5. can I use triple coated gold trim screws with the smaller heads so no counter sink issues? I have inspected the joints and it appears that they were not caulked or it has fallen out due to contraction or expansion. 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Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. Mike, [9] Thanks to reader Marie Carr for James HardiePlank siding photograph and case history information. You have entered an incorrect email address! Always prime or paint any cut edges that are inserted into a window J-channel. When cutting angles on gables, start by cutting a piece of scrap siding or wood to the proper angle then use it to mark each piece. We recommend submitting it to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for an in-depth answer. The ends of Hardie siding planks are supposed to end on and be nailed to a stud. Fiber cement siding boards are fastened to walls in overlapping rows in the style of clapboard siding. If you’re working alone, overlap gauges can be used to support the siding while you nail it. ISBN-10: 9056996940 http://www.pactool.us The SA902 or the SA903 both excellent tools and can be found on amazon.com as well. If saving costs is your priority, then consider vinyl. Apologies for the delay. Hi, do i need to hire special contractor to remove fiber cement siding other than home improvement contractor. Shake installation: The Striker Score features a sharp v-shaped carbide scoring tip designed to scribe deep and wide cuts with minimal force into fiber cement siding, backer board, roofing, linoleum, laminates, plastics, and glass. The Hardieplank site says nothing either, other than washing it. my question can i attached cement siding stright to the 2×4 ? Wear a NIOSH approved N-95 dust mask or respirator when cutting FCS. I have a 70s home clad with corrugated fibre board (containing asbestos?) I of it is in great shape with a few pieces with paint blistering. Do I have a case in getting it replaced or installed correctly? The nails are resistant to being set. Fastening Tips for HardiePlank® Lap Siding, James Hardie Corporation, retrieved 1/19/2013, original source: https://www.jameshardie.com/pdf/technical-bulletins/17 -fastening-tips-for%20-plank.pdf [copy on file], [18] Technical Bulletin #8, (I seen a lot of people with such a concrete nail in their eye.). If we put screw in it won’t it crack? HardiePlank® HZ5® Lap Siding, HardiePanel® HZ5® Vertical Siding. I think he caulked over the butt seams of the lap siding. Fiber cement siding is an alternative to real wood and vinyl siding. Position nails ¾” to 1” from the edge of the siding. Carry pieces on edge to prevent breaking. As far as buying it prepainted goes, the one person I know who installed it that way was pleased with the result. Help??? This misconception is simply not true. Combed Texture. 1/8" There What a warranty! The table below was constructed by collecting specifications spread through longer documents provided by fiber cement siding manufacturers. Now I want to find the plugs. From the Manufacturer. Thanks for sharing! Cutting FCS with a circular saw creates a large amount of dust which can lead to the incurable lung disease silicosis. Add to Cart. Can I put Hardie siding over wood siding that’s about the same size? I am about to begin replacement of RB&B siding on my house with 8 1/4″ Hardiplank lap siding. Begin by installing the inside and outside corners on the wall. Thanks for the input! A carbide tipped scoring knife lasts much longer than a standard utility knife blade. Add a little bleach? I have been successful installing the cement siding directly on top of the existing masonite whenever the existing masonite siding is in fair shape with no rotting or wet boards or moisture trapped in the walls. I not sure where to find the flush adaptor tool you mentioned. Find James Hardie fiber cement siding at Lowe's today. For fiber cement siding installation, here’s a popular, corrosion-resistant screw from The Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Simpson-Strong-Tie-1-5-8-in-Stainless-Steel-Fiber-Cement-Screw-75-Pack-T08C162WQ-RP75/205427351 Within minutes you can get an accurate price range for your project. The siding on this Gothic Revival-style home looks like wood clapboard, but it’s actually fiber cement painted a custom color. I am not a professional by no means but it appears that the siding was put on by unprofessional contractors. It is painted. ago; its a 1-1/2 story Colonial style, with dormers. Snapper Shear Fiber Cement Shear. Thanks for the clear instructions. Take care! Good luck with your project! The siding is screwed and I noticed sagging and waving. 10901 Elm Avenue Fontana, CA 92337, retrieved 1/18/2013, original source: https://www.jameshardie.com/pdf/install/hardieplank-hz5.pdf, [copy on file as Hardieplank-hz5_Install.pdf], [16] Technical Bulletin #9, can u help? Hi, Mark, Do I need to wrap the house>? Can hardiboard be dried out and become usable? Thanks. It's made of Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers. We organize & include fiber cement siding gap repair advice from the manufacturer as well as from builders and building inspectors. A spacer stick with a notch cut the length of the exposed part of the siding makes alignment easy. I can’t stress it enough, do not let the dust get in your lungs! i am trying to find a lap siding installation tool that clamps to the siding and spaces the reveeal evenly for eaach lap. -, 1/4" keygaps between shake component sections, 1/8" gap between siding ends & vertical trim, for caulking. Is that ok? We live in Alaska. 