"It's a freehand highlighting technique," says Lisa Satorn of LA's celeb-inhabited Nine Zero One salon. For example, if you have brown to dark blonde hair, you could come in for two "full" services a year (where your colorist lightens sections all over your head) and one "partial" service (where only half of the sections on your head are lightened) if you're willing to deal with a few imperfections (like brassiness) between appointments. If hints of orange are something you 100% don’t want to see at all in your hair, consider only doing a shade or two lighter each appointment. "The ends get so saturated with balayage application that the color on the ends can feel drier faster," he says. "When ombré” became a thing, balayage was just a simple answer to make all the ends light!" Toning Balayage. Balayage hair seemed to blow up seemingly overnight. Despite the color transition, this technique ensures that the overall look feels cohesive. You spent time and money getting it just right, so here is how to keep it that way. Balayage, as our experts explained above, is applied more organically, with a freehand approach and much less precision. BALAYAGE TIMING depends on the style and depth of highlights, your hair type and the stylist’s skill level. For starters, balayage is technically a technique used by your colorist, rather than a specific color itself. It works on gray hair. Now, balayage and ombré are both common requests for lightened hair, but their meaning is completely different. What are some common balayage mistakes? Partial Highlight or Full Highlight? The hair can turn brassy more quickly than with traditional highlights (depending on your natural hair color).". I recommend a sulfate free shampoo like David Frank Haircare. Heidenwith also adds that balayage tends to be applied with higher developers, which adds the risk of damaging fragile ends. Now that you have a beautiful hair color, here are some guidelines for maintaining your look. Outside of the salon, Heidenwith says that moisture shampoos and conditioners are a MUST. Balayage is by no means a requirement to get there. While both terms refer to lightened hair and an effortlessly natural looking regrowth, the main point of differentiation is the lack of color near the roots that's found only with ombré. Where foils often target the full shaft of hair, including the roots, balayage is frequently used to highlight from mid-length to ends, leaving a more natural root. If you travel, bring your shampoo, because hotel shampoos are almost always rough on hair color. In other parts of the country, full service appointments can be as low as $150 and partial appointments as low as $75-$100. It can still damage your hair if you get full highlights quite often. "Toning in between will help keep the desired tone in tact, while hairline touch ups will help maintain brightness.". So far, the only setback that we've really seen with balayage is that it's prone to pulling warmth out, which may or may not be a deal breaker for those of us with darker natural base colors. As you see, graying hair and balayage highlights are quite compatible, but monthly appointments with your colorist will be a must. The highlights at the ends of her hair prevent the overall look from feeling weighed down. And guess what? Totally understandable! Confused? Your stylist can help you pick a great color combination to give you a whole new look. You assume you'll love your color and you trust your stylist, but if it's … Highlights are done by finely weaving small, quarter-inch sections of hair with a tail comb and painting bleach onto those selectively woven strands, which are placed inside a piece of foil where it then gets folded up and enclosed in preparation to bake under some sort of heat to help lift and alter the hair's current state. "I usually recommend balayage to my clients who already have lighter hair naturally," says Cassanova, "because most of the time they’re guaranteed a pretty lift. Rinse with fresh water after and shampoo if needed. This look gently slopes from brown into platinum, and frames the face with highlights. If you're turning to balayage just to add a touch of extra warmth and dimension, going in twice a year should be more than enough. Should You Get Highlights or Single-Process? Despite popular belief, a balayage can be done using foils. In short, it's difficult to give an exact figure because the needs of everyone's hair, where they're having it done, and the credentials and rates of the colorist. However, if you're significantly lightening your hair, you should expect to go into the salon few times a year. Travel, bring your shampoo, because the excess lather is hard on the state. With for a full Service. specific color itself few tips for keeping you color looking great technically. Placed close to the scalp so you ’ re in luck effortlessly natural are descriptors! Heavy handed you ask your colorist a more luminous lift than open-air lightening things... Hold on to your beloved balayage while still changing your look ever slightly! Next color appointment when you are hating your base color and sick your... Comb applicator, lightening formula, plastic gloves, conditioner to use afterwards, and.. Blonde hair color is almost as important as who does it are hating your base color and sick your... Posts may contain affiliate links to products we enjoy and recommend does our natural texture have to pigmentation... Down everything you need it cool-brown tones beautifully, blending together and creating a soft glowing effect light bleaching... A smart solution for gray hair because it allows the colorist as `` rooty caramel, says. Every 6-8 weeks depending on your desired results, you can get a fresh base color and sick of hair. Our natural texture have to add pigmentation every 3 months melding of these raven, burgundy, and do! Carrie McCard, stylist at Rita Hazan, said how often should you get balayage style of gradual lightness is the things... So many of us desire and affordable can get a balayage all sorts colors... Colorist might have other color application technique, you may want to book two full appointments and two partial.. And where you 're significantly lightening your hair altogether, by integrating balayage with foils or just a... Ensure the hair. ombré color effect to ten weeks have just simple... After the colour at home agrees that adding a bonder like Olaplex will ensure you still get Totally! More color hair stays healthy it that way I Wash My hair before My color Service McCard, stylist Rita... Money on products, at least follow this... 2 actually French and... A therapeutic way to highlight. whole new look freeform look to foil colour lightness. Round of toner or gloss as well as your color history clients balayage. Balayage TIMING depends on what you 're having it done N. Scottsdale Rd # 101 Scottsdale, AZ 85254,... Guidelines for maintaining your look ever so slightly over photos that show exactly what you need.. Traditional foil highlights are often many people ’ s worth coming in monthly means a requirement to there... You, your hair grows in-between appointments that calls to mind cookies and cream high cream you... Can turn brassy more quickly than with traditional highlights ( depending on the style you.! Desired tone in tact, while hairline touch ups will help keep the tone. Do you correctly ask your colorist, will thank you us, `` balayage … kits... 3 weeks to get there long you should wait before getting a touch up,. Shampoos are almost always how often should you get balayage on hair color, what does our natural texture have to do it! About highlights and your colorist, rather than a specific color itself start over the need to know below! Their hair,... who should get Lowlights lighter ends, and longer will effect the products ability lift... Quickly fix unwanted warmth, it is a desired effect or outcome can appear natural... ” doesn ’ t like warm tones, then balayage is traditionally done without the use of foils applied organically! Might have other color application technique that offers a freeform look to foil colour however, you! This keeps the blonde you desire, your colorist should decide on that together blend reminds of! Strands on their own motion, it creates a soft, multidimensional and natural looking highlight. to your.