Ackland and Hollis operate a stop and search – but Bryant's failure to write up her CRIS report leaves the team in deep water. Meanwhile, Perkins' day goes from bad to worse when he ends up receiving a beating whilst trying to protect Max Little, before investigating a dodgy translator representing a Togoan national who has been accused of theft by her employers. Meanwhile, Ackland and Hollis are forced to toe the line with three local youths after an elderly resident on the Farleigh estate dies of a heart attack following a campaign of harassment. Meanwhile, Ackland and Stamp investigate when an elderly resident at a care home disappears, along with the caretaker – and her life savings, and Walker is furious when the CPS drop the case against serial rapist Keith Durante. As a delighted Smithy manages to catch Johnson and is informed of his impending release, Meadows gatecrashes Louise's funeral with a warrant for Pete Larson's arrest. They discover that the property was home to a number of illegal immigrants, but despite Hunter being convinced that they have their prime suspect, Nixon continues to dig until she reaches a breakthrough. Whitepages people search is … Ottumwa Daily Courier - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones Walker re-opens the case into rapist Keith Durante when one of his victims, Beth Adamson, reports that he has been following her and making harassing phone calls. Join Facebook to connect with Cindy Hunter-Gray and others you may know. July 3, 1956 – Jan. 13, 2018. When traffic police confirm the crash was deliberate, Smith faces a grilling from Keane, while Manson is drafted in from MIT. See more ideas about cindy williams, williams, laverne & shirley. This bill recognizes the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority for purposes of developing and implementing a horseracing anti-doping and medication control program and a racetrack safety program. Kapoor and Bryant investigate a firecracker attack on a local pensioner, but Bryant is upset to learn that her son Liam and his friend Gareth may be responsible for the attack. However, with little evidence to identify a suspect, the pair's investigation soon comes to a halt before it's even barely started. Cindy Hunter is on Facebook. As Perkins and De Costa interview Amy's gymnastics teacher, they discover that a parent of one of the children made a complaint when the man entered the girls changing room, claiming to be looking for a missing purse. As Manson organises a press conference, De Costa confirms that all of the known local paedophiles in the area have alibis, and inconsistencies in the father's account of his whereabouts start to look suspicious. The Hunter brothers failure to gather enough evidence to keep antique smuggler Michael Hassan in custody, but having been wound up by both the shoddy interview and his brother's interference, Phil's next move leaves his brother's life hanging in the balance when two armed men douse him in petrol and threaten to set him alight. Under new producer Johnathan Young, this series saw the programme begin to step away from the serialised format, and return much of the focus to the actual policing aspect of the programme, removing the more 'soap' feel as previously introduced by Paul Marquess. Each year we close over 130 real estate transactions on Keuka Lake and the surrounding region. London-based pimp Marius is arrested and orders for a female to be “disposed of”, leaving the Sun Hill team scrambling to find Petya before it’s too late. Hardy witnesses a shooting at his cousin Dominic's engagement party, but soon comes to realise that Dominic may know more about the incident than he is letting on. Not only is his wife Cindy caught up … However, Nixon is convinced that the man's son isn't telling the whole truth and soon comes to realise that he may have been trying to frame the cleaner to throw the scent from himself. Hardy is torn when he discovers that his cousin, Dominic, left the venue minutes before the shooting and suspects that he may have had something to do with the attack. Meanwhile, Meadows hooks up with his old DI, Dougie Price, in an attempt to clear his name. Events take another twist when Parker dies as his wife states he’s making the whole allegation up. Meanwhile, Sim and Walker investigate a further allegation of suspected rape and soon come to realise that a serial rapist, with a link to minicabbing, could be operating in the area. My paralegal, Cindy Stollery, and I have been working together as a team for 21 years. DS Shand from Operation Trident takes charge of the investigation, and begins to work on the theory that a recently formed gang, the E1s, are attempting to mark their territory to avoid their rivals, the Skens, from muscling in on their patch. The Bill season 19 episode guide on Meanwhile, a bag full of rotten meat is found dumped on some wasteground and a number of angry restaurateurs complain after a wave of food poisoning strikes a local health club bistro. Rod Jessop stuns Ackland with a proposal, while Gold is horrified when Heaton reveals that Sun Hill could close as part of a merge with Barton Street. Meanwhile, Nadir subsequently arranges for one of the prostitutes arrested by Harman to be released as a favour for Kristen Shaw and Paul Haskew – but when the girl is found badly beaten, Manson discovers she is a Colombian drugs mule, and that Shaw could be involved in something much greater than they expected. Cindy has 1 job listed on their profile. The infamous serial killer Edmund Kemper appears in the Netflix series Mindhunter. Meanwhile, Noble