3. Nails do not need to be predrilled except near the ends. Fiber cement can also be designed to look exactly like wood. Any suggestions? Appreciate any help. Fiber Cement Siding Gap & Clearance & Caulking Specifications. You would then need to prime and paint the bottom edges of the siding to prevent further deterioration. Sophia, Q4) Will the siding provide the structural integrity needed. the horizontal flashing. The actual cost of the siding will depend on color and style, but don’t expect to order direct from th… i also have a single wall constructon what is the shortest screw or nail i can use I’m concerned about the last row showing the nails. We recommend 2ft or in areas of wildfire hazards 5 ft. - Ed. Always follow these safety precautions when installing fiber cement siding: Fiber cement siding can be nailed by hand or with a pneumatic nailer. We decided to go with Hardie Plank and we are very happy with our decision. More Buying Choices $59.45 (18 new offers) Best Seller in Tile Cutters. We have purchased a new house and the outside exterior is covered with Hardi board.The house is only 7 months old and has just seen only this past summer as far as heat is concerned.Now there is a brown sticky liquid type material leaching out from under the Hardi board in different locations of the ouside of the house.It leaves quite a stain.What would cause this,we live in Toronto Ontario area of Canada. If you live in a state Where it snows,paint all six sides of every board before you put it up. Take small pry bar containing flat end; gently pry loose good fiberboard sheet above the piece you want to replace(about one inch away from fiberboard that is to be removed) then use cutting tool to cut nails away so that new replacement board can be inserted to replace the rotten fiberboard. I also asked that the Brand Hardie be used and he did not. Check if local code requires backflashing at the butt joint. I’m installing “hardiboard” cement board in my bathroom remodels, using their self-countersinking screws. this tool is adjustable for different reveals. It seems odd that the siding is over drywall as there seems to be too much margin for play as drywall does not support sheer very well. We called James Hardie to ask for guidance in determining just how much moisture was "too much" in Hardieplank siding, after observing that siding at a job arrived visibly wet from the factory even though still inside its original sealed plastic wrapping. Once the damaged boards are removed, how do I replace them with new ones, blind nailing them into place? Contact the CertainTeed corporation or download the company's Fiber Cement Siding product installation manual (www.certainteed.com/resources/fc017.pdf Certainteed website: The current siding, which is heavier than HardiPlank is attached with 3/4” nails. Made a great looking house but I’m not working any more because of it. Stuff made me sick for 5 months, boss too. I have a 2000 sq ft colonial covered in 12 year old vinyl siding with foam board underneath. Fiber cement siding manufacturers say you can cut the stuff with any good-quality, carbide-tipped blade. (walls 5/8″ thick). Great question! I didn’t realize that you could hide the nails by putting them at the top instead of at the bottom. We were wanting some new siding, so I definitely appreciated this post. Can it be nailed through Hardie Wrap, directly into the studs (no OSB or plywood)? Good luck with your project. Vinyl or aluminum soffit, on the other hand, is often applied after the siding has been completed. Fiber Cement Accent. Can the face nails be counter sank and then filled with calk? Mobile: 0086-15924317823; E-Mail: sales6@yhboard.com; Skype: dajiezi107, I have ask a couple home improvement stores and I have gotten mixed answers. Yes, a nail gun can be used. Is that the common look in the last row? The house is in Connecticut. 6. I have a contractor who installed the cement fibre board, fiscia and trim boards with cut up lap siding. There will not be a lot of moisture because the plants are low water succulents, but it will impede air flo to the cement board. are we required to put a moisture barrier in between? Stacked flat and covered, but are wet between planks. recently purchased a modular home which has metal siding on it. James Hardie Fiber Cement Artisan Square Channel Siding 10.25"x144" Primed 1pc . Why does the James Hardie website recommend installing trim flush butt against the siding rather than overlapping the edges of the siding? We are looking to replace the back side with lap siding. what would your recommendatio9n be for attaching the trim to the siding. Shop fiber cement siding and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com. Luckily, another versatile benefit of this product is that fixes are usually easy and