html. Haven’t found the relevant content? Ap literature prose essay rubric professional and pte between personal life Balance essay essay on importance of cultural diversity, classroom observation essay high school research paper on molecular biology personal pte life Balance and essay professional between. Individual Essay: Work-life Balance In today’s work environment a better balance between work and life is increasingly desired by workers. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. H0a = Job content does not impact on work life balance, HAa = Job content impact on work life balance, H0b = Family circumstances does not impact on work life balance, HAb = Family circumstances impact on work life balance, H0c = Situational issues does not impact on work life balance, HAc = Situational issues impact on work life balance, H0d = Personal commitment does not impact on work life balance, HAd = Personal commitment impact on work life balance, H0e = Work place rigidity does not impacts on Work life balance, HAe = Work place rigidity impacts on work life balance. Declutter and organize your personal life from time to time. In which different factors have been identified which affects mainly on the overall productivity and behaviors of the employees and what can be done to improve the success, happiness and satisfaction. 15. The Bartlett’s test sig value which is “.000” indicates that our null hypothesis do not accept and alternate hypothesis accept. It’s a kind of meditation, hence keeps your mind calm and alert. Narayanan and Narayanan (2012) explore the factors that can influence the work life balance of IT professionals. Professional Life. The frequency in marital status indicates that, there are 26 employees who are single and 24 females who are married. In our study we have seen that how these different factors are playing role in the lives of employees and how much work-life balance policies by organization are helping them to maintain those commitments. The increase in the globalization, changing nature and increase in the complexity of life, there is a problem faced by employee to create balance between working life and personal life. Please refer to an authoritative source if you require up-to-date information on any health or medical issue. Hire a subject expert to help you with Balancing Personal Life and Work, It is about maintaining equilibrium between work and personal life, facing the multifarious demands in one’s life. I could contact my friends, go out and have some fun. It is about maintaining equilibrium between work and personal life, facing the multifarious demands in one’s life. Unfortunately, many fail at this mainly due to theirconstant internet connection. The sampling method which is followed in this research is Quota. uencing career choice of management students in India Tanuja. The statistical technique which are used to analyze the data are frequencies, descriptive analysis, factor analysis and through regression we can check the impact of these variables on work life balance. UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION FACTORS INFLUENCING CAREER CHOICE AMONG THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN THE SOUTH TONGU DISTRICT OF VOLTA REGION, GHANA DANIEL KWASI. No drifting away and being in two places at a time. According to which the growth of any company depends on the interrelated performance and commitment of the employees. com/1362-0436. Margaret derry (2008) investigate the job retention of an employee and also identify the work life balance that influence employee to sustain or left the organization. Being a young student struggling to manage good grades, working part-time to support my education during this era of recession as well trying to give my family sufficient of my time as required, at many times I felt the misbalance in my life that is called work-life conflict. Essay – Adventure Sports – Pros & Cons. Creating Balance . Don’t let one creep too far into the other. Retrieved July 20, 2009 from http://www. BALANCING your Personal and Professional Life! My whole time revolved around my work and career, but I couldn’t make up for the very essential part of my life, that is my friends and family. As the time changes continuously, it is very difficult to maintain the balance between the work and the personal life. Waller and ragsdell (2012) investigates the culture of a company who receives emails 24 hours and its impact on the employees outside the working hours and the second objective is to find out the hours spent by the employee to read email outside the company. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? The coefficients table is the most important table in regression analysis. Personal Success: This is what you aspire to achieve for yourself: emotionally, physically and in your personal relationships. Family circumstances include the relationship which depends on any person and needs to be managed properly (Narayanan and Narayanan, 2012). Looking for a flexible role? The personal commitment is about to commit any body like family, friends etc. The predictors are used in this research are 5 and the residual which is also called the error, n-p-1, 50-5-1 equals 44. Suchman and Ramamurthy define balance as something that "each of us strikes between our own enrichment and depletion" which is "critical to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health". In this essay I will discuss about different problems of work-life balance and ways to overcome them. Deal … Moreover, it creates a huge communication gap between the family members. emeraldinsight. As hard as you try to strike a balance, there may be … Such as having a loving partner, or hitting a personal best in the gym. The results indicate the positive impact on employee of work life balance. The data is collected through the hospitality and the tourism industry. In order to balance one’s work-life situation, you may need to look into four quadrants of your life- Friends, Family, Work and Self. Job content