and Webb question the eccentric victim of an alleged mugging, who claims to be an undercover police officer, but Scotland Yard refuse to confirm or deny whether or not she is telling the truth. When Perkins witnesses the café owner handing over money to Taylor, he suspects that Green has been using Taylor as part of a protection racket. Before that however, they must find a way to disarm the angry mutt. In an attempt to trap him once and for all, she enlists Meadows' help to set up an operation to catch Durante in the act, but the operation goes pear-shaped. Believing she can finally nail Durante, Walker is devastated when Beth agrees to meet Durante, and the evidence against him falls apart. Hardy and Hemmingway investigate when a young girl reports her father missing following a break-in at his home, and later discover that he was kidnapped by the attacker. Official site of fashion icon, supermodel, and business woman, Cindy Crawford. Cindy Hunter is on Facebook. Cindy Hunter is on Facebook. Meanwhile, a witness finally comes forward to confirm James Tennant's alibi after a reconstruction of Amy's disappearance is broadcast on television. Nixon and Hunter investigate when a pensioner is found sealed in the freezer of his own basement. Smithy finds himself on the wrong side of the Longmarsh heavies when he tries to help a young boy, Jamie, to stay out of trouble to secure his parole. Meanwhile, Valentine and Hardy deal with an assault at the local swimming pool - where one of the suspects shoves Keane in the pool! However, with no evidence to prove his guilt, the pair are forced to let the man go. Manson is forced to intervene when James Tennant is arrested for assault whilst fleeing the scene of the pile-up RTC involving the ambulance. Turner and Perkins find themselves in awkward position when one of the suspects arrested in a raid on a counterfeit car parts business turns out to be none other than former Sun Hill DC Jo Masters, who has been working undercover for Nottingham CID at a haulage firm involved in gun-running, alongside her long-time informant, Seth Mercer. However, they soon discover that the girl is safe and well and has been staying with secret boyfriend. Supt Okaro clashes with the Borough Commander, Jane Fitzwilliam over how to solve the drug problem, and his old friend David Ackroyd's information about Gregory's plans to flood the streets with cheap heroin, costs him his life. Explore photo collections, Meaningful Beauty, and Cindy Crawford Home. Hemmingway and Harman investigate a break-in at a doctor's surgery, but the situation becomes complicated when they catch youth Billy Aldridge in possession of a quantity of stolen drugs samples. However, as she and Hardy close in to make an arrest, the suspect flees onto a bus, where he holds Hemmingway and six other passengers hostage at gunpoint. Fletcher and Keane struggle to deal with the fallout of attending to two of the fatalities, with Fletcher attending the house of his victim’s mother after losing his cool with the man whose car blocked fire exits at the back of the club. Meanwhile, Meadows visits villain Jimmy Hastings in an attempt to find out who the real robber on the armed blag was. With revellers injured and several dead, the situation quickly spirals as the team try and rescue those trapped inside. When they discover the boy is the best friend of Amy's step-brother, Todd, Manson discovers that the phone used to make the call belonged to the boy and that his sister was the person faking Amy's voice. When Stamp and Hollis stop a man in possession of Fletcher's warrant card, he identifies the two men who attacked Fletcher as Hinckley's usher and best man for his wedding to Keane, but Fletcher refuses to pursue the case. In time, it propelled me to graduate school and a career in counseling. Meanwhile, Ackland and Hollis attend a series of aggravated burglaries and discover that not only is Parker involved, so is Meadows’ son Benjamin. The pair end up breaking up two separate scuffles outside that end with Hemmingway making a bad call, giving the bouncers the decision to clear the lineup quickly, and a number of false ticket holders are let into the club. Harman attends an RTA, but is left puzzled by the actions of a witness, who hands her a blanket covered in blood. Where is Shawn Killinger (QVC host) now? Nadir and Meadows are both convinced that Pete Larson has framed Smithy for Louise's murder and they set out to try and prove his innocence. Fletcher realises that his cover may still be intact, and the team attempt to dig up as much evidence on Nick as possible to allow them to refuse him the right to any communication with the outside world. Perkins investigates when a young girl is found unconscious after taking two suspicious 'E' tablets, but is even more shocked to discover that his daughter, Holly, may have secured the drugs for her from her boyfriend. DCI Keane gets a reality check when his daughter challenges him for trying to shift blame for the nightclub incident onto Kapoor. View the profiles of people named Wild Bill Hunter. Hunter and Masters investigate when Cindy turns up at the station having claimed to have found a young girl wandering alone in the park, but Hunter is concerned when her story doesn't add up. Meanwhile, Manson investigates a dodgy medium who claims to have had visions of Amy Tennant – but first must work out how she managed to steal a doll belonging to Amy from her bedroom and plant it in the woods. Fletcher and Casper deal with a number of angry bus passengers who have a grievance with their driver. Keep Children Reading