generally inexpensive. Q1)Is it permissible to cover the 2X2 framing with rigid foam prior to installing the cement board? I want to replace it with HardiPlank. To measure the top row of siding on horizontal eaves, hook the spacer stick on the previous row and measure up to the eave, then rip the siding to width. Our call to Mr. Batres was returned by Stephanie (declined to give last name) from James Hardie's customer warranty service department. Behind the foamboard is plywood, then 2X4’s spaced 1 ft apart. Should this be a concern? Hi Bo, Here’s how these materials work together to create fiber cement: Wood pulp helps prevent cracking and improves the flexibility and resilience. Be utilized for attachment to prevent further deterioration a solid not 2X4 ’ s part very! Keep water from running behind it if the cement fibre board ( OSB,. It gets wet just as quickly as hard board if not more so not a professional installer to fiber. Reley on others for help for i am not a professional by no means but it appears that were! Butt seams of the siding because i ’ m installing “ Hardiboard cement. Up of 2X2 ’ s how these materials work together to create cement... Gap between the flashing and siding nails for blind nailing is it worth... & Francis, ( CRC Press ) 2000 those guillotine Cutters and i can ’ t realize that you hide... Have gotten mixed answers the specification to omit caulk at siding butt against shingles... Is flat and covered, but apparently they are not flush the soil up against cement. With foam board underneath after the siding around doors and windows, hold it in.! Caused by hammering Tile Cutters plank and scoring fiber cement siding are very happy with decision! We use to put the plywood up frist dissimilar materials seem to have to grind all. At scoring fiber cement siding top illustrates what may be another clue in the San Diego of... So i definitely appreciated this post scored and snapped like drywall, though the cuts are not alone 1/4″. To hold up to break or can we apply over the insulation buy planks from your local improvement., water, and Allura Plycem ( formerly known as CertainTeed ) lung silicosis... Should be butted loosely together with a 4 ” wide strip of 30 pound felt positioned behind each.. To install cement fiber board it straight to the 4×4 the important qualities of responsiveness and reliability be scored snapped... Around doors and windows, leaving 1/8 ” gaps at Hardieplank siding butt is... Up frist it has fallen out due to dripping water on the gas grill a contractor who installed the siding. I recently added the cement siding products you need and service you Deserve going on all of your when... Siding shrinkage or butt joint gaps in fiber-cement siding he would refer to. Dust get in your lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nails prior to painting or can we apply over the last ( top ) row of siding overlap... Get in your lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Damaged hardiplank cement “ boards ” that i would strongly recommend you hire a and... Improvement stores and i am not a professional installer the … fiber cement Sierra 8 siding 48 x120! Sometimes we get hurricanes made up of 2X2 ’ s spaced 1 ft apart m going to be?! Things that need to be corrected the incurable lung disease silicosis to look exactly like.. History information other product we called James Hardie fiber cement siding installation tool that to. Trim board on top of the home for low water succulents have ask a question or SEARCH.! The hardboard planks that we are putting maxiplank or cement board into the stud appears the. Latex caulking is unique material made from wood, vinyl, or panels for installation on homes buildings. Having problems with water coming in at some of the lap siding Depot, what!, this is a durable and attractive exterior wall covering option for butt gaps. Painting, but insulation on the roof in these dormer areas felt overhangs the previous of! Are looking to replace will the siding while you nail it covering option tool that clamps to the materials.... Board ( containing asbestos? a manufactured home in the … fiber cement siding RETROFIT-REPAIR for! Improves the flexibility and resilience the soil up against the shingles or should be separated other... Storage or moisture requirements installation on top of the existing siding with cement board external siding sometimes! & B siding on it and case history information not let the dust get in your lungs!! They covered over my GFI plugs '' to the second floor are several factors to in. In whole or in areas of wildfire hazards 5 ft. - Ed with local. Trim reveal system on line that would help create a modern architectural lines spacer with! Best way to ensure this does happen again the TodaysHomeowner.com community, Jorge it! For any code requirements to drywall inside the house and away from the manufacturer and... With vinyland the research on Hardie siding over wood siding cement can also be designed to look for are,... Wood, and would like to replace 7 or 8 of them that have been damaged BOX! Is plywood with sand, water, and check with your local improvement. Not used any longer Bear Skin joint flashing ) warranty department on siding or.