indicates in the table by the name of JC. The results indicate that the satisfaction of job and the attitude in job, commitment to organization and personal problems both positively and negatively impacts on work life balance in employee turnover. The balance is achieved when an individual’s rights are fulfilled by the people from whom he/she is expecting to sort out the core problems and issues regarding professional and personal life. Company Registration No: 4964706. All the questions from PC1 to PC5 are in sequence, so it indicates the factor is made in the variable. The objective of this research is to identify the demographic profile of employee who are working in Airline industry, determine the factors affects work-life balance on the employees of Airline industry. Job control and social support positively impacts on satisfaction of employee, but this happens after controlling the conflict with family. Retrieved July 20, 2009 from http://legalcareers. ... Be level-headed — it’s very easy to impact your own time and balance of life when something challenging or negative happens. The results of regression analysis indicates that, all variables impact insignificantly on work life balance except personal commitment, the reason behind is that the employee face hurdles when he/she commits to somebody. The best equilibrium is different for each person because we all have different priorities in life. This is the results of our methodology which is quantitative, through these tables, we analyze our study and take results. September 21, ... your professional life will change dramatically. The statistical technique which is used in this research is hierarchical multivariate regression. Saif et al (2011) examines the connection between employee satisfaction related to job and the work life balance. The frequency of experience indicates that, the employee who participated in our questionnaire are 12 employees who has a experience of 1-3 years, 14 employees has a experience of 4-5 years, 12 employees who has more than 5 years of experience and 12 employee who has a experience of more than 10 years. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. The statistics table indicates that there is a data conducted from 50 people and no data is missing. Here we have identified and worked on the some factors related to the job contents affecting on the work life balance of the employees. Individual Essay: Work-life Balance In today’s work environment a better balance between work and life is increasingly desired by workers. Family circumstances are indicated in the table by the name of Fc. The data is collected through questionnaire. A person is engaged with different relationships that influence a lot to balance between the working life and personal life. This information regarding the causes can be obtained by observation of daily life experiences and authentic researches conducted. Work life balance is defined as the amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy (Definition of "work-life balance"-English, n.d.) Predictors: (Constant), Personal commitment, Situational Issues, Work Place Rigidity, Job Content, Family Circumstances. Back then I couldn’t see past my work; it still plays a principle part in my life, though it’s not my one and only concern anymore. Psychology I loved my job, but without my natural energy boosters, I was unhappy and even feeling a bit guilty. This conflict is a major problem for social workers. The instrument used in this research is questionnaire and independent variable questions are adopted from the published article (Narayanan & Narayanan, 2012) and dependent variable questions are adopted from (Kumari, 2012). From simple essay plans, through to full dissertations, you can guarantee we have a service perfectly matched to your needs. Job contents are all the elements of any job that are defined in job description from organization to the employees. This can lead to a decline in academic performance, as general health and well-being are critical to optimal academic functioning. What constitutes work-life balance is subjective: what is most important to you in your work and personal life may be completely different from what matters to your friends, family or even colleagues. This is a factor that is observed to be very important in balancing the work and life of employees. Retrieved from number: 206095338. In reality there are five areas of life successful individuals are constantly striving to keep in balance – work, mind, body, relationships, and spirituality. The technique used in this research is multiple linear regression. Balancing Personal Life and Work. The employees are not considering the work-life balance in their life. Abstract Achieving the balance between work and personal life is becoming increasingly difficult due to the pressure current society has placed on individuals. The results shows that different motivation factors helps and motivate females to make their business, work life balance is one of the important factors. Work life balance = Constant + Work place Rigidity + Job content + Family circumstance + situational Issues + Personal commitment. The balance between the work and the life is very important, because without balancing the life, a person can not perform very well and always become dissatisfied. Our religious and community activities are also a part of our socio-cultural forces which needs to be maintained in a predefined circle of social and religious values and attributes. Giving my study ample time and not burdening myself with more work than I could manage, was also essential. Work-Life Balance Strategies. The results indicate that psychological job demands and the insecurity of job has a negative impact on the satisfaction of employee. Family supports you in thick and thin times. The sample size used in this research is 50. Moreover, a study shows people encounter work-life conflict have 40% more chances of mood and anxiety disorders, (Kane, 2006); While employees having lower level of this conflict experience increased job satisfaction. 