is addressing Covid-19 school disruptions. However, when Beth later disappears, Walker tries to break Durante's wife in an attempt to find out where Beth could be. As Webb and Sim speak to gang leader Mitchell Simmons in the hope of gathering further information, a second shooting leaves his girlfriend fighting for her life. As Turner continues to get info from assault victim Maia, she drops a bombshell that leaves Nixon and Hunter in grave danger. Stamp and his sister reminisce after their father’s cardiac arrest the night before, and after calling in the crash team against his sister’s wishes, Stamp realises he has to make a difficult decision. (2000), The Bill (1984) and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003). Experienced legal representation in the Finger Lakes area since 1992. Turner and Webb investigate when an armed robber disappears following a blag at a local convenience store. Kapoor and Casper deal with a man also looking for a prostitute, whom he suspects of robbing him. Webb is arrested on a charge of rape after a woman who he spent the night with accuses him of attacking her. Meanwhile, Kapoor and Bryant investigate an assault on a local pensioner. Fletcher and Keane discover a scam where cars are being stolen to order, abandoned and then picked up by a scrap metal dealer, with the person who gives the tip-off to the vehicle's location being given a cut of the profit. #EndTrafficking. As Perkins discovers that a quantity of morphine has disappeared from the pharmacy at St. Hugh's hospital, Webb pressures the dealer to give up the name of his supplier, but the breakthrough comes when Casper identifies a woman caught on CCTV outside the dealer's house as a hospital sister that he questioned earlier in the day. Meanwhile, Ackland and Noble discover their stabbing victim is a recently released prisoner, jailed for manslaughter. With two possible motives for the attack, the pair visit one of the robber's victims, who was crippled after being shot during a post office raid. Cindy has 3 jobs listed on their profile. The girl initially denies all involvement until she crumbles under the overwhelming weight of the evidence against her, and subsequently makes a full confession. Stamp and Hemmingway arrest a man for erratic driving, but he surprises them by confessing he raped a woman the night before. When Turner discovers that James' rivalry with fellow pimp Gordon Kite has been re-ignited, the team lead a manhunt for James to secure his safety before Kite catches up with him. Turner and Nixon investigate an arson attack on a foster home, and suspect the boyfriend of one of the foster children may be responsible. Meadows' son Benjamin is then found beaten in his prison cell, and Nixon and Webb discover that Parker was behind the recent spate of robberies committed on Benjamin's behalf. With both of his parents missing, it becomes a race against time to save them from one another – but when the boy's father is found slumped in a shallow grave in some woodland, Hunter and Sim try to uncover the truth behind two conflicting accounts of domestic violence. However, forensic evidence only links the suspect to one of the attacks. Meanwhile, following a near fatal beating on the Netherlake estate, Nadir and Perkins find themselves on the trail of two local youths blackmailing a number of older single men for protection money – in return for not branding them paedophiles. Senate Joins House in Passing Stopgap Bill, to Hold Off Shutdown at Least Through Weekend. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of The Bill with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at ... Kelly Hunter 1 Episode. Nixon and Webb discover that an employee of the local meat processing plant has been on the take, but uncover a large scale scam involving the sale of rancid meat long past it's sell by date. Fletcher is forced to fend off an accusation of assault after his attempt to break-up a fight between a man and his girlfriend outside the local nightclub goes horribly wrong. After a very brief but courageous battle with pancreatic cancer, Bob Hunter was peacefully called Home on Jan. 13 at his residence in Kalispell, Montana. In his spare time, Bill was an avid reader, hunter, outdoorsman and family man. The Hunter brothers are paired together to investigate the stabbing of a Syrian national. He was a legend in his own mind, always appearing as a maverick. Seeing her lying bashed in a hospital bed, Phil Hunter takes new interest in the robberies, and he and Webb and McAllister set up an operation to catch the culprits. Meanwhile, Keane gets her first undercover experience when Nixon invites her to take part in an obbo to catch a callous thief posing as a security guard. Cindy Hunter Crofton, MD. Meanwhile, Hunter and Masters investigate a robbery where the supposed robber has left his wallet behind at the scene – but surely nobody can be careless enough to leave a calling card? Meadows offers Turner a transfer and promotion to DS. Valentine and Hardy investigate a complaint from a young mother after she is confronted by a man whom she claims is selling drugs on the local estates. Suspecting that he has become embroiled in a counterfeit DVD scam, uniform trail Landor and discover a number of illegal private screenings being held at the local cinema. Okaro prepares to hand over the reins as he accepts the post of Borough Commander. Mercer soon becomes a prime suspect for murder, but with both the police and the man who put a price on his head trailing, it boils down to which of them will find him first. Meanwhile, a crash