Source(s): Some guy came out of nowhere and tased me and the screen went blank, I then woke up to a … Lester comes up with a great plan. 0 0. Happens If FRANKLIN Kisses AMANDA Behind MICHAEL Back in GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 is the first game in the GTA series to feature multiple endings. For Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where can I get a helicopter as Franklin? Chop is a large Rottweiler dog that appears in Grand Theft Auto V, serving as the tritagonist to Franklin Clinton. I was playing as Trevor and just escaped the police at Sandy Shores on a 3 star wanted level, after the pursuit I left my car and ran across the desert terrain on foot. Franklin is the youngest and shortest character in the main trio of protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. He was born sometime in 1988, which makes him 25 at the game's release and 31 today. Driver: Taliana Martinez (5%) No money for Michael in the Bureau Raid, but Franklin can make a little less than a quarter of a million and to maximize his income, choose the "Roof Entry" approach. Oh, this has made me cry. … When you go for this choice, Franklin turns to Lester for help. Grand Theft Auto V has three discrete endings. Relevance. Franklin, Michael and Trevor join hands and fight FIB and Merryweather. ". 7 years ago. Franklin Clinton is one of the three main protagonists in GTA V.He was raised by an unreliable mother who died and left him under his Aunt's care. I thought this option will end up in Franklin being dead but it doesn’t happen. He is owned by Lamar Davis but lives with Franklin for a majority of the storyline. GTA V (FINAL MISSION, SPOILERS) Does Franklin die if you choose the death wish option? In the Firefighter approach you'll have two gunmen and if both are mediocre, one will die. ... Gta 5 Deathwish. 4 Answers. Answer Save. Anonymous. This is the best option to go for. You can keep all three characters even after the game ends. Favourite answer. Towards the end of the game, Franklin Clinton is forced to assassinate either Trevor Philips for FIB Agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton or Michael De Santa for Devin Weston.Alternatively, Franklin can choose to save both Michael and Trevor and eliminate their collective enemies once and for all. 5 years ago. Lamar Davis is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a central character and deuteragonist to Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V. He is also a main character inGrand Theft Auto Online. Anonymous. Franklin had a troubled childhood with an absent father and an addict of a mother who died before the game's events began.