Search not looking forward to and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. I need English tips for learning purpose.. You should also use this phrase only if you truly expect to speak with that person again soon or it may feel disingenuous. For example, if you have stumbled upon a great deal for a client but time is running out to snag it up, it is probably perfectly acceptable to sign-off a message in this way. I await your fast response. It is my utmost pleasure to share with all of you guys what I know about languages and linguistics in general. Use our Synonym Finder. “Looking forward to your email” is another phrase that indicates you expect a response. enthusiastic. It is slightly familiar and implies a sense of closeness between the sender and recipient. looking forward. Synonyms for hoping in Free Thesaurus. Search looking forward to and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. Use this sign-off to help create a sense of rapport between you and your recipient. looking glasses. look good on. Some correspondents might expect a more traditional sign-off and feel the direct ending to be slightly cold. While it is not yet time to panic or call the recipient out on ignoring your messages, you can attempt to nudge them in the right direction by killing them with kindness. We hope to have the painting completed as soon as this following Monday. 5 positive answers. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Frequent and long-term clients also fit in well under this category, as it is likely you will speak to them regardless. Another word for look forward to: anticipate, await, expect, hope for, long for | Collins American Thesaurus Can potentially come off as rude and impatient. assured. (TBH full form) on Facebook, Instagram, Texting, Subject and Predicate. Other Ways to Say “Once bitten twice shy.”, A BIG List of Prefixes and Suffixes and Their Meanings, 199 Phrases for Saying Thank You in Any Situation ✅. Understand look forward meaning and enrich your vocabulary What Colors do Mixing Pink and Blue make? Looking forward to synonyms. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. The conversation will be to the point, but most correspondents will appreciate that. Antonyms for Looking Forward. “Looking Forward to Your Email” “Looking forward to your email” is another phrase that indicates you expect a response. It is typically not advised to send an email like this to your boss or a letter to your first time client unless it is absolutely necessary. contemn, despise, disdain, hold in contempt, look down one's nose at (informal) misprize, scorn, sneer, spurn, treat with contempt, turn one's nose up (at) (informal) look forward to. promise. Because this phrase is so polite, using it almost implies that you are trying to guilt the other party into responding. looking glass. It helps create a sense of equality between both the sender and the recipient. You will likely not want to use this in an email to your boss or professional letter, unless you have become quite close, or to someone else in a position of authority. be prepared for. Hey fellow Linguaholics! Saves both you and the recipient time. Your client will likely appreciate the fact that you are trying to move quickly for them. eager. This is best used if you truly are not waiting on any time-sensitive materials but instead want to leave the rest of the conversation up to your correspondent to reply on their own terms, in their own time. Rather, you are letting them know that you appreciate the information they may have. I hope to hear from you soon. Share this Page . Oftentimes, this phrase is best used at the end of your initial correspondence. A huge thanks to the Michigan Tech Race Organization for being version 1.0 of running CXC Cup Events during COVID. preoccupation. Looking Forward To It synonyms. look from hiding. Is it possible to say I am looking forward to your feedback? After much discussion, my partner and I have landed on the tortoiseshell glasses and ovular frames for the photoshoot. If the recipient responds with more informal language, you can take this as a sign that they have grown more comfortable with you. Looking Forward To synonyms. looking good. In fact, in the business world, messages signed-off with a phrase like “a fast response is appreciated” are considered to be par for the course. Nearby Words. This sign-off typically implies that you do in fact expect a response. What sets “keep me updated” apart from many sign-offs on this list is its informality. Languages have always been my passion and I have studied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics and Sinology at the University of Zurich. Suggest synonym. What are some great conclusion sentence starters? Top synonyms for looking forward to (other words for looking forward to) on this page are calculate, cheerful and cherish. anticipate. Closing out your email with this phrase indicates you have likely posed a question or offered some invaluable information to the recipient of your email. The time between replies will likely be more substantial, as you have allowed the recipient to respond when it is most convenient for them. Our first Salomon CXC Cup event of the season has wrapped up after a much-anticipated wait. Change your default dictionary to American English. . If you know synonyms for Looking forward to, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words. Adjective. Instead of letting the recipient know that you look forward to their reply, tell them you cannot wait to hear what color red they think would be best for the tablecloths or what theme they decided to go with for their website. Looking Forward To Synonyms. Polite and lets the recipient know that you do expect a response. Be sure this phrase is appropriate when deciding to use it. What is another word for looking forward to? The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Simple Subject and Predicate, Examples & Worksheets. Looking forward to Antonyms. Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Before choosing to sign off in this way, one must stop and consider if the phrase is appropriate to use or if there is a more creative way to express oneself. look into. It’s perfectly okay to use this phrase in emails as long as you are gauging the context within which you are saying it. Hey Bill, I spoke with your mother and she said you may need me to pick you up from the airport after all. Saying “I hope to hear from you soon” sounds a little solicitous: because it is. Talk to you soon! I know you may not know the answer to this yourself but thought perhaps you could point me in the direction of someone who would? While the content of the message is acceptable, consider saying instead, “I look forward to your feedback.”. anticipate, await, count on, count the days until, expect, hope for, long for, look for, set one's heart on, wait for. In fact, it helps to free them up to provide minimal feedback, including yes or no responses. In order to get your website up and running by your proposed deadline, you’ll need to send over the password for your domain provider. look forward to synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'look out',look up',look after',look into', definition. What are synonyms for hoping? “I hope others take a leaf out of your book and I look forward to working with you again next year.”. For example, if you know you will see someone in person at an event in the near future, you can go ahead and let them know you’ll talk to them soon, regardless of whether or not they respond to your correspondence. Short, sweet, and to the point. Looking Forward To synonyms. You’ll likely find yourself using this as a last-resort sign-off when you’re entirely convinced the recipient will likely not respond at all. looking forward to. Top synonyms for looking forward to (other words for looking forward to) on this page are visualize, wait and want. Looking forward to synonyms. May come off as pushy to those who are unfamiliar with your personality. You will have to be sure your recipient is open to receiving such a message, however. Antonyms for hoping. presentiment. Understand look forward to meaning and enrich your vocabulary look forward to. 5 Common ANGRY Synonyms. Top synonyms for looking forward to it (other words for looking forward to it) are expect that, waited for this and expect it - Page 2. Looking Forward Synonym: I can’t wait to … I’m excited about … I’m counting downs the days until … I await the opportunity to … I fondly anticipate … Looking forward to your email. This is one of the single most polite ways to sign-off a message that you need a response to. For this reason, you may choose to say, “I look forward to seeing you” instead. anticipate. Having built up some rapport will help you with using this phrase. This phrase implies that not only are you expecting a response from the recipient and are waiting for it but that you expect to receive it quickly. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. look good. Nearby Words. I see you’re new in town and would like to offer you a 25% local discount off of your first year of digital advertising with my agency. Which one do you use? All Free. Using a phrase like this can help signal to the person you are conversing with that you consider your relationship ready to transform into a more casual one if you had previously been more formal in your correspondence. Looking forward to Thesaurus. Those using this phrase should gauge the context and determine if the situation truly calls for using such a phrase. Translations for look forward. Highly polite and encouraging, this phrase lets the recipient know that you are interested in beginning a long correspondence with them. Rather than expect a significant answer or hefty input, you are simply informing the recipient that you expect some sort of reply from them. Antonyms for look forward to include dread, cringe, fear, apprehend, cringe from, feel apprehensive about, worry about, cower at, flinch from and shudder at. premonition. (phrasal verb) in the sense of anticipate. In fact, you are letting them know that you will allow the conversation to continue at their own pace while not denying that you do look forward to their response. Signing off a message utilizing the phrase “I value your input” can signal that you wish for things to remain open-ended. 1 ‘I was looking forward to seeing Ted’ SYNONYMS await with pleasure , anticipate, wait for, be unable to wait for, count the days until, long for, hope for We … You are also acknowledging their sense of expertise in this way as well as acknowledging that you yourself do not have all the answers. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Other usefull source with synonyms of this word: Synonyms. How To Improve Communication Skills In English For Beginners, 3 Ways to Improve Listening Skills in English for Beginners. It is often too formal to be used with those you are close with while possibly being seen as pushy to those you are not close with. by Anonymous. look forward synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'look',look out',look up',look after', definition. look happy. Polite and agreeable you eliminate any pressure on the recipient. See my previous email for the details or let me know if you want me to send them again. What are the Monomers of … look good for one's age. Looking Forward Synonym. rosy. prescience. This is the British English definition of look forward to.View American English definition of look forward to. other words for look forward to. Looking forward Synonyme und Looking forward Antonyme. Synonyms for Looking Forward in Free Thesaurus. Top synonyms for looking forward to (other words for looking forward to) are curious, envisage and envy - Page 4. stay. He’d like to discuss redoing the kitchen in the future. This sign-off is a great way to keep your recipient feeling as though their contributions are important without putting any pressure on them to contribute. look forward to something. Find more opposite words at! It’s me, Marcel. What is another word for looking forward to? looking for trouble. Luckily, there are several other ways to say “I am looking forward to hearing from you” that will help you end your correspondence more confidently than ever before. This takes some of the onus off of the recipient to provide in-depth feedback. Need synonyms for look forward to? Another word for forward-looking. 20 Ways of Saying Looking Forward To, Formal and Informal Email Phrases Starting with Greetings, “Looking forward for your commentaries.” Can this be used, 112 Phrases for Saying Thank You in Any Situation. Here are variations to tell someone that you are ‘looking forward to’ hearing from them, or speaking to them, as well as anything else you wish to express anticipation of!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'myenglishteacher_eu-medrectangle-4','ezslot_15',659,'0','0'])); Some of these cannot be used in professional circumstances, as they are more for use in informal situations, with people you are familiar with. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. It’s okay to use this alternative when you want an answer as soon … While you are letting the recipient know that there is room for their opinion and that you do in fact want their opinion, they can polite decline to add anything to the conversation. External Links . You don’t have to write the platitude and the recipient does not have to read it. The recipient will likely take to it much better if the timely response benefits them in some way. Antonyms for look forward to. This verges more toward the rude side than the polite one without being overtly rude. If reaching out to someone for the first time, whether or not they expect you to, this is a great sign-off phrase. buoyant. Rather than relying on a stock phrase, it is perfectly acceptable to sign-off your correspondence with more direct phrasing. From my perspective, the event was a very positive experience for those involved and so good for our athletes who have trained for months and years to have the opportunity to … look forward to - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Using this phrase indicates that you expect a response from the recipient, but can come off as generic or insistent depending on the recipient of your message. Here is 1 entry in the thesaurus containing looking forward. farseeing, farsighted, forehanded, foreseeing, foresighted, forethoughtful, forward, prescient, Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. You are not implying that the recipient has any vital information you need. Posted on Published: November 28, 2019 Categories English. other words for looking forward to. Hello, I offer digital marketing services for local businesses. Looking forward is not entered in the thesaurus. Use our Synonym Finder. Most likely, you are requesting the recipient weigh in with a yes or no answer in response to a topic you have already proposed to them. As mentioned above, there are several factors to consider when signing-off your email. This is a great phrase to test the waters in this way. I went ahead and put the new curtains up in the living room. Find Synonyms and Antonyms for entries with looking forward. Again, consider using, “I look forward to hearing from you” in your emails instead. Recommeded for you: Formal and Informal Email Phrases Starting with Greetings “Looking forward for your commentaries.” Can this be used Can we use ING after TO? If this sense of familiarity is not there, the recipient may or may not feel the sense of urgency caused by the phrase to be slightly rude. Saying “I hope to hear from you soon” implies you’ll be disappointed if you do not, and that’s on the person who chose not to return your correspondence. Keep me updated. sanguine. I value your input. Saying “keep me updated” should be reserved for situations in which you feel you have already established a rapport with the recipient. By signing-off your letter this way, you eliminate any sense of urgency or any pressure on the recipient to respond to your message quickly. count on. In cases where expediency is absolutely necessary, most parties will likely still expect a phone call rather than a curt email to a mailbox they may not check at all hours of the day. Sometimes, there is no need to add a platitude to the end of your letter. Find more ways to say forward-looking, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. If you are a professional writing to another professional, such as a managing director or partner,what is the preferred greeting -Dear Bob,Hi Bob,Bob, Animals List A-Z with Pictures [Infographic] – English Vocabulary for Kids, What are some good sayings for regretting something? look forward to phrase. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'myenglishteacher_eu-medrectangle-3','ezslot_16',662,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'myenglishteacher_eu-medrectangle-3','ezslot_17',662,'0','1']));OTHER WAYS TO SAY ‘LOOKING FORWARD TO’. Page 3. looking good for one's age. I have marked each one with ‘I’ or ‘F’ to represent which is informal, and which is formal. Search. To anticipate, expect, or wait for, especially with a feeling of approval or pleasure. This is a tricky one, and anyone sending this phrase in a message should be warned. sweat. Formal and Informal Email Phrases – from Greetings to Closing Phrases! Plainly expresses a sense of urgency regarding time-sensitive matters. Is it ok to use “I am looking forward to hearing from you” in Emails? If their language remains more formal, you may choose to dial your conversation back a bit. This phrase also does well to signal that more information is needed, but retains a sense of polite detachment between the sender and recipient. Indicates you wish to receive a response soon without being (too) rude about it. Feeling, or wanting to feel, optimism about a future event. How to respond to How Are You? They will likely take your tone to be casual. Fun and final, this sign-off can help to signal the end of a conversation, although it may seem counter-intuitive. He was looking forward to working with the new Prime Minister. I am the proud owner of The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the look forward to crossword clue. Show off your manners and let your recipient know that you actually value what they have to say to you by signing-off your email with this phrase. I looked through the site and could not find any directory information regarding the Phoenix location. Definition. attend. What does look forward to expression mean? While still implying that you will be awaiting the recipient’s response, you’ve now added an air of casual back and forth to the conversation. Do you think the venue will have a good amount of availability around that time? Das beste Synonym für looking forward (ein anderes Wort für looking forward) ist looking ahead. outlook. to anticipate with pleasure. Lets the recipient know that you do in fact care about what they have to say and wish for them to weigh in. Please let me know what you think. Page 5. You’ll cut out the fluff and save everyone some time with this concise sign-off. Synonyms for look forward to in Free Thesaurus. © Linguaholic 2021 | Iseli International Commerce | Privacy Policy | About Us, An Excess of Nuance: The Meaning of Yoyu in Japanese, Learning about the Days of the Week in Spanish. If you find yourself worried it may be misinterpreted, try using a more appropriate option from above instead. confident. We’re thinking of making it a winter wedding. 36 synonyms for hope: believe, expect, trust, rely, look forward to, anticipate, contemplate, count on, foresee, keep your fingers crossed, cross your fingers.