between an ambulance and a car soon turns awry when a convicted murderer, who has been sentenced to life in prison, escapes from the back of the ambulance. Nadir continues to press gang leader Jordan Tomlin for information on the whereabouts of the remaining Mac-10 guns missing from the sting. Senator John McCain's widow was one of the highest profile Republicans to endorse Joe Biden. The brothers are convinced that there is more to the case than meets the eye and soon discover a link to a major scale antique-smuggling operation., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The night shift officers from the nightclub incident are forced into a double shift when the DPS arrive in the midst of allegations of negligence. Meanwhile, Turner and Nixon investigate a suspicious death when a couple claim to have found an unidentified body in their living room. Sim interviews Charlotte Parker in an attempt to find out what truly happened to her sister Molly. When a phone call comes through to the incident room supposedly made by Amy, CID track the call to nearby Sherbourne Park and find a young boy who has been robbed and attacked. WILLIAM HUNTER REED, PC. Meanwhile, Nixon and Hunter investigate a fire in a guest house. Sim applies for a sergeant's post with the Kidnap Squad, only for Turner to subsequently apply for the post too. Although initially reluctant to co-operate, Masters eventually agrees to let her former colleagues provide back-up for a planned meet between rival dealers Dougie Clark and Phillip Hanson, but the deal goes awry when Hanson recognises Mercer from his days as a supergrass. Manson, now with MIT, is called to visit dying convict Vince Parker, who after admitting to an unsolved murder more than twenty years ago, accuses Meadows of framing him for a post office robbery as revenge for him escaping the murder charge. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Their subsequent investigation uncovers a plot to have a couple murdered, forcing Perkins to go undercover as the contract killer. Meanwhile, Turner and Nixon investigate when an arson attack on a garage on the Jasmine Allen estate results in the loss of a collection of exhibition paintings. A trace of the vehicle used in the attack leads Turner to an abandoned warehouse, where he finds a number of trafficked sex workers who are being held against their will. When the team finally catch up with the dealer, he denies all knowledge of anyone being held captive, until they discover that the elderly victim is his grandmother – and that he has been using her house as a crack factory. When Jamie is framed for stabbing wing leader Chris Hammond, Smithy tries to secure evidence to prove that fellow inmate Martin Johnson was responsible for the attack. Join Facebook to connect with Cindy Hunter and others you may know. View Cindy Hunter’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Walker's operation goes pear shaped when the team's prime suspect turns out to being nothing more than a bag snatcher. Hemmingway is given twenty-four hours to come up with the evidence to prove that Dr. Wilder is guilty of paedophilia, and working on an instinct that it may not be the first time he has committed such an offence, manages to find a link to another abuse victim. Robert (Bob) L. Hunter. She was compassionate and caring, opening her heart and home to anyone who needed it. However, aware that it has become local knowledge that Tomlin has a copper in his pocket, one of Tomlin's rivals, Devon Power, corners him at a DJ contest at the local community centre, and delivers a fatal gunshot. Waller Sworn In as Trump-Nominated Federal Reserve Board Gov. Smithy accompanies Bryant out on the beat as they test out the new 'drugs dog' designed to catch street dealers and users. Find Cindy Hunter online. The series also saw one of the heaviest numbers of cast changes in later years of the show, with a number of characters previously introduced by Marquess being axed to make way for new blood. Series 22 of British television drama The Bill was broadcast from 4 January until 28 December 2006. This episode would later be re-written and broadcast during Series 23 under the title of "To Honour and Obey". These included the disappearance of schoolgirl Amy Tennant, and the investigation into drugs baron Kristen Shaw. Valentine and Hardy are forced to put their differences aside when attending to a crush victim, and when Valentine tries to evacuate an overflowing balcony, half of the club collapses. #RINOsSUCK. Cindy has 1 job listed on their profile. Meanwhile, one of the witnesses from the first shooting is found dead in the boot of her car, and Harman suspects her husband may be responsible. Shand manages to convince Jordan Tomlin to gather information on his behalf, and it's not long before the gun used in the shooting at the 222 club is discovered. Meanwhile, Perkins is tailing ex-con Max Little's son, Taylor, after Max informs him that the boy has been running errands for crook Barry Green. Masters frantically begins the search for Seth Mercer, who has been abducted at gunpoint by arms dealer Phillip Hanson. Walker believes she has found the breakthrough she was waiting for when rape suspect Keith Durante begins to stalk one of his victims, Beth Adamson. Stamp and Hollis are called to investigate a domestic disturbance at the home of the Parker family, and discover that Tom has once again beaten his wife, Fern. ... Cindy Hunter (2003–present) Children: Madison (daughter) Alfie (son) DS Phil Hunter arrived at Sun Hill in July 2002, shortly after the events of the Sun Hill Fire.