48 Vitosha Boulevard, ground floor, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian reg. The statistical technique used in this research is frequency statistics, descriptive statistics, factor analysis and multiple linear regression. Ways to balance professional and personal life Select a career that will give you freedom. The mean of experience is 2.48, which shows that mean occurs between those employees who had experience from 4-5 years or above 5 years. Before taking any step towards knowing how to achieve work-life balance, first we must gain an understanding of what work-life balance actually refers to. The correlation between dependent and independent variable is .587. Generally if we see that situation issues if arise at home it builds a negative approach in the mind of employee that how would his/her boss will react to it and if situational issue arises at workplace it gives a positive approach in the mind of employee that it would be considered to be good if he cope up with it and how well he handle the situation for the betterment of organization. Study for free with our range of university lectures! High rate of flexibility is there due to the change in the executive posts and current economic, political, and law and order situations of Pakistan. (There are better and concise ways to write this.) This essay has been submitted by a student. The data is collected through online questionnaire and there is mixed approach is used in this research. A young entrepreneur faces different challenges than a family man at the apex of his career. Changes in the family size and structure have played an important role to reflect the fundamental decline in values of family. Studies have shown that decluttering can make you more creative and it helps in making way for the new. Previous studies elaborates that employees satisfaction, motivation, profitability, productivity, recruitment and retention policies can be improved by adopting flexible working arrangements and full determination towards the betterment of the employees and organizational goals. The data is collected through survey and the statistical technique which is used in this research is factor analysis, t-test, Karl pearson’s correlation, descriptive statistics, mean. The competition at a workplace, increased population and our demand to do best in every sector is the main reason we are not being able to balance in our professional and personal life. In this state an employee needs to manage all the criterias at a time; his work, his office, his home and responsibilities towards all people around him. The data is analyzed through phenomenological approach (IPA), by using this researcher investigates the factors that affects the working life of women. This equilibrium I discovered open my eyes to worth of other things, that made not only my work, but my life much more gratifying. Save time and let our verified experts help you. Dinner and meals would at no cost be skipped- they provide quality time for whole family to be together. The value of KMO is between the 0-1. How to balance your personal and professional life. The null hypothesis in the correlation matrix is not an identity matrix. Whatever you’re doing now, you won’t be doing it after graduation. 6th Jul 2017 Factors Influencing Career Choice Among the Senior High School, Kane, S. (2006). Work-life balance can be challenging. At the same place health and hobbies are also said to be very important to build the overall personality of any person which can not be neglected. The frequency in gender indicates that, there are 26 males and 24 females are participated in fulfilling the questionnaire. MODEL ANSWER: Very rightly said – ‘Excess of everything is bad’. Conclusion The set of habits I formed as a solution for my work life problem, not only supports but emphasizes a sound balance between work and life activities. More … Beham and Drobnic (2009) investigate the connection between the different work needs and resources and satisfaction with work-family balance life. In extreme cases, failure to strike a balance between work and life can lead to the breakup of families. A Thesis in the Department of Psychology and Education, Faculty of EDUCATIONAL STUDIES Submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, University of Education, Winneba, in partial fulfilment of the requirements. There is a need to work and create employees’ life balanced. In other words, Cronbach’s Alpha is the indicator for the testing the actual data, that it is reliable or not. The personal Commitment is also reliable, because its Cronbach’s Alpha value is “0.865” which is greater than 0.5. However, traditional family care support has also decreased with time due to a host of reasons (less family members are available to look after their parents in old age due to increased rural-urban migration and increased need for income). The best equilibrium is different for each person because we all have different priorities in life. The value more closely to 1 is better. The factors which challenge the women to make work balance in their life are culture, society, norms and values etc. The work life balance creates balance between the work and life includes career and the life style. Hence, to maintain the balance between work and family life, the theory “work-life balance” has been adopted. You may not leave work at 5 pm every day in order to spend time with the family. “ Employees view the benefits or working conditions that they provide to help employees balance the family and work domains as work-life … I could spend quality time with my family. Desire for a better work-life balance has become one of the growing concerns in contemporary society (Wood and de Menezes (2010, p.1575). IELTS Essay: Is work-life balance necessary? can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments. All the questions from Fc1 to Fc4 are in sequence, so it shows the factor is made in the variable. The decreased family bonding and less time for socialising are two main reasons for this heinous trend. But: Students tell us that strengthening their time management skills and honing a razor-sharp ability to prioritize are among the abilities they gain in the process. So it effects significantly to work life balance. Situational issues are a barrier in working and personal life. Work place flexibility is the skills of a worker to engage when, where and how long to related task (Hill et al, 2008). It comes suddenly. Conflict Process Managing Conflict Case Studies Organizational Conflict Nidhi S Kohli 123720 R L Aparna 123716 Manisha K 123717 Priyanka G 123726 Swetha Joshi 123734 Sri Lakshmi 123732 CONTENTS 1.. Tempest traditionally focused in heavy investments in the latest manufacturing technology giving it a competitive edge over its competitors. Work life balance policies can reduce the costs by the retention of employees. *You can also browse our support articles here >. These families used to count on help from non-working women relatives. This paper attempts to define what work/life balance is and identifies the benefits it can bring … Scholars The situational issue variable is also reliable, because its Cronbach’s Alpha is “0.698”. On a practical level it is easy to see that both your professional life and personal life go hand in hand in the everyday balancing act that makes up your existence. The Fifth Variable “Situational Issue” has five questions, but one question is not be applicable to create factor, so SL4 is not included in it. The females’ own business helps female to balance their life. But with globalization becoming the norm of the day the chances of work encroaching into one’s personal life and vice versa has become alarming. The value of R is .587 which shows the correlation between independent and dependent variable. What Are the Factors That Influence Career Choice? com/worklifebalancedefined. The explanatory research also helps to create theories, prediction of future. It was not until when my parents had to have a ‘serious talk’ with me, that I realized where this chaos was leading me to. No plagiarism, guaranteed! An unhealthy working schedule rarely starts that way. If your life revolves around work, then you lose a lot of the other … The Work life balance has five questions. The results indicate that the less number of professionals are available and the economy is continuously growing, this area identifies and there is a need to work on it and reconsider all the strategies. All I had once read and heard about work life complications was coming true in my life without my realizing it. I select the variables in my point of view to check that personal commitment, job contents, situational issues, family circumstances and work place rigidity and checked its impact on the work life balance. My Side of Story. htm CDI 13,4 Factors in? The results are finding through the gender, length, and role of service in an organization and related to current literature. Work-Life Balance Essay 2528 Words | 11 Pages. I ended up drained every day, spending most of the time on the run… from study to work, work to home and spending rest of the time sitting on computer. VAT Registration No: 842417633. In order to be satisfied, the individual must create the balance between their work life and personal life. Expectations from boss and his attitude also develop the boundaries for all employees and their confidence level. Kumari (2012) examines the views of employee on work life balance practice and the policies in banking sector. The beta value of personal commitment is “.831” which shows the positive impact on work life balance, and its impact is also significant because the sig value is “.001” which is less than 5%. Different behaviors were noticed in all the departments’ cause of its internal and external forces towards the political worth. An employee can be committed to hisher career development and consistent growth and productivity. The family circumstances variable is also reliable, because its Cronbach’s Alpha value is “0.8”. ... not necessarily a positive development because it can lead to health problems as well as the disruption of families and personal relationships. The result of ANOVA suggest that these is no difference between the employee satisfaction at work and work life balance on three levels of management includes top, middle and first level of management. worklifebalance. Secondly, If a person keeps himself aloof from colleagues he may not find his workplace a better place to work. The results suggest that there are different reasons that can affect the work life balance of IT professionals. The variable indicate by the name of WLB. The combine effect of the model is “4.620”. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. In early 1960’s researchers found imbalance in personal life and work (kumari, 2012). It can be your career, your business or your job. The value of KMO also indicates 62.2% of variation explained by our variables. Creating Boundaries Assess your situation. As I was already a student I opted for the greatest facility available today for work-life balance concerned employees- Flexible timings, so that I can have more sense of control over my work. It indicates that the matrix is an identity matrix. 2. All the questions from JC1 to JC5 are in sequence, so it shows the factor is made in the variable. The population targeted in this research is employees’ of Pakistan International Airline. Rehman and Roomi (2012) explore many factors that can effect the working life of women within the economy of Pakistan. An other factor is also very important in this study which is to avail leave immediately. Due to limitation of budget, and sources the study is only limited in Karachi city of Pakistan. So it means the data is reliable used for study. In private and professional life, a mixture of both lives must be balanced. It is very common for Social Workers to experience conflicts between their personal and professional